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  1. So we made crewships harder to kill with archwing fire which I assume means archguns, which was already dangerous since the crewships one-hit, while simultaneously not fixing being stuck in the crewship and unable to leave or get to the reactor. Okay then... thanks for everything else I guess.
  2. Is being locked in the grineer crewship with no way out, and of course the only viable way to kill them, a surprise mechanic?
  3. Because of the hotfix I had to abandon a mission and lose the loot, because apparently it treats trying to return to the Dry Dock as a new mission during the "exit your mission stage".
  4. Thralls give way less, incentive to even deal with the Lich because it gives everyone a reward instead of just ignoring it because you can do that, rank of the Lich doesn't matter.
  5. Have fun with no one there. Why would anyone do a public match now if there isn't an incentive to defeat another player's Lich if they get no reward? And it's not about getting grief from people for not solving your order of req mods. If you let your Lich just sit there, when it can give progress to your entire group, then that's your fault and you should get griefed. And you say you're a weaker player too. So the rank of your Lich shouldn't matter, because again, if you're in a group with people they would be incentivized to help you kill it, and I would be since I'm always murdering everyone else's Lich for them anyways in public.
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