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  1. Thank you for your reports, Tenno. We're fairly confident that we've identified the problem: You're all too good at Rescue missions! If you're familiar with Rescue missions, you'll notice that you get a slightly nicer reward if you break the subject out of prison without setting off the alarms, and/or if you kill all the prison guards. The issue we've identified is that the Requiem Relic you're expecting was only given if you were in the lowest reward pool from the mission. A fix will be coming at the next opportunity. Until this is fixed, you can work around the issue and ensure you get a relic from the mission by allowing enemies to set off the alarms before you rescue the prisoner and don't kill all the guards before extracting.
  2. Agree. From what I can tell there are two different issues. One is that the bonus doesn't apply to splash. If you test in the sim, I expect what you will find is that the weapon does 87 * (1+0.54) = 134 damage for direct hit, and the base 187 on splash. Issue two is that the UI is getting confused. If you look at the arsenal's numbers: 121 + 112 = 233, minus the 47 bonus you're getting on direct impact = the base damage. Right value applied in the wrong way. We'll get it sorted out, please excuse the construction debris.
  3. Life Strike applies to the Heavy Attack mode of a weapon. For thrown melee weapons, the heavy attack is when the weapon explodes in flight, causing radial damage. Throwing it at an enemy and not exploding it still counts as as regular attack. Are you seeing issues even if you use the detonate feature?
  4. It appears that kuva lich weapons are not applying their elemental bonus to the splash damage component of the shot, if it has one. A developer will look into why this doesn't work. Sorry for the disappointing explosions in the mean time.
  5. Thank you. May now consider these known and being worked on: Weirdness with Blood Rush (and Weeping Wounds) on gunblades Blood for Ammo error if you don't have both guns equipped Exodia Valor counts hits when it shouldn't I did not see anything bad on Reflex Guard or Berserker. Need more details on what's wrong.
  6. Thanks for the help in trying to sort out the rough spots in the dramatic overhaul of Melee. There were a LOT of changes, and we appreciate everybody's patience and helpfulness in tidying up the loose ends! You've got a lot of things here that you wanted looked at it so it will take some time to work through the list. These should be fixed as of build 2019. Corrupt Charge / Initial Combo as a client Gladiator set bonus Weeping Wounds Untraceable should now refresh invisible time when you hack something while already invisible These are known and will be fixed in the future: Corrupt Charge has "Channeling" as a description Nightwatch Napalm on the Kuva Ogris True Punishment doesn't function Adaptation: Did not see an issue. With the mod equipped, both host and client player had multiple different damage resistance icons show up immediately. Please elaborate. Quick Thinking: Did not see an issue if the warframe was invulnerable to damage. If your warframe is NOT invulnerable to damage i.e. you have left an active power running, it is intended that you be returned to your warframe upon reaching minimum health. This is done to give you a fighting chance to get out of the situation where your warframe is taking damage. The alternative is that your warframe would consume all energy with Quick Thinking while you are not in it, and then when you get pulled back you would instantly die with no opportunity to counter play. Life Strike: 1) Health leech on heavy attacks seem okay, if you're seeing unreliability, is it specific to certain builds? Certain ability synergies?. 2) For thrown weapons, the "heavy attack" is when the glaive explodes, not when you throw it at somebody. Tap the throw key again while it's in flight to trigger the explosion. 3) Life Strike on Titania's fairy blade seems okay Covert lethality: Damage bonus looks okay for client, and the initial combo now works for clients. Killing Blow: Bonus looks okay on glaive explosion; Heavy Attack is the explosion, not the throw. This is not intended to affect the damage of your Heavy Slam. For the Heavy Slam damage, the mod you want is [Seismic Wave]! Amalgam Javlok: Removing the reflection effect was deliberate. This mod was reworked to be more in line with new melee systems, and now gives increased combo gain while blocking with a shield.
  7. Those tricky Liches are adapting! Some players may have a history that shows a requiem symbol as being correct, but it is actually not going to be able to kill the Lich. We think we know what the problem is, and hope to get everybody back into the murder business after the next hotfix. (If you're desperate to have the Lich dead before then the combination can still be guessed.)
  8. We're also burning with curiosity as to why this doesn't work, somebody will look into this hot topic. Thanks for the report 🙂 (This issue should now be resolved, please follow up if there are continuing problems with the mod)
  9. I think you're right about thinking Axi A6 is missing from rotation B. I also think this issue will be addressed soon. Just a hunch.
  10. A fix for this should be arriving with the next mainline update, the custom colors will be split into primary and secondary as expected
  11. This should be fixed as of today's hotfix, " Fixed Arcane Pistoleer not giving infinite Ammo at 100% efficiency for weapons that fire more than one bullet at a time. " The issue was that the arcane was reducing the "cost" of a shot by 1 ammo, but a few weapons consume multiple ammo per shot. Twin Grakata for example uses 2 ammo per shot, so instead of making the weapon not cost ammo, it would consume half as much. So the arcane did work but not as expected. The new behavior, is that the weapon simply doesn't cost ammo at all (which is what players expected it to do).
  12. The issue appears to be pistols that spend multiple rounds of ammunition per "shot", so this currently affects Twin Grakata and Kohmak for example. Also tested Akjagara and Telos Akolto but those seem okay to me. 🙂
  13. For clarity, the maximum rank you can achieve is 60. 30 regular ranks + 30 prestige. At this point you will stop earning rewards from the current season of Nightwave. The part where the Acts screen shows 61 is the error.
  14. It's an item that must be picked up yes. It has a purple-pink color and would look the same as, for example, an Oberon blueprint that you see during a mission.
  15. Very distracting. 😞 We'll try and look into that, generally speaking the sniper scope should hide things that would obstruct your view.
  16. I've seen a few reports of this but not enough details to identify the bug. What did you kill the guy with? Was there anything unusual about the fight the time you didn't get a drop? For example did you join a session already in progress, host migrate, use operator mode a lot? Did you use any warframe powers on the boss? Or unusual weapons/mods? Any kind of details you can remember might be important.
  17. When you kill a Sentient Conculyst or Battlyst, they drop a bright orb on the ground. Touching this before it vanishes is a full heal and full recharge. It's not a feature of Umbra.
  18. During the normal update process, the Warframe cache gets more and more mixed up between old and new files so that the files aren't in a logical order anymore. Also small amounts of disk space gets wasted, where an old file and its updated version aren't the same size. The cache optimization process sorts and organizes everything, so that 1) chunks of old unused files are removed so that wasted disk space is given back and 2) files are sequenced in a way that's faster to load. If you are concerned about the longevity of your solid state disk, you might choose to only run the Optimize process once in a while instead of every time it asks. It won't hurt anything aside from making the game take up more space than necessary and load a little slower for you.
  19. Are you capturing DIFFERENT animals, like the challenge says? Each type of animal will only count once
  20. We're tracking this issue and hope to resolve it with the next hotfix.
  21. Having a unique way to hold the blade while idle is intended for Blind Justice, blocking your Holster Style selection is not.
  22. Report acknowledged, entered into the bugosphere 👍 (personally I also like the prime coat more, but letting each person make their own choice is why the toggle exists!)
  23. This exactly. I noticed the same strange behavior myself 🙂
  24. I've seen mentions before that Lech Kril has issues, but nobody has any solid video of it happening. Need more clues to work from. Video footage of the ENTIRE FIGHT would be ideal. A screenshot of the problem after it's already happened is of minimal use, unfortunately.
  25. This riven is for "Companion Pistol". It should work on the Burst Laser weapon.
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