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  1. I have checked for crashes submitted by you, but there are none. Do you see the crash handler at all? If you do not, try turning off anything that might be trying to inject itself into Warframe like screen recorders, graphical enhancements, overlays, Razer Chroma, and see if that lets the game start normally.  If you can isolate what is causing the game to crash, you could try updating or adjusting settings on the problem program.

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  2. When talking about crashes, the WAR number shown by the crash reporter can help us very quickly see what the error was. This number is not uniquely tied to your account, there is no privacy risk associated with sharing it. Also remember to write in the crash reporter a brief description of what you were doing, real people DO read these and sometimes the descriptions are invaluable to figuring out what happened!

    In the case of Orb Vallis and DX12, It looks like there is a fix coming very soon for this specific problem.

  3. 2 hours ago, kyori said:
    • TYPE: In game
    • DESCRIPTION: Cannot use Shedu while holding onto data mass etc
    • VISUAL: nil
    • REPRODUCTION: Equip Shedu and pick up a data mass etc
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Shedu should be able to be used when holding data mass etc
    • OBSERVED RESULT: Every time after picking up a data mass etc, Shedu will be switched to secondary weapon instead.

    Not a bug. While this initially worked, issues developed because a lot of code assumed that all primary weapons were two-handed. We disabled this to avoid more complicated problems.

    33 minutes ago, chaotea said:

    Not sure its really a bug, but didnt know where else to post it:

    • TYPE: Xaku Grasp of Lohk
    • DESCRIPTION: With update to GoL in Arcana, if you are at max guns, you can no longer re-cast the ability to refresh the timer. This also means you can no longer use the ability to disarm enemies if you have max guns stolen. Its led to a considerable drop in his endurance.
    • VISUAL: N/S
    • REPRODUCTION: Using Grasp of Lohk
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Allow the 'Topping up' of GoL guns to replace older instances.
    • OBSERVED RESULT: N/A, see description.

    Not a bug. Xaku cannot recast Grasp while being fully supplied with guns. The intended use for this power is that you will use it to amplify your firepower with auto-guns, not to be a superior cheaper version of Loki's Radial Disarm.


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  4. 18 hours ago, Deadzer343 said:
    • TYPE: Warframe ability scaling
    • DESCRIPTION: chancing strengh from 189% to 204% 
    • VISUAL: first one is with 204% secound is 189%
    • Warframe0001.jpg
    • Warframe0000.jpg
    • REPRODUCTION: Chancing the strength 
    • EXPECTED RESULT: keeping my 11 weapons or getting 12 
    • OBSERVED RESULT: got 10
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: it didnt chance so far and is still 10 weapons

    UPDATE: the scaling is in reverse i put 338% strength and just get 6 weapons.

    The number of targets that Xaku can "Grab" from is affected by Power Range, not Strength.   Strength affects the damage of the shot instead.

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  5. 18 hours ago, proyekcja said:
    • TYPE: Ingame
    • DESCRIPTION: Out of place material cost. Pulmonars requires 24 Parasitic Tethermaws - sounds like another kind of fish, may be a similar mistake to the Tink requirement on the bonewidow weapon pod.

    *REPRODUCTION: check the Pulmonars build requirement

    • EXPECTED RESULT: I expected not to need fish as nothing else has ever used just the fish
    • OBSERVED RESULT: it cost fish
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: it is still on the blueprint

    The Parasitic Tethermaw is an organ that comes from the Lobotriscid fish!

    (infested anatomy can be... strange, sometimes)

  6. I can confirm that, coming with Deimos Arcana, we are fixing the Gladiator set bonus as well as Weeping Wounds and Blood Rush not working on Garuda's Talons.  The intended design is that mods on the Talons will not interact or combine with mods on your ordinary melee weapon. In other words if you put the Gladiator set on your Talons it will work for your Talons, but if you then equip a Skana that doesn't have those mods, it will not affect the Skana.  Any situation where the mods on the Talons are found to be affecting anything other than the Talons should be considered a bug.

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  7. 1 hour ago, 60framespersecond said:

    @[DE]MomawI can pretty much reproduce this 100%. My settings are a bit "special" in that I'm running at 30fps cap and have custom keybinds, "interact" is bound to "V".


