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  1. 5 hours ago, Orthelius said:

    Also, Djinn and Dethcube should have the cooldown on their abilities reduced. Dethcube and Djinn currently have a 30 second cooldown on their abilities, which is slightly too high for Djinn,

    The cooldown time on Djinn's fatal attraction ability is reduced if you kill most or all of the enemies it is attracting before they come close enough to get acid sprayed on them. If you play aggressively and kill enemies fast enough to prevent Djinn spraying acid, the cooldown time is actually quite short.

  2. Reasons why proposed solutions from community don't make sense:

    • Loot should never be recovered without the player taking some kind of action. Gaining items automatically as the mission progresses is just begging to be abused by bots and AFK players.
    • If you're hiding in a safe hole and nuking enemies before they can get to you without being able to get to where the loot is being dropped, you do NOT deserve to get the loot because you don't actually have tactical superiority. You're hiding and immobilized.
    • The portion of loot that you get with Vacuum (basically 99% of everything that's dropped) should be a luxury, which has a cost, and not the baseline. There is a more than sufficient amount of energy and ammo, and gaining items which permanently increase your power like resources and mods should require at least a tiny bit of effort.
    • Speed-running is a way to play the game, and should never be as rewarding as deliberately spending the effort to pick up all the loot.  Speed running is when you are trying to get end-of-mission rewards as quickly as possible. If you want the rewards from playing, then play.


    Reasons why Vacuum can be legitimately useful:

    • Clients can have extreme difficulty picking up items if the connection to host is slow or unreliable. Vacuum bypasses this.
    • Sometimes there is an excessive number of individual drops, each worth very little individually, leading to a sense of wasting loot if you don't pick it all up or a sense of wasting time if you do


    To me, the real solution for Vacuum isn't even Vacuum as much as it is reducing the perceived 'need' for Carrier:

    • Improve client-side detection for item pickups over slow/bad connections
    • Reduce the number of drops, but increase the amount that you get from each drop, to reduce the "carpet of loot" problem. Rather than 10 resource pickups that give 100 resource each, make it 2 pickups that give 500. Same for ammo. This makes it more streamlined for players to work item collecting into their gameplay by dramatically reducing the number of times they need to think about where they are moving.
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  3. 2 hours ago, DERebecca said:

    Kary is our resident Weaponsmith, and we're thrilled to bring him on the couch

    Would you consider allowing sword and shield type weapons to "quick block" (by holding down melee key) even when not in hand, to give them more of a gameplay identity?

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  4. This is an era when nobody gets upset at AAA+ billion-dollar games having a 10 hour campaign. You look at games like Dragon Age, praised for their longevity, and typical time to complete everything is under a hundred hours.  Then you come over to Warframe, people are complaining about grind, and they've played several hundred hours; often for free.  And there is no shortage of new or mid-ranked players either. The grind can't be "killing the game" when people are still more than willing to invest the time!

  5. needing to forma every weapon like 4 to 6 time just so they will be useful


    I think you're being a bit hyperbolic here. "Useful" is a relative measurement.  As extremely veteran players doing hour long void survival missions, trials, and sorties, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that for a very large number of players, level 40 is about the worst thing they'll ever fight.  And against level 40, you don't need 4 to 6 forma for a gun to work.  Heck, you don't even really need a potato.   Take a Boltor (not prime, just regular MR2 gun from the market) to any mission on the starmap with only 30 points of mods on it, and it will do fine.  You might have to actually use flying ninja kicks, or ground slams, or aim for head shots to get rid of the heavy units, and rummage some lockers for ammo, but it's easily doable.  And honestly Warframe is more fun when you aren't slaughtering everything with a single bullet, and they aren't killing you in a single bullet either.

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  6. I'm tired. Tired of sitting in the trade channel spamming "WTS" over and over, with no takers, no matter how low my prices are


    Adding an auction house will literally do nothing to solve this problem you think you have.  Nobody wants to buy things that are extremely common. Making it easier to browse the things that are extremely common isn't going to result in more sales. In fact the only thing it's going to result in more of, is database bloat.






