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  1. 16 hours ago, -Brexiteer- said:

    I tried all of that and my poor Kavat, Rees-Moggy is still glowing red.  

    We're investigating this issue and started by looking at your account. However, your cat does not appear to be infected to us, both by looking at it in-game and by looking in the data for the flag it would have. As far as we can tell your cat is fine. Can you give an outline of precisely how you used the cure when it did not appear to work?

  2. 19 minutes ago, kebra said:

    On the other hand, the flux capacity has been lowered... :thumbdown:



    From the patch notes,



    Fixed the stat value of Flux Capacity on Reactors showing higher than actual stats.

    • We're using Round To value of 10 instead of 1, so some values were showing higher than they should be (37.x would show as 40).


    If you look at your Railjack's ship stats in screenshots, you can see that you still have the same Flux Capacity (502) before and after.

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  3. There's a potential fix for the Shedu getting jammed in the next hotfix, Tenno. Hoping that this will cover all cases, but if it doesn't we'll be watching for additional reports of ongoing trouble after that reaches you.

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  4. This bug is on our list of things we'd love to fix, but we're having trouble making it actually happen. Have people gotten this with sentinels as well as cats? Does it still happen with no companion equipped at all? Does it still happen if you take all the mods off the weapon? Does it still happen if you're alone in a mission? Does it still happen if you take off your other weapons? I'm hoping that by pooling information from Tenno in the field we can narrow down the cause by process of elimination.

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  5. 42 minutes ago, MatuseYT said:

    The day Railjack released I tried to move my omni-tool on my gear wheel so I could access it easier.

    It's been gone ever since. It doesn't exist in the gear item list, and isn't on my wheel anymore.

    This makes it basically impossible for me to do any Empyrean content, because I can't repair the ship.

    That's terrible, Matuse.  How did you move your tool on gear wheel?

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  6. 2 hours ago, RWBY-WhiteRose said:

    It’s a visual bug in the arsenal modding screen. It applies as normal.

    I'd just like to take a moment to signal boost this observation since some Tenno seem slightly concerned. The rivens showing up as the wrong disposition was purely an issue with the card not appearing correctly in the arsenal.

    Some players have noticed that the Kuva Lich weapons have different riven disposition than their base weapon, for example the Kuva Tonkor and Tonkor have different strength. In order for the riven card to display the right numbers for a given weapon, the card itself needed a function that would essentially ask:  "What kind of weapon am I being attached to?" so that the displayed bonuses would match what actually gets applied to the weapon. Initially, riven cards were not displaying correctly for Kitguns. In the course of fixing that, we broke support for other weapons. The card couldn't figure out what type of weapon you were upgrading so it defaulted to showing as if it was a 1.0 disposition.

    The riven's saved stats on the database were not affected, nor did your weapon's actual performance suffer at all. This was just a display issue where, hovering over the mod, it would show you the numbers of a disposition 1.0 weapon instead of the weapon you were actually using it on. Everything should now be back to normal now! If you see ongoing weirdness, please be as thorough as possible when reporting what values you think are wrong and where they appear.

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  7. 7 minutes ago, Glyphicality said:

    Seriously? No fix for the completely broken and very popular Naru syandana? It can't be that hard to fix...

    This issue is now on our sensors, Tenno. The team is very busy working on upcoming content so it's not clear when this will be addressed, but you've definitely been heard!

    (In the meanwhile, you can work around this by using Captura mode for fashion photo sessions. The wings should deploy correctly there.)

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  8. 5 hours ago, SolidSnake8774 said:

    Added more sources for Blood Rush interaction with gunblades.

    Thank you. May now consider these known and being worked on:

    • Weirdness with Blood Rush (and Weeping Wounds) on gunblades
    • Blood for Ammo error if you don't have both guns equipped
    • Exodia Valor counts hits when it shouldn't

    I did not see anything bad on Reflex Guard or Berserker. Need more details on what's wrong.

  9. Thanks for the help in trying to sort out the rough spots in the dramatic overhaul of Melee. There were a LOT of changes, and we appreciate everybody's patience and helpfulness in tidying up the loose ends!  You've got a lot of things here that you wanted looked at it so it will take some time to work through the list.

    These should be fixed as of build 2019.