    1. Join Fortuna, can be from Orbiter or from the Vallis (I have queuing set to Solo)
    2. Go to the Backroom door by means of fast travel to Eudico, Little Duck, or just walk over
    3. Check that your Esc is working
    4. Stand in front of the door so the "[V] Enter Backroom" interaction is displayed
    5. Quickly double-tap "V", you will see how the interaction UI element flashes twice
    6. You're on the other side of the door, Esc is now broken

    Thank you for the steps, I see this happening.

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  8. Sometimes this may happen if you try to login right when we're in the middle of publishing an update.  People already in-game will see the "Update in progress" message but if you're just starting up you would miss that. Should always just be a matter of waiting a minute or two and then starting from the launcher.  Sorry for the confusion!

  9. 2 minutes ago, Cellbound said:

    What about mastery rank affinity bug of necralisk companions(vulpaphylas & predasites)??
    I achived max rank of all of them but mastery rank affinity is not raise. I reported this problem
    to support desk long time ago, but still no news about it.

    I cannot challenge true master test because of this serious problem....;(   

    Items which can be Gilded only gain mastery when you rank them after gilding. :(

  10. Your booster does NOT show up as "bonus affinity".  Your booster doubles affinity gains, which you see when you earn the affinity from the popup shown on screen.  So for example on Earth, when I play without a booster I see about 60 affinity for a kill and 4200 for hacking a spy vault objective.  With a booster that's doubled to about 120 for a kill and 8400 for hacking a spy vault.   When the End of Mission screen talks about bonus affinity, it's referring to the mission completion which adds 125% all the affinity you earned in that mission.  So if you earn 1000 xp in a mission and abort, you get 1000, but if you finish the entire mission you get 1000+1250 bonus.  (Or a boosted player would get 2000 + 2500)

    Where I *do* see a problem is that the End of Mission screen isn't showing a number for your Bonus Affinity, even though according to the game logs it actually does get submitted to the server. I've entered that as an issue for our UI teams.

    So to reiterate:
    - Affinity Booster doubling what you earn is rolled into the base amount. "Bonus Affinity" is a different mechanic and is what what you get for completing the mission
    - The UI is currently not showing you a value for Bonus Affinity, but looking in the game logs, the actual number submitted to the server does include it properly.

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  11. It is intended that you only get mastery once for a kitgun chamber. It shows up under both Primary and Secondary categories in your Profile because of the way we track usage and stats,  which is our mistake. We're aware of the issue and are working on a fix but I don't have a timetable I can share with you yet.

    As noted, for now, if it's really bothering you then the "zombie" kitgun entry will go away if you gain Affinity with the kitgun.

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  12. Just for clarity, where do you see 3 free slots, can you share a screenshot?  Every account starts with 2 free slots for warframes.  The kind that claiming a new warframe will use are under Menu> Equipment> Inventory, switch to the Warframes tab. If you hover over the first tile it would look like this if you have space free.

    warframe slots.png

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  13. Attempted:  Start on Orbiter, open Navigation, click Venus, Fortuna, Click on an instance number. Skip intro scene with spacebar twice. Esc > Fast Travel > Little Duck.  Esc from dialog.  Esc brings up main menu.

    This doesn't break for me. Does this happen if you immediately back out of the menu without choosing any menu items? If not, what do you talk to Little Duck about? Need specific sequence of actions, video would be fabulous.


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  14. This is not a bug. You are forced back to your warframe so that you don't lose all your energy without realizing it.  The alternative here would be that your warframe wastes all your energy tanking hits while you are doing operator things and then, when it runs out, you die instantly.  You can avoid this situation by turning off all warframe powers before using operator mode, in which case your warframe is completely invulnerable and Quick Thinking will not trigger.

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  15. It looks normal to me?  Is it possible for you to record a video of this problem, starting from the relay and showing your loadout?  The orbs should appear with a yellow "objective" waypoint guiding you toward them...

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  16. We are aware of this issue where some of you are seeing the launcher as "stuck" at this specific point of 249 megabytes remaining with this recent update. Your update is not frozen. It's processing a very large file in the cache which depending on the speed of your computer and internet connection could take a while. Restarting the process over and over, or re-verifying the cache, is not going to help you out. Please just be patient and let the game work. As others have noted, it may take upwards of half an hour.

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  17. 27 minutes ago, kyori said:

    There is also the on-going issue of black flicking rectangle on screens most notably on corpus old/new ship tilesets.

    This may be a shader error, usually the result of a specific visual effect like an explosion or a power going off. Can you share your loadout, and maybe a screenshot of the problem in action? It would help us find what you are seeing :)

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