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  1. So when I do 60% of the damage, 40% of the kills, protect the pod and spam restores for the team I'm an A****** because I forgot to move? Buddy, you need to rethink your priorities if that's what you call AFKing.


    And how do you suggest that the game differentiate between a player that does that, and a bot that runs a script that reads "nuke; wait 10s; nuke; wait 10s; nuke; wait 10s; energy restore; repeat"

  2. So.. DE doesn't want us to play defense, mobile defense, interception... ?

    Most players on this missions stay in one place and shoot things....

    ... thats how those missions are designed...


    I just played 4 rounds of ODD as an Ember Prime, standing on the pod with WOF running and sniping the healers with my vectis.  Never marked as AFK.   Also did 3 rounds of T4 defense as a Frost, staying inside my globe 95% of the time while I shot at enemies.  Also never marked as AFK.  In fact I can't actually recall ever being marked as AFK. People's assertion that you get marked too easily while playing frames with relatively immobile roles is, as far as I'm concerned, complete nonsense. Every player gets multiple weapons to use and there are only a handful of warframe abilities that prevent you from moving at all. At this point I have a feeling that if somebody showed me a video where they got marked as AFK, I would see a video where they just stood around doing nothing and relying on their team to play for them.



    It's not, but we should be allowed to turn off the AFK feature when in private lobbies.  


    Again: this won't fly. The anti-afk/anti-bot system exists as a measure to prevent players from getting rewards while not actually playing. It doesn't matter if you personally are okay with your friends leeching off you, or vice versa.... DE isn't okay with it, and so that's why they put this system in place.

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  3. But these passive playstyles are not meant to be punished!


    The afk system should penalize just that, afk-ing and leeching. Not playing passively, this is not a bad thing


    Again: If all you are doing is standing in one place and using the same ability over and over for minutes at a time, you are a bot. Or, you are not doing anything functionally unique beyond what a bot would be doing, therefore, the game has no way of knowing that you are a real person.

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    "Hi speed nova here"
    >proceed using speed on enemies.
    I did nothing wrong, yet the system flagged me as afk.
    my only error was not shuffling every minute to appease the afk god.



    In that situation, there is no difference between an active player, and a bot that is scripted to send a "4" every 15 seconds.


    You need to take a more active role in the game. For real. This isn't an AFK problem, this is a being almost totally passive problem. :|

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  5. i shouldnt be punished for staying still and shooting things from inside my globe as frost



    Pretty sure that standing still, in itself, won't mark you as AFK. As long as you're engaging enemies with your weaponry (i.e. not using a warframe power on a macro), you should be "active".  If you're getting marked AFK even while shooting enemies, that sounds like a bug rather than intended mechanic.

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  6. It's also the weakest upgrade of the syndicate primaries by a good margin. :(  Nobody uses Penta when Tonkor does ten times more damage and doesn't have any possibility of hurting the user.

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  7. The physical damage mods from the events should have never been created in the first place. We already had a set of physical damage mods, but for some reason DE decided that it's a good idea to give us a second set instead of buffing the old one.

    When people say that DE wants to make money from players trading, it makes that sound like a straight ripoff.


    Primed Chamber is only useful on one weapon, but what should people do who really want to use that one weapon's full potential? Should they really be required to pay thousands of platinum for the mod?

    The weapon is impractical right now? They are planning a sniper buff which is quite likely to make it practical, so that's not much of an argument.


    The regular physical damage mods need to be buffed, sure, but that seems like a different topic.  The event-exclusive ones are better than the regular elemental damage mods available to everybody, by a slim margin, for some weapons. Not even remotely "required", which seems to be the basis of people's complaint. Giving players who have been around longest a special reward to reward their loyalty to the game is a good thing, so long as that reward is not blatantly OP as hell, and in this case it's not.


    And people are not required to buy primed chamber. Not even remotely.  The difference between charged chamber (140% damage) and primed chamber (200% damage) isn't going to help your vectis gameplay if you can't land the head shots, and if you CAN land the head shots, the gun does stupid amounts of damage to very high levels.


