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  1. I can get this to happen but only on the Gram/Gram Prime. I had to set "Visible When Holstered" to Off, and increase the weapon's attack speed. Does that match up with what you are seeing?
  2. Or we just didn't notice! Thanks for the report, missing Cryotra effects are now on the radar.
  3. Got it. "While using excalibur umbra" was the missing ingredient. Weirdness confirmed, thanks.
  4. We'll need more information than that to examine the bug. What frame were you using? Were you a host or a client? Did you have the aura, or did somebody else? Did you revive, or fall off the map? A video report is ideal, if you have some way to record a demonstration 🙂
  5. This hotfix in particular dealt with a LOT of file manipulation in the cache. So even though your internet connection can deliver more speed than this, the launcher is waiting for your disk to perform file operations. Normally when the launcher is downloading bigger files you'll see better use of your maximum bandwidth.
  6. A small PSA so that you're all aware of where we are at regarding Roller Floofs. Many Tenno have been sad that they cannot donate Roller Floofs to their clan dojo, and have reporting it as a bug. This inability to donate was actually a deliberate choice on DE's part. The reason is that when the Floofs are placed in the dojo, the physics of the object do not work correctly for all players present. Each person sees the Floof moving and interacting in a different way, so you could never (for example) kick it back and forth with another player. There is also significant concerns about performance if players added dozens (hundreds) of fully interactive objects to a multi-user space. It was decided to not let this happen when we knew ahead of time that it was going to be problematic. This is a feature that we're interested in, and everybody else is interested in, but Dojo Football and Cooperative Ball Pits will have to wait for future programming support. (There is sadly no ETA for when this will happen.)
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