    • Corrupt Charge / Initial Combo as a client
    • Gladiator set bonus
    • Weeping Wounds
    • Untraceable should now refresh invisible time when you hack something while already invisible

    These are known and will be fixed in the future:

    • Corrupt Charge has "Channeling" as a description
    • Nightwatch Napalm on the Kuva Ogris
    • True Punishment doesn't function

    Adaptation: Did not see an issue. With the mod equipped, both host and client player had multiple different damage resistance icons show up immediately. Please elaborate.

    Quick Thinking: Did not see an issue if the warframe was invulnerable to damage. If your warframe is NOT invulnerable to damage i.e. you have left an active power running, it is intended that you be returned to your warframe upon reaching minimum health. This is done to give you a fighting chance to get out of the situation where your warframe is taking damage. The alternative is that your warframe would consume all energy with Quick Thinking while you are not in it, and then when you get pulled back you would instantly die with no opportunity to counter play.

    Life Strike:  1) Health leech on heavy attacks seem okay, if you're seeing unreliability, is it specific to certain builds?  Certain ability synergies?.  2) For thrown weapons, the "heavy attack" is when the glaive explodes, not when you throw it at somebody. Tap the throw key again while it's in flight to trigger the explosion.  3) Life Strike on Titania's fairy blade seems okay

    Covert lethality:  Damage bonus looks okay for client, and the initial combo now works for clients.

    Killing Blow: Bonus looks okay on glaive explosion; Heavy Attack is the explosion, not the throw.  This is not intended to affect the damage of your Heavy Slam. For the Heavy Slam damage, the mod you want is [Seismic Wave]!

    Amalgam Javlok: Removing the reflection effect was deliberate. This mod was reworked to be more in line with new melee systems, and now gives increased combo gain while blocking with a shield.


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  10. Those tricky Liches are adapting! Some players may have a history that shows a requiem symbol as being correct, but it is actually not going to be able to kill the Lich. We think we know what the problem is, and hope to get everybody back into the murder business after the next hotfix.  (If you're desperate to have the Lich dead before then the combination can still be guessed.)

  11. 1 hour ago, Skaleek said:

    Please fix xini rotation B, i think youre missng A6:

    Axi G3 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    Axi P2 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    Axi P2 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    Axi T3 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    Axi L5 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    Axi R3 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    Axi D1 RelicUncommon (14.29%)

    I think you're right about thinking Axi A6 is missing from rotation B. I also think this issue will be addressed soon. Just a hunch.

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  12. 22 minutes ago, Xydeth said:

    whats wrong with recent download speeds....100kbs...120kbs...300kbs...i would really like to use my full 10mb/s thanks~

    This hotfix in particular dealt with a LOT of file manipulation in the cache. So even though your internet connection can deliver more speed than this, the launcher is waiting for your disk to perform file operations. Normally when the launcher is downloading bigger files you'll see better use of your maximum bandwidth.

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  13. A small PSA so that you're all aware of where we are at regarding Roller Floofs. Many Tenno have been sad that they cannot donate Roller Floofs to their clan dojo, and have reporting it as a bug. This inability to donate was actually a deliberate choice on DE's part. The reason is that when the Floofs are placed in the dojo, the physics of the object do not work correctly for all players present. Each person sees the Floof moving and interacting in a different way, so you could never (for example) kick it back and forth with another player. There is also significant concerns about performance if players added dozens (hundreds) of fully interactive objects to a multi-user space. It was decided to not let this happen when we knew ahead of time that it was going to be problematic. This is a feature that we're interested in, and everybody else is interested in, but Dojo Football and Cooperative Ball Pits will have to wait for future programming support. (There is sadly no ETA for when this will happen.)

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  14. 21 hours ago, Daggerchild said:

    Okay, SRYS QSTN time! This matter cannot be left hanging any longer....


    What *is* the difference between a Tweak and a Micro-optimisation?

    A micro optimization is where the game code has been rewritten to make it faster. Sometimes assigning values or calling functions or doing some math operation might take fewer instructions a certain way and more instructions another way. Optimizations are where the code has been rearranged to be more efficient but "do" the same thing,  and should have no effect whatsoever on the game except to make it run faster.

    A tweak, on the other hand, is a tweak.

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