    I hate to say WTB " insert rare stance mod" in the trade chat and getting no response also. Just because no one is on in my time zone that has the item I am looking for.


    In your case, put up some platinum on your "WTB" offers.   Chances are good that plenty of people have what you want, but sellers are generally more reluctant to name prices because negotations can ONLY go down from whatever price the seller suggests. If seller says 15, the item isn't going to be sold for 20 even if the buyer would have paid 20. Or 50.


    Give a realistic and honest value when you want to buy things, and you probably won't be waiting long.

  7. I propose:


    1.)  All existing Arcane helmets be converted into Arcane-enhanced helmets. That is, they are an ordinary helmet with the magical effects on them converted into a pre-installed Arcane upgrade


    2.) New arcanes have only 1 rank. No stacking required (to compensate for there being a LOT of them in the pool).


    3.) The resulting Arcane effects drop from wherever you get such things, and are frame-specific.  So if you get the Arcane "Nyx power efficiency" (originally from arcane Vespa),  then it can only be equipped on a Nyx helmet. Any one of them you want.



    + Does not punish veteran players or diminish the performance of their loot

    + Gives the possibility of the arcane effects to all players

    + Divorces the old arcane effects from specific helmets

    + Sidesteps out-of-control power creep by keeping the arcanes on the frames they were designed for, and moving forward, any new frame-specific arcanes can be tailored to the frame in question

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  8. Yeah, and there's another mod that increases the magazine size too, but they're both super rare, since one's from an Orokin Vault and the other's from Nightmare or random alerts...


    Tainted Mag simply isn't worth it. You get more rounds between reloads but those reloads take longer.  In mathematical terms, magazine size M over reload time R is your mag:reload ratio.  So before Tainted Mag you have M/R.  Adding this mod gives you 1.6M/1.5R.    Yay tiny improvements? But you lose damage because you're having to spend a slot on Tainted.


    If Tainted Mag didn't cost a slot, or mod points, it would be an interesting stylistic choice for some weapons. But because it costs both, it is near the bottom of the barrel among build options competing for those resources.


    (Mod should be +10% magazine and -2.5% reload speed per rank)

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  9. Or you go with +20% and use the saved modpoints elsewhere.


    The most precious thing in modding isn't points, it's slots. After you add a potato and forma all the polarities, you can put in anything you want points-wise but you can't make more slots. As such, every single mod must be pulling its weight.


    Can't begin to count how many weapons where I've wished for just one more slot. :(

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  10. I don't like the visual style of kamas and I don't like the dual-weapon melee stances as used in Warframe. Just subjective opinions.


    That said, the most interesting thing about them is probably the fact that they get the x6 multiplier on spin attacks like tonfas do. If you like to spin, these are very good at it.

  11. How often do you have your team all within 10 meters of an enemy? The same enemy?

    Off the top of my head, only when you're getting overrun in a Defense.

    Further, you're either 'penalizing' ranged or melee.

    No issues with the actual mechanic.


    The idea here is for Trinity to actually be smart with where she does this and not just be able to boost the entire team regardless of where they are or what they are doing, and for team mates to see that there is an opportunity for a heal if they need one. I'm really interested in powers being more interactive and require a bit more engagement from the players on the team rather than just Bam! here's your buff. Worth pointing out that if supporting with life leech is really your thing, with minmaxed Range it would go to over 30 meters.


    Um. Wow. O.O

    At first glance, this looks amazingly useful.

    Will have to think about it.

    Pool of Life too stronk. Changed, please review.


    Also, what's stopping indiscriminate AoEs from killing your EV target? Same as now, really.


    Key difference is that the victim poops out a pile of energy orbs, which means that each player must actually go over and pick them up. Sure your EV victim will sometimes get nailed by indiscriminate AOE but said AOE spammers don't get to just stand one place and do it over and over. There is at least some game left because people would have to move around.


    Also, why stop there? Why not drop it to 50%? 33%? This is a serious question. Is balancing for potentially a quarter damage easy enough?