    I basically object to the fundamental premise being submitted, which is that event mods are necessary to do well. I don't think that's true. At all.

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  8. It's time to put these into the game, because not only is this absolutely ludicrous for a minor upgrade, but I think events should be a fun thing.  Not a, You are required to do this to be able to function at a higher level than most players.


    But...You aren't.   The IPS mods are barely worth using on only a handful of weapons, and Primed Chamber only works on a single weapon...and won't save that weapon from being quite impractical (if fun), and there is no melee weapon that fails to work if you don't have an event-related stance.  The only event-related thing I see as being very desirable but not available at all times in the game, is electrical/status mods. And those have come up several times on Baro Ki'Teer now.


    Fully ranked core mods and above all good grasp of gameplay mechanics is what you need for "end game".  Not event stuff.
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  9. Why i don't use Kubrows? Many reasons, let's start at the abilities and main differences between Kubrows and Sentinels:


    Protect? It can refill your shields, although it doesnt fill large shields to 100%, and it triggers almost immediately upon you taking damage, thus wasting it. It is also locked to the Raksa kubrow. The Sentinel equivalent, Guardian always refills any shield to 100% no matter capacity, and only triggers when they're drained, which means it's never wasted.


    Protect also has a 7 second cooldown, compared to 30 seconds on Guardian.

  10. I think you're missing the point. The only thing that would be homogenized is the vacuum EFFECT. Shade would still have invisible, Diriga would still electrocute etc etc. Carrier would need a new ability but each sentinel would still have their own niche. 


    When the tradeoffs are that bad there's no interesting decisions. Just means the other options are pretty garbage. We FINALLY get one that does something else and it gets nerfed. 


    I don't think I'm missing the point.  You want to take something that is unique and requires a tradeoff decision to gain access to (and which you obviously think is very powerful) and instead make it universal to every sentinel so you don't have to make a tradeoff decision anymore.  I think the real issue is that you're bored of Carrier but you can't convince yourself to choose something new over something familiar, especially not anything that may be merely "as good" when everything else in the game is power creeping.


    Secondly it's only your opinion that the tradeoff is bad. I'm really getting sick of this constant notion of "But we need it!" from the pro-carrier group.  Vacuum isn't required, it never has been, as amply and persistently demonstrated by people succeeding at the game without using Carrier.


    And third, Vulklok was adjusted because it was wildly, gratuitously, comically, abusively overpowered, but Diriga is the only sentinel to have 2 unique abilities beyond its attack precept and neither of those got changed.  The weapon got nerfed and is probably still being poked and prodded. Not the sentinel. If you don't like Diriga then go ahead and not like it, but bear in mind that sentinels and guns are interchangeable.

  11. So you use a Bow in a straight up gunfight casually? I think you'll find that 90% of Bow users use bows for Stealth


    I think you'd be closer to the truth to say that 90% of bow users put Speed Trigger or Vile Acceleration on their bows, to make the draw time less painful in gunfights.


    As long as you can see, draw, and aim quickly, bows are tremendously powerful weapons. Skill floor is a lot higher than something like Boltor Prime but you can hit insanely hard, innate punch through, ragdoll multi kills, no magazine changes ever... There is nothing mechanically that makes bows "stealth only".

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  12. you cant deny that adding inherent vaccum will improve the game a lot with almost no downsides


    Actually I can deny that quite easily.  Having Vacuum be on Carrier alone means that players have to choose between that, or some other functionality that other sentinels and companions bring. The fact that some of you feel like that's not a tradeoff that you can make doesn't change that fact that tradeoffs lead to interesting decisions, and interesting decisions are a big component of interesting gamplay.  Some of the other sentinels need their abilities tweaked up so that they are more appealing (Dethcube isn't very dethy, Shade is lazy and unreliable, Djinn is... well, it's Djinn, what more can you say), but that's not the same discussion as homogenizing all companions to reduce the significance of player choice.

