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  1. There was an issue with this alert on our end of things. If you completed it on PC then you didn't get the item you were intended to get. The alert will be restarted when the item is hotfixed in so that everybody gets their chance 🙂
  2. Some screenshots of where this occurred would be helpful, if you come across this tile again. Especially the map view so the tile can be identified. It's a big ocean!
  3. Not a bug. You start at rank 0 with 0 points. Then you earned 9K+1K points, and increased to rank 1 with 0 points left over.
  4. A "micro optimization" means that the code was rewritten to perform better. It should not affect the ability in any way except to make the game run ever so slightly better than it used to.
  5. Thank you for clarifying. We didn't explain very well what actually changed, so here's your confirmation: The Ivara fix was specifically aimed at cryopod defense missions on Shipyards defense (Ceres:Casta), and Galleon defense (Saturn:Helene and Sedna:Hydron). On most defense missions involving a cryopod, using a cloaking arrow did not affect the pod nor was it supposed to. These specific missions allowed the cloaking arrow to be effective, and led to a silly situation where enemies would run up and stand directly beside the pod but be unable to attack it. This fix was not intended to change the effectiveness of cloaking arrow in other situations beyond the named missions, and if players see collateral damage to the behavior of enemies in other game modes, please consider it unintended and report it as as bug.
  6. This seems to be working? Mods use the same symbology as the mod workbench, and items say "X owned" in the upper left corner under the item name. If there's an example of specific items that doesn't show this, please share 🙂
  7. PC chat is indeed down at Digital Extreme's side of things. It's not an error on your end. We are aware of the problem and people are working on it!
  8. This should be fixed in the coming Jovian Concord update, sorry for the inconvenience. 😞 In the team time, I believe you can workaround this issue by using a Scanner or an Exalted Weapon after you've picked up some new ammo
  9. Arch gun rivens from arby shop is good. Not too painful for people that want such a thing, and not cluttering up the loot tables of people who would rather get a basket of live spiders than an arch gun riven.
  10. So. Your card is running in power economy mode even when Warframe is running? It's hitting 100% utilization of card in econ mode, but not ramping up its clocks to full speed to go faster? That seems like a driver problem on Nvidia's end tbh 😞
  11. See: "Shooting themself in the foot". Interesting that they list DirectX 11 as a requirement, not 12 though. Look at your system utilization for CPU. If you have CPU cores running at 100% usage and the CPU is running at its max frequency, then you're CPU-bound and no amount of video hardware will make the game faster. The video card can only render frames after the game's logic has done all the computation for physics, AI, ability scripts, networking, etc. Warframe is more hungry for CPU strength than GPU, on most people's computers. If it's only specific tiles and happens when you look at specific things, it might be worth noting in the Bugs forum because there may be an issue with a poorly optimized effect.
  12. Windows XP is dead because it commands less than 1% of the marketplace. Windows 7 is not even remotely dead because it commands 40% of the marketplace. You're basically shooting yourself in the foot at this point in time, if you are a game studio and you're thinking about dropping Windows 7 support.
  13. Win 10 adoption is higher among gamers than among the general public since you must have Win 10 to support DX12 or most newer CPUs.
  14. As others have mentioned, Glen is talking about DE's official support for Windows XP in warframe, not Microsoft's support of the operating system. Windows 7 is "retiring" soon according to Microsoft, but game companies will most likely not stop support for it any time soon given that a LOT of people are still using it. Not supporting Windows 7 is basically cutting yourself off from 1/2 to 1/4 of your potential customers (depends on the region and kind of game), while Windows XP has only a couple of percent of people that are still using it.
  15. https://www.warframe.com/news/minimum-supported-specs-changes 32 bit is on the way out "soon". The game should run better on 64 bit and modern DirectX, btw, there are more optimizations that are possible. If you are "eventually crashing" and get the error reporter, please make sure to submit your crash and describe what you were doing when you crashed. It really does help!
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