    I think it will be. 75% damage reduction is a lot, but it's not outright invulnerability. Players still have to think about what they are doing and not stand directly in the fires of Mount Doom.  I don't want to change the purpose of Blessing, because frankly I enjoy playing Trinity too! But the godmode needs to go.


    It does at the least reduce the difference in hypothetical damage range that a player team can experience, from a Pro-Trin team compared to a No-Trin team, to a factor of 4 rather than a factor of 100. Which is a heck of a lot more sane for balance.

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  12. This person probably does what I do - which is leaving Kubrows in stasis 99% of the time and only bringing them out only when I plan to use them, and then putting them back when I'm done, thus reducing the need for DNA stabilizers (since they're almost never out during the server reset). Do people actually leave their kubrows out all day? O_o


    Right. So...


    DNA stabilizer costs 75K credits for 6 doses. That's 12500 credits per dose.


    DNA stabilizer restores 40% of kubrow health.


    With upgraded incubator segment, kubrows lose 5% health per day, so you need to give them at least 1 dose per 8 days.


    Stabilizer cost per day is 1562.5 credits.


    Kubrow takes 30 minutes to thaw out from stasis.


    You can make 20-30K credits in 30 minutes without really trying


    Sooooo....Ya'll are getting upset and salty about having to wait for recovery times, but reality is that you would make far more credits per hour by just leaving your dog out of stasis and using it when you want to, than you do by not playing for half an hour each day.

  13. That being Said, your idea for Pool of Life is insanely strong


    How about alternatively: If Pool of Life saves a player, then the player gets a free heal but the victim immediately dies.



    Your Energy Vampire idea has promise, but you need to fill in a LOT of details:

         -First...   does it even HAVE a duration, or does it just last until the enemy dies/Trinity goes out of range, because that's what it sounds like.

         -If Trinity moves out of range or the duration (if there is one) runs out without the target dying, do you still get energy orbs?

         -What happens with negative duration or increased duration?  Does the 5% HP go off faster due to having a set number of ticks over the duration, becoming a massive single target singe cast DoT nuke? OR is it once a second period, and becomes another death-mark with duration?

         -Also what happens with power strength and the link damage, does it affect the 5% ticks?

         -...does it cost only 25 energy to cast, due to its effect influencing its own cost on cast unmodified?

         -I should also point out that a max range build on Trinity with this and the correct Arcanes would let her do huge AoE knockdowns constantly by picking up the orbs it produces.

         -Does the power-cost modifying part of the power scale with power strength in any way?

         -Finally, and all-importantly, THE ORBS.  Why 3?  Why not 2 of 50 energy each scaling with power strength?  Why not 4 of 25?  Why not 1 of 100?  Are they normal energy orbs (AKA Greedy-Mag affected)?


    Good questions!


    Evamp would be a duration based ability, with an ordinary max duration of 20 seconds. At 5% health lost per second, base values will kill the target eventually. It needs to do some damage or else you just end up with Trinity hiding in a closet somewhere keeping an enemy as a battery pet, but you also don't want it to do so much damage that it ends up being a script-kill that's fast and efficient enough to be attractive. So no, you can't affect 5% health lost at all.


    The victim would only drop energy orbs if they die while the effective is active on them, so yes, you can "flub" energy vampire if you cast it and then fail to kill the target before it ends. So Duration dictates how much time you have to accomplish that, ie, how much time you may comfortably use them as a casting cost reducer before you need to think about killing them, while Strength determines how much energy you get back once you do kill them.


    If you cast Evamp on a different target while within the effect of an existing Evamp, yes, I suppose it would only cost 25 energy to cast. However because you only get energy BACK from Evamp if the victim dies, it wouldn't be profitable to do so. Very pedantic single-target method of crowd control I guess?


    Not concerned with AOE knockdowns with arcane picking up energy orbs. This build seems incredibly esoteric and doesn't actually end combat. Enemies are more vulnerable but you still have to kill them. Plenty of easier strategies for CC spam.


    Why 3 orbs? Because it scales nicely :) Base 3, intensify gets you 4, transient fort gets you 5, intensify + transient or blind rage gets you 6.


