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  1. Was August 25th a 'hard date' to release? Cause the amount of bugs...seems like little QA testing was done...
  2. My Athodai I received during Tennocon...reset to Rank 0. In Profile, Equipment..it shows still as 'mastered'. But it's Rank 0 in Arsenal, and I did NOT forma it.
  3. The new end of mission screen...oooooh...I love it when I see I'm the one who...opened the most crates! Or...scanned the most! Participation medal for me...weeee! Come on DE, please go back to highlighting most kills, most melee kills, most deaths...etc....my clanmates and friends and I enjoyed the quick synopsis...competition results. Not meaningless "everyone gets to be best on...something"...crap.
  4. I agree. I want to see Stats. The removal of Stats being the first screen to appear...in favor of resources or standing gained...is definitely less informative. When playing in a Squad of friends/clanmates...we want to see who had most kills, etc. Also..why no yellow HIGHLIGHTS of highest kills, etc? What programmer who believes in "everyone gets a trophy" did this? Is there something against...competition? This is what is wrong with people today...apparently no one can stand out, since..everyone is..."special"...
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