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  1. Weapon Swap Speed

    I've thought that secondary weapons should be faster to deploy and use for a very long time, so that they can be worked into the flow of combat as needed instead of the game playing like we have two primary weapons.





    Two changes:

    1.) Missiles somewhat easier to shoot down. I'm not sure I've ever been able to do this unless using AOE weapons.

    2.) Explosions respect LOS so that players can actually take cover from them.



    Forma drops

    Adding 10 ducats sale value to forma blueprints seems like a reasonable thing.


    Transmuting in the foundry

    I'm against transmuting into potatoes.  Potatoes already come up in alerts, invasions and dev streams. No you're not going to be able to put a potato in every frame and weapon if you only rely on free ones, but we have to be realistic here: Warframe's F2P strategy is already very fair.

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  2. Dunno what's so special about this whole pluto thing owo Life will still continue as it is unless you work for nasa I guess


    It's impossible to know what will turn out to be really really important at some point. For example I could point out the fact that expanding gasses cool down. Nifty bit of "so what?" trivia that happens to be the core concept behind refrigeration, a technology that our modern society leans heavily on.

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  3. Pluto features: An atmosphere, polar ice caps, and has several satellites orbiting it. The moon has: none of the above.




    If a planet must have satellites orbiting it, then Venus and Mercury are not planets.


    If a planet must have atmosphere and polar ice caps, then Triton is a planet.


    ....and this is why your criteria are not formally accepted as being defining characteristics of a planet.  :)

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  4. Pluto is still a planet.


    STFU "scientists".


    The thing is, if you accept Pluto as a planet....


    1. Ceres 15px-Ceres_symbol.svg.png – discovered on January 1, 1801, 45 years before Neptune. Considered a planet for half a century before reclassification as an asteroid. Accepted as a dwarf planet by the IAU on September 13, 2006.
    2. Pluto 15px-Pluto_symbol.svg.png – discovered on February 18, 1930. Classified as a planet for 76 years. Reclassified as a dwarf planet by the IAU on August 24, 2006.
    3. Haumea – discovered on December 28, 2004. Accepted by the IAU as a dwarf planet on September 17, 2008.
    4. Makemake – discovered on March 31, 2005. Accepted by the IAU as a dwarf planet on July 11, 2008.
    5. Eris – discovered on January 5, 2005. Called the "tenth planet" in media reports. Accepted by the IAU as a dwarf planet on September 13, 2006.


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  5. Greedy Pull

    The idea of making it simply not work on energy pods at all, is worth discussing at gameplay design level.


    Either way: Greedy Pull must not ignore line of sight. This is a part of why it's so broken.


    Frost Changes

    * Freeze Change:  I thought guaranteed cold procs within AOE was also on the table? That was my favorite part of the upgrade.  Creating a slow-zone on impact is nice too, but cold procs are going to affect everybody within range for 6 seconds instead of having variable effectiveness on enemies based on how close to an edge they were.



    * Ice Wave: Cone shaped AOE an improvement. More practical for large and outdoor areas.  Still wish for push/ragdoll ala slow moving ice-flavored Sonic Boom though. The flat damage value means the primary reason to use Ice Wave is to apply cold procs, which is less useful as a crowd control measure than actually pushing enemies enemies away and knocking them down.



    * Snow Globe: Hard to predict how well this going to work out to be honest. Tossing out enemies is cool, but we still don't have a full understanding of how the "max globes=4" behavior is going to affect us. Reserving judgement.



    * Avalanche: Nope. If you're playing at a level where armor matters that much, you go in with a team of people that just passively strip armor from everything.  Also doesn't make sense thematically, since armor-debuff is Corrosion, and Saryn is the Corrosion frame.  Damage is still insulting low compared to other frames, and since it doesn't offer any new CC there's still never a good reason to cast this past enemy level 25ish.  It is very rare that Frost should ever use his #4 instead of his #3, since #3 actually prevents damage and has crowd control instead of being what amounts to a 3 second stun.


    Basically everything I could suggest to do to give him a useful and fun #4 power without just overlapping with his other powers involves making it Not-Avalanche.



    * Passive: Nope. Already wrote a thread about this.



    Parkour 2.0

    Do not have or want PVP experience.


    Corrupted Mods

    What would I add?

    * Carapace: Adds base armor value, reduces movement seped

    * Methodical Repeater: For full automatic secondaries: Multiplies final damage, reduces final fire rate. Maxes out at (+100% damage, -50% fire rate).  Basically aimed at making things like dual machine pistols more practical.

    * Lightfinger: Slightly reduces magazine capacity, dramatically increases reload speed.

    * Feral: Kubrow/Catbrow mod, significantly increases armor, speed, damage, HP, at the cost of making them use their abilities less often.