    Your Vampire Leech is optimized incorrectly.  It uses a nerfed range compared to that of current EV, for no reason.  Also, you state that it should incentivize people using shield mods, but neglect to notice that for frames with only 300 shields (a lot of them) even maxed out redirection would give the ability a result barely different than no shield mod at all.  The incentive just isn't even there for most frames.  Make it 150 or 40% of maximum shields, whichever is stronger, and fix the range back to what it should be (larger than 15m).


    Fair enough on range.


    150 shield is the value currently given for a base-strength Vampire Leech (100 energy * 150% efficiency), that's why I went with 150. This number would scale off power strength.  The "or 25% of max shield" (should also scale off power strength) was added for shield tanks, NOT to turn frames who have weak shields into shield tanks. Sorry Loki.


    Link.  Nope.  Nooope.  No, No, and No.  First, the ability is clearly designed with 3 purposes in mind.  #1:  Protect Trinity's health/shields.  #2:  Protect Trinity from procs and/or CC effects.  #3:  To do moderate damage to the linked enemies.  It does #1 and #2 in both its current incarnation, and yours, however, it doesn't do #3 in either, due to massive enemy HP compared to the damage they do.


    To be honest I don't care that reflected damage stops being useful at crazy high enemy levels. There's lots of things that don't work at crazy high enemy levels. You can't design and balance for infinity. What I care about is Trinity players walking around with Stugs or Castanas, looking at their feet the whole mission, killing everything on the map without engaging in any kind of combat. If you want to kill them with your weapons, then kill them with your weapons. Link is not "clearly designed" to be an auto-aiming terrain-penetrating win button.


    Your #2 (reflected damage scales with power strength) and #3 (let abating link mitigate more kinds of defense than just armor) ideas are both very interesting though.


    Blessing:  No.  Frankly, it's weird design to incentivize an ability for being cast at the last minescule prescient fraction of a split second.


    Except it wouldn't work like that anymore.  Because Blessing would consider shield damage as valid for damage reduction, you don't have to wait until allies are on their last sliver of life for the ability to be worth casting. Cast it as soon as anybody takes any damage, now they have full health and shields again but with a small damage reduction.  If they're still getting beat to death, their health and shields will go down again, more slowly, which means you can safely let them get a little lower on health/shields before hitting Blessing again, restoring them, giving them an even bigger damage reduction...   Right now Blessing is all about maximizing the performance of your single cast because it only becomes worth casting if your allies (or self) are near death. Revised Blessing rewards a more iterative, less risky style of casting.


    And 99% damage reduction is absolutely stupid.  Trinity used to give the team literally outright invulnerability, and it was changed to not do that anymore. Supposedly. Then people discovered the self-explode meta.  The thing is, If you balance to make content with 99% damage reduction challenging then you make content that is completely impossible WITHOUT 99% reduction, which necessitates a specific frame with a specific loadout and a specific strategy, which... No.  Just no.  Trinity needs to be less meta, less godmode. Then we can look at balance with a new and more universal lens. If content cannot be completed without a 99% damage reduction from Trinity blowing herself up all the time, then that content is too difficult and should be adjusted.


    Also I do not believe the oveshield charging on Blessing is gimmicky. It provides a reason to use Blessing before combat, or between engagements, which seems a perfectly reasonable thing for a dedicated support character.

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  14. I like to be able to sign in and play. I don't want to have to sign in, wait for my kubrow to suddenly be well so I can play alongside it


    ...what?  Your kubrow shouldn't be in stasis when you log in o_O  Does it have like no health whatsoever, and you're relying on the auto-stasis-when-near-death feature of the upgraded incubator segment? Is that a thing?


    I'm confused.

  15. 1.) Well of life is not recastable, not only that, but it makes killing the enemy it's fired at harder. Being able to recast it, would make the team's life even harder, especially on survivals, because you'd have trololol trinities casting 1, then 2, then spamming 1 at every enemy at sight to massively boost their health pools.


