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  1. 1 hour ago, Skaleek said:

    Please fix xini rotation B, i think youre missng A6:

    Axi G3 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    Axi P2 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    Axi P2 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    Axi T3 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    Axi L5 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    Axi R3 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    Axi D1 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    I think you're right about thinking Axi A6 is missing from rotation B. I also think this issue will be addressed soon. Just a hunch.

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  2. This should be fixed as of today's hotfix,
    " Fixed Arcane Pistoleer not giving infinite Ammo at 100% efficiency for weapons that fire more than one bullet at a time. "

    The issue was that the arcane was reducing the "cost" of a shot by 1 ammo, but a few weapons consume multiple ammo per shot. Twin Grakata for example uses 2 ammo per shot, so instead of making the weapon not cost ammo, it would consume half as much.  So the arcane did work but not as expected. The new behavior, is that the weapon simply doesn't cost ammo at all (which is what players expected it to do).


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  3. I've seen a few reports of this but not enough details to identify the bug. What did you kill the guy with? Was there anything unusual about the fight the time you didn't get a drop? For example did you join a session already in progress, host migrate, use operator mode a lot? Did you use any warframe powers on the boss? Or unusual weapons/mods?  Any kind of details you can remember might be important.

  4. During the normal update process, the Warframe cache gets more and more mixed up between old and new files so that the files aren't in a logical order anymore.  Also small amounts of disk space gets wasted, where an old file and its updated version aren't the same size.  The cache optimization process sorts and organizes everything, so that  1) chunks of old unused files are removed so that wasted disk space is given back and 2) files are sequenced in a way that's faster to load.  If you are concerned about the longevity of your solid state disk, you might choose to only run the Optimize process once in a while instead of every time it asks. It won't hurt anything aside from making the game take up more space than necessary and load a little slower for you.

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  5. We'll need more information than that to examine the bug. What frame were you using? Were you a host or a client? Did you have the aura, or did somebody else? Did you revive, or fall off the map?  A video report is ideal, if you have some way to record a demonstration 🙂

  6. 22 minutes ago, Xydeth said:

    whats wrong with recent download speeds....100kbs...120kbs...300kbs...i would really like to use my full 10mb/s thanks~

    This hotfix in particular dealt with a LOT of file manipulation in the cache. So even though your internet connection can deliver more speed than this, the launcher is waiting for your disk to perform file operations. Normally when the launcher is downloading bigger files you'll see better use of your maximum bandwidth.

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