    What would I change?

    * Tainted Mag/Tainted Clip/Burdened Mag:  should end up at higher magazine size bonus. This mod doesn't actually gain you anything if you look at "rounds reloaded per second", all it does is make your reloads more painful. Cannot compete with just adding more damage mods.


    Fleeting Expertise is... important. On the one hand this mod is at the center of a lot of the more abusive and game-breaking configurations players use.  But on the other hand, for most non-damaging abilities, the possibility to use our powers 4x more freely "makes" the warframe and lets us feel like we're in control instead of struggling to find energy all the time. :-/   Fleeting should probably be changed, but only as part of a comprehensive reexamination of powers and power costs.

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  6. So tl;dr if i have a quad core processor and i want a better performance i can enable the option in the EE.log but i have to expect crashes if i do it?


    There's a chance that it might crash. A small chance, given how many people have been trying to reproduce this bug without success.  More the point is hoping there's people in the community that will be willing to take a (small, mildly annoying) hit for the team to help figure out what's going on.

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  7. Coptering

    Coptering was never limited by stamina in the first place, since you can do it as long as you have even a sliver of stamina left. Even in a brave world of no stamina, it still makes sense to keep coptering because it's fluid and efficient. Some people say it looks silly and breaks the flow of the game... I say, I'm too busy looking at the terrain and planning my moves at high speed to care what it looks like.  My deepest fear at the moment (well, one of them) is that DE will remove coptering and force us to use only the new wall running and flinging mechanics, which cannot possibly be as flexible and intuitive to use.  It would be like adding Melee 2.0 but removing the quick attacks so that every melee action was a combo: extremely specific to a given situation.


    As far as movement speed, I think it's fine now. What's really needed isn't a nerf to player mobility, it's more incentive for them to stick together and work as a team.  Parkour 2.0 won't bring that, it's just going to change who's really good at playing the mobility game and leaving everybody else behind.



    I'm okay with spy missions being mainly solo.  There's other mission types that are mainly team oriented, like Defense or Interception. Giving players who want to play solo a mission type that feels like it was designed for them, instead of always fighting the system and having to be ten times better than other players to play without a team in a team-oriented mission, can only be a good thing. Variety, choice, etc.



    I haven't *completed* my codex, only because there's some things that are virtually impossible e.g. there's only one place we can find an Arcane Machine and it's not farmable.  And I don't think I've ever seen an arid eviscerator eximus.  In general I feel compelling to complete most things that give me gameplay advantage/alternatives, or contribute to the game's story. The codex falls into both categories, since some enemies have interesting background and scanning things also helps me find mods I want. An example of something I don't collect are noggles. Purely cosmetic and kind of goofy. I want to be immersed. If you want me to be amused, then amuse me with characters, not goofy.



    Warframe is all over the map as far as gameplay balance. Without a clear sense of whether weapons are supposed to be equal-but-different, or tiered, it's impossible to say objectively whether something like the Kraken should be buffed up. My yardstick is whether weapons are fun to use and well represented in the player base (equal but different: under used, Kraken buff = yes), but it feels like DE is perfectly willing to abandon things to languish while introducing newer, slightly better weapons (tiered: old and easy to make, Kraken buff = no). Weapon stats are very bad at understanding the difference between theoretical and applied DPS, and also understanding the difference in opportunity cost for slow or awkward weapons compared to really user-friendly ones.


    And for warframes...   The most pressing balance problem in Warframe, IMO, is the prevalence of "press 4 to win" type frames and tactics. Killing enemies should be the result of players showing skillful, interactive manipulation of the game. Screen-clear nukes and literal aimbotting make some frames completely and utterly dominate missions at "low" (like, less than 40) levels, to the point where no other players are necessary...or even encouraged to play.


    Enemy factions...  Infested are a nightmare to fight compared to the others. Just way too much synergy going on between the constant knockdowns and grapples, time-dialating goop, bugs, shield-penetrating damage (in a game where only 1/10th of frames have easy healing ability). In general with monsters the thing DE needs to keep in mind is that most of the time we face things in hordes. It's nice that your designers want to make cool monsters with buffs and interactive attacks and stuff, but when you bring that design into the actual gameplay where there can be 30 monsters at a time...


    Rewards need to distributed more evenly across mission types. Like currently there's no practical way to get a ton of fusion cores other than Triton excavation. Too much "Sigh, we got this useless thing AGAIN??" going on in most reward paths. Won't comment on void drops since you already have big plans in that area.

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  8. Stamina

    Good riddance. Remove it entirely.