    I never suggested that Well of Life should be recastable on every enemy you see. Being able to recast Well on a *different* target, i.e. only one at a time ever, would be a nice quality of life improvement though I see your point about it being a little annoying for team mates.  What if it simply did not give the victim x10 hitpoints?
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  16. Right at the outset I expect few people will agree with me, but, Trinity pretty much breaks the game. She is alternatively responsible for breaking the energy economy so hard that players do not even realize energy is supposed to be a tactical concern, and breaks combat so hard that entire teams become functionally invulnerable while having full use of all their capabilities.




    For the good of the game as a whole, in the interest of making Trinity more interesting, more interactive, less reliant on gimmicks, and less blatantly game breaking:  Rework everything.


    1.)  Well of Life

    Why it's bad:
    The health restored per player is capped, players must actively engage the helpless (harmless) enemy instead of active enemies to get it, and ultimately in every situation where Trinity would want to heal people Blessing just works better.

    Players standing within range of the Well of Life victim gain a small amount (like 1%) of life leech to their weapon-based attacks, restoring HP while they shoot/stab any enemies; not only the Well of Life victim. Victim is held immobile, airborne, and bright green for easy identification. Leeched health comes from the victim and can ultimately kill it. There is no cap on the amount of health you can leech aside from the victim's endurance.


    Strength: Life leeched from the victim is multiplied by (300/strength) of whatever the player got i.e., higher power strength means victim lasts longer as a health battery.

    Duration: Length of time that victim remains affected by Well of Life.

    Range: Players must stand within (15 meters * range) to receive leech effect.


    Intent is to

    * Allow Trinity to create a life leech based "fortified position" that the team can use. Tactical landscaping is fun.

    * Give a useful way to heal team without immediately reaching for Blessing




    1b.) Pool of Life

    Why it's bad:
    Health orbs are irrelevant to a frame that can heal everybody. Energy orbs are irrelevant to a frame that can create energy.

    Gives an ability similar to Quick Thinking to players who are standing within range of the victim. Players can lose HP as normal down to a low threshold, but if an incoming attack would kill them, that damage is instead re-directed to the Well of Life victim. Player is healed and receives damage immunity for 2 seconds (as long as it takes to complete the stagger). The Pool of Life victim is killed in their place.


    Strength: When Pool of Life triggers, player will receive (50% * strength) of their health back instantly

    Duration: As per WOL

    Range: As per WOL


    Intent is to

    * Save players from death in situations where enemy presence is overwhelming, by preemptively setting a fallback.



    2.) Energy Vampire

    Why it's bad:
    Leads to abusive strategies where players exist solely to pump their team with energy, said team being able to benefit from effectively infinite energy without any effort. This leads to a trivialization of the energy economy and ultimately less gameplay because players being supported this way never have to think about the cost of using their powers or whether they can afford to use their most expensive abilities at any given moment.  Also enables goofy level-agnostic script kill capability when used in combination with with Well of Life.

    On cast, Trinity establishes a link to the target. While in range and target is alive, Trinity can use her abilities for half cost. This is after power efficiency, and it can exceed the normal 75% reduction from power efficiency. Victim is stunned and helpless, and loses 5% of maximum health each second while Trinity is linked to it.  On death, victim drops 3 energy orbs (modified by power strength) which all players can pick up as per normal.


    Strength: Number of energy orbs dropped by enemy on death is (3*strength). This means with Intensify you get 3.9 (4), with Transient Fortitude you get 4.65 (5), and with both or Blind Rage you get 6.

    Duration: Length of time that enemy will remain under energy vampire

    Range: Trinity must remain within (20 meters*range) of the victim to receive the benefit of halved casting cost.



