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  1. I did the same: relinked yesterday, claimed it during the stream and still no drop in game. Checked a few times and it's all correctly linked, on Twitch says is claimed, but nothing on inbox. I'm on Switch.
  2. Exactly, during the latest weeks basically I've maxed the mechas and went finding the Kuva weapons I was missing, since I've stopped playing for a few months the past year. Not sure yet if starting to exp those now, or wait for the Event affinity boost, but either way, that's what I'm doing: exp and playing other things. I don't complain because it's useless and doesn't make the development faster, sadly the general situation slowed down pretty much everything and we just have to accept it and hope for the best. I saw someone said earlier about the hotfixes on PC, which is also very true, unti
  3. Can everyone please just realize that DE went on vacation for the holidays, after working all days during the past year and a pandemic, with the technical limits of doing it at home, taking no break at all, and it's been only ONE WEEK since they started to develop an event for 5 different platforms? I'll miss the cert status since how bad is on Nintendo, and I'm impatient too since I've been catching up with everything and after two years I've nothing more left to do, but in perspective makes no sense to complain for only a week about laziness and such. There's plenty of stuff to do outsi
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