    Stamina affects sprinting, but not air melee or coptering which means it has no effect on mobility for veteran players and only punishes newbies. It does not affect melee strikes since you can still swing your weapon even without having any in reserve. Theoretically influences wall running, but I can't off hand remember the last time I ran out of stamina trying to perform a wall run. The only thing that stamina really strongly affects right now is put an upper limit on how long you can block damage with your melee weapon, but it's designed in a way that it doesn't scale in any kind of useful way. The higher level the enemy i.e. the more you would actually care about blocking their attacks, the less you can actually do it because the stamina cost is based on damage.


    Melee blocking will need some kind of rework to prevent players from blocking indefinitely, but that could just as easily be a time-based thing.  Maybe fast weapons can establish a block faster, but bigger weapons can hold a block for longer.  Green Chroma will also need something else.


    Star chart

    Or really the "nav chart" since there's only one star on it. Too many mission nodes right now, very difficult for new players to find people to clear with. Very little differentiation from one to the other aside from level. I'm hopeful that condensing the map into fewer choices will result in higher player density per selectable option and make it easier to actually get a game going.


    As far as what I would like to see: A "landing zone" for each planet. This is an area kind of like a relay, where you can have a bunch of players in a common area. Think of bunkers, camouflaged outposts, trenches, undocumented machine spaces on ships. Each landing zone would have commanders that give missions. Every landing zone would have an alert that rolls over on an hourly basis with increased rewards, plus a handful of other missions that might roll over weekly or possibly after invasions, tac alerts, or infestation outbreaks.. "Craftable missions"  should be a thing where players can earn the right to play the enemy of their choosing on a mission type of their choosing, if they are active enough on the planet in question. Opens the way for new story telling as well, with refugees, mercenaries, procurers etc trying to meet with the Tenno or calling out to them in passing. Hire companions, receive praise from people you've rescued, get intel on upcoming special loot drops. Lots of possibilities.



    I think some degee of complexity and obfuscation is fine. Many games with this kind of content rely on players to figure out or research how to finish the mission. There's a satisfaction to "knowing stuff".



    Life after 30

    We already have after-30 progression in the form of Forma.


    If that's not enough for people, consider having it be that after reaching 30, a warframe or weapon might slowly unlock new augment slots. In the case of Warframes that would literally be augments for abilities, while for weapons that can be purely utility stuff like increased magazine size or faster reload. I'll call it Paragon levels for the sake of discussion. For Warframes this will make increasing amounts of sense in the future since DE has stated they want to ultimately have multiple augments per each ability, and for weapons it opens up the potential of arcane-like enhancements in the future (e.g. "Cannot be disarmed while using this weapon", "Chance to regain energy on head shots", "50% damage reflected to attacker when knocked down with this melee weapon" etc etc). Plus people would be a LOT more interested in utility modifiers if they didn't have to sacrifice damage, since damage output functions as a level cap on where you can use a weapon.


    The method of unlocking these new slots should be to actually use the item in question, completing challenges, getting kills etc. Absolutely no passive leveling should be allowed for this kind of Paragon-level advancement. If you want to make it really special:  Only one frame and one weapon for each slot is allowed to be Paragon. You can advance your favorite weapon to even crazier heights, but only your favoritest of favorites.

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  9. Huge shader memory optimization (DirectX 11 sees reductions up to 500MB!). This is intended to solve rampant out-of-memory errors for 32bit Windows, especially when entering large levels and relays. Memory reduction has also improved load times for all platforms.


    MARKED improvement in loading behavior. Game used to hitch several times even after getting into game as things loaded. Now it doesn't: load, spawn, smooth sailing right from the start.

  10. - good, too, that it is totally useless now (max range/efficiency  frost bubble does the same, just better and with less work)


    Sorry, but you're flat out wrong on this.


    Snow Globe has a limited amount of health, and the only way to make it a reliable defense in the late game is to re-cast it every 4 seconds so that it's always in absorb phase. This means that Frost basically cannot do anything other than cast snow globes. And he has to stay inside the one single globe he's maintaining, because it's "one sided" and multiple globes on the field make things worse rather than better.


    Electric Shield covers a smaller area but it is an absolute defense. It will block anything, at any level, until its timer is up. You cast it once and then you're free to engage the enemy while hiding behind your shield. Or shields. From either side. Increases damage (slightly) of all outbound attacks, and doubles the crit multiplier on crit based weapons. And the duration is quite long as well, so as long as you have a hallway or a corner, electric shield is tremendously energy-efficient to keep up.


    Shield is not obsolete. Not even remotely.

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  11. Devstream about parkour means I get to ask:


    Can we get more details about exactly what is going to change, if anything, with coptering? It's a controversial topic. Some people think it looks silly and breaks immersion, but to others it has become synonymous with Warframe in much the same way that skiing became synonymous with Tribes. Every time you guys hint at changing coptering, a sizable chunk of your community gasps in horror.