    Intent is to

    * create an interesting choice of when to kill targets. There's now a benefit for Trinity to NOT killing the vampire victim as fast as possible (but no real punishment if your team does it for you)

    * force players to observe energy being available and move to get it rather than receive free energy no matter where or what they are doing, i.e. enhance tactical mobility thought process

    * A concern was raised, what does this mean for max energy orbs dropped on map? Wouldn't this "destroy" energy if max orbs is already reached? Yes it would, however, another way to look at this is that you are relocating the forgotten orbs from the other side of the map to immediately next to your team. (shrug)



    2b.) Vampire Leech

    Why it's bad:
    Actually it isn't. But it would need tweaking to function with revised Energy Vampire

    On death of Vampire victim, all players within 20 meters recover 150 points of shield, or 25% of their maximum shield strength, whichever is greater. This effect can push over into overshields.


    Strength: Shield heal is (150 * strength) points,  or (25% * strength) points

    Duration: No effect

    Range: As per Energy Vampire



    Intent is to

    * Replicate functionality of current Vampire Leech

    * Buff for players with high shield strength (too many players seem to think shield mod is not worth using!)



    3.) Link


    Why it's bad:
    Leads to abusive strategy where reflected self-damage is used to nuke enemies without really engaging in any gameplay.

    Does not reflect self-damage to enemies.


    Strength: No effect. (I like the idea of strength scaling the reflected damage, but that should honestly be an augment. Link is already extremely good)

    Duration: Time that Link will remain active and seek targets

    Range: Link will consider enemies within (20 meters * range) as targets


    Intent is to:

    * Prevent zero-skill non-LOS self-exploding auto-targeting room-clearing stupidity.




    3b.) Abating Link

    Why it's bad:
    In high level gameplay, teams use corrosive projection, which affects ALL enemies regardless of range or whether they are linked to. As a solo player, due to the non-linear way that armor works, enemies with armor strong enough that you would want to remove it are not going to be affected much by sensible levels of armor reduction, i.e. to actually get any good use out of Abating Link as a solo player you have to min-max with corrupted mods to achieve 100% armor reduction.

    When Linked victims take damage,  2.5% of that damage (before reduction/modification) is applied to the victim's base armor or shield rating. Target's effective armor and shield from level-scaling are recalculated. E.g. if target has base armor rating of 500 (heavy gunner), and you hit them for 1000 damage, their base armor rating is reduced by 1000*0.025, or 25 points, to 475.


    Strength: Portion of damage modified to attack on defense is (2.5% * strength)

    Duration: As per Link

    Range: As per Link



    Intent is to:

    * Make more attractive for solo players without access to a full squad worth of corrosive projection, increase usefulness to shielded enemies instead of only armored.




    4.) Blessing

    Why it's bad:

    Because the damage resist value is based on health lost, there is a strong incentive to NOT use this ability until your team takes lots of health damage, which means it is highly risky to as intended in dynamic gameplay. Instead, leads to abusive strategy where Trinity will use self damage from AOE weapons to safely reach minimum health, and supply maximum damage resist to team. The resulting 99%+ damage resist value basically makes gameplay a joke and makes it impossible to properly balance the level of challenge that players are meant to experience because your players could either be invulnerable, or not.



    Damage resist value is based on total of health AND shields lost from most damaged team member, not only health.  Resist value is capped at 75%.  Blessed players immediately restore substantial amounts of health and shield on power use. Blessed players also start to charge 10% of their maximum shield capacity as overshield, each second, so long as they do not take damage. Overshield charge ends for an individual player when that individual takes damage.


    Strength: Blessed players receive (75% * strength, max 100%) of their maximum shields and health

    Duration: Length of time that players have damage reduction and time that they generate overshield out of combat

    Range: No effect


    Intent is to

    * prevent players from reaching total immunity

    * reduce the attractiveness of abusive self-damage strategies by increasing performance in non-extreme cases

    * give a useful purpose for preemptive Blessing rather than being only reactive



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  17. Maybe I missed it in the 6 pages of replies, but, has anybody actually presented a video where they were playing the game and got marked as AFK by the system?  Because, again, I've never seen it happen.  Farmed ODD last night with friends, sat up on the corners with my Simulor for the entire wave, never got marked as AFK.  There may be real bugs at work here, and they'll never get found if everybody is raving hysterically about how unfair it all is.  Give specifics, ideally video, of where and how you got marked as AFK when you feel you shouldn't have.

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