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  12. Boss creep

    I agree with the observation that bosses seem to be power-creeping in terms of their evilness.  This is a problem that a lot of games have.  DE should not be afraid to have bosses that are satisfying to kill due to an involving story rather than simply making the stakes enormous. It's ultimately better for the game's world if we have bosses that are not all "cosmic threats", but rather that we want to kill and feel good about killing because of things they've done to us personally or done to people we know.


    Prime mods

    Several of the prime mods released so far have been very disappointing. What makes a "good" primed mod is 1.) has practical applications i.e. actually has at least some usage scenarios where it is better than existing options and 2.) has to be good enough to justify the extraordinary cost in time/resources to rank it up. Most recently, primed slip magazine is a terrible primed mod because it fails both criteria. It doesn't really compete with Ice Storm while simultaneously being many times more expensive. Runner up for "particularly bad" is primed fast hands. These mods are bad primarily because the performance of their base variant is so bad.


    Mods that should never be primed...anything that's already rank 10 or that already has a maximum practical effect at its current rank (e.g. Handspring).  Personally I feel like nightmare, corrupted, and augment mods should all be excluded from consideration from prime as well since these are already their own "families" and have a lot of traction in people's builds already.



    Honestly the biggest problem I see with archwing right now is that it feels disconnected. It's like a whole other (kind of mediocre) game that's bolted on to the side. There's no sense of continuity. It would be a much superior thing if it were woven together with the regular infantry action by both gameplay and world building. Second biggest problem... the scale versus speed of combat is weird. It's trying to be a high-speed long-range jet fighter game, but with pixel-precise weapons that require careful aiming.



    The ultimate would be to let us use the in-game arsenal to make our character how we like with weapons and colors and cosmetics, then take a picture for the forum.


    But since that's really unlikely, vote for companion avatars? Sentinels and dogs, with a nice selection of variation (sentinels with wings/tails, kubrows with different color patterns)

  13. Weapons as crafting material:

    Don't have a problem with this conceptually, but, the weapons you create absolutely must be an upgrade. Consuming a Miter to make a Panthera was a bad deal, and it's really debatable whether the Aksomati measure up to the Akstilleto. Considering how much time it takes for most players to make these, and the fact that they have implicit costs in inventory space as well, weapons that build up into new weapons should have reliably have a sense of improvement or "second generation"-ness.  (logical extension: the best weapons to use as a base for this system are weapons that nobody uses because they don't perform well)


    Augment slots:

    I only use a couple of augments, because in order to justify being on my warframe build, the augment must be at least as good as something I might use instead, like Handspring or some Quick Thinking. Having a dedicated slot just for an augment means that augments would no longer be competing against anything except other augments. As time goes on and we get more and more augments, especially multiples for the same ability as is rumored to be the case, it's going to become more and more absurd that we have to give up so much to use even a single one.


    Super forma:

    I don't see the necessity. Sure using a whole bunch of forma on a weapon is somewhat time consuming, but everything worthwhile should or else there's no sense of accomplishment.

  14. For many veteran players, the most recent void trader offerings have not lived up to the promise of making it rewarding to turn in prime parts we don't need. It's nice to give everybody a fair chance at getting the primed mods they want, but, could we get the void trader to offer consumables like fusion cores, eximus specters, keys etc to make the mod repeats less disappointing for those who have already them?


    The new Grineer Maniac enemy is extremely frustrating sometimes, in that his unbreakable and very deadly slapping attack seems kind of randomly applied. Would you consider tweaking his behavior to make the attack better telegraphed/more avoidable?

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  15. To those who still think it's the same if you throw in ammo mutation, you're forgetting you're sacrificing damage for it.


    I took my Synoid into a T4 survival, and found that it was having real trouble at only enemy level 50ish staying fed with a regular ammo mutation. Constantly had to scoop every bit of ammo in sight.   I have a feeling that anybody who is arguing that it's fine the way it is now has invested an unholy amount of resources into primed pistol ammo mutation. .....  Which is silly since there are other weapons that can achieve similar damage output with a lot less cost.


    (They may also be using millisecond-pulse firing macros, which are NOT something that everybody has access to, and weapon performance should not be predicated on such.)

  16. You have a Primary and a Melee weapon.

    No one should rely ONLY on their Secondary


    Except there are secondaries that are efficient enough to be your "primary". Therefore, any that are not, are underpowered by comparison.  The painfully slow weapon switching is not conducive to a style of play where we transition between weapons a lot.

  17. "7.5x ammo is quite a bit. But it's definitely manageable."

    It isnt, not without ammo and scavenger mod


    ....And anybody who seriously considers bringing pistol ammo scavenger to high level gameplay in the void (which is where most of the high level games happen) doesn't understand that corrosive projection is not optional.

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