  13. I'm not convinced this is really a problem.   Rakta Cernos has a non-stealthy AOE proc that goes off, but that only makes it bad for people trying to uberstealth the mission. Everybody else is laughing, because free viral procs. The Dread and Paris Prime do exactly what you want them to do, high damage bow suitable for stealth attacks.  How is it a bad thing to have different weapons that are better for different kinds of missions and different kinds of gameplay?

  14. This is what makes 99% of the players use Carrier.


    Carrier may be the single most popular, but 99% of players? No. Maybe a third.


    So i wondered, is that the reason? Are we Lazy?


    The answer is: yes. Maybe not lazy as people but lazy as space ninjas. The only thing Carrier does is pick up loot.  You can pick up loot without Carrier. It brings absolutely no unique and exclusive functionality, and because its functionality is not required, it cannot be anything other than a convenience.


    * You talk about playing with other people who move so quickly that you have no time to pick up loot... Have you considered that this might be a self-reinforcing behavior of bad team mates?  A good team mate will stop and wait for you if they get too far ahead. It's simply smart tactics to not split the party. It's only when you get people that are so self-absorbed and intent on completing (non-timed) objectives as fast as possible that they don't notice what other people are doing, i.e. bad team mates, that taking a few steps out of your way to pick up loot becomes a problem. And then once you adopt the tactics and mindset that nobody is ever going to wait for you, and get a sentinel to support this, you become the bad team mate and never wait for anybody.


    * You talk about "needing" Vaccum to pick up life support drops in Survival game mode..... there is absolutely no reason at all play at an enemy level that imposes the danger you describe. This is a problem of your own design, not something DE intended. If you don't like the instant-death mechanics, then don't play survival missions to instant-death level.

    * You talk about loot dropping out of bounds.  If a loot drop is legimately out of the playable area with no possible way to get at it, then it should be moved. This seems like something we should solve with level design, not something we should consider an enemy to be fought with Vacuum.

    * You don't need Vacuum to pick up syndicate medallions. They show up on loot radar, and there's a very limited number of places they can show up. They're easy to find once you learn the levels.

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  15. Then start whining about Vuklok's damage, not accuracy.


    Oh I wouldn't have touched the accuracy. I just would have turned the damage down to 20.


    But now here we are and the forums are melting down about how the gun is useless and woe and sorrow when, in reality, it's still the best sentinel weapon by quite a bit.

  16. Except that the sweeper is a shotgun.... ment for close range combat.


    Testing sentinel weapons outside their effective range?

    That wouldn't make much sense.


    You might have a point if the sweeper prime was actually more effective than the vulklok at short range.


    It's not.


    A quick search on Warframe Builder (granted it's a little out of date at the moment) shows a max Vulklok build that delivers over 8K damage per shot. Figure that once people update their builds they will be dropping an element and replacing with speed trigger, so figure 6K damage instead of 8K on Builder.  Basically you're dropping a level 60 enemy with every shot out to about 15 meters where it starts to miss. Sweeper Prime's most popular build shows 4.5K sustained DPS....With no punch through, less status, and a maximum hypothetical-DPS range of probably 5 meters.

  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uXcJKwMwt4


    Now I'm not that sure if I want to use it on consoles.


    Yeah, okay, now do that that same test with a laser rifle or a sweeper.  Pack a sandwich because it's going to take several minutes.


    I can't help but feel people are persistently missing the point.  "Sniper rifle" this, "sniper rifle" that.  It is a sniper rifle compared to every other sentinel weapon.  Stop comparing Vulklok to your Vectis, compare it to other sentinel weapons.  Your sentinel is not, and never was, intended to be able to kill as quickly, as precisely, or as distantly, as the player is.  Because if they did why would we need players.

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  18. You know what both Sweeper Prime and Prime Laser Rifle have over Vulklok? Saturation.


    This allows them to overcome lacking accuracy by sheer brute force


    I think you should put on a sweeper prime or a laser rifle prime, and see just how much damage they do outside of like 10 meters with their "saturation".

  19. I think you're all insane.


    After trying this against other sentinel weapons it is still clearly superior.  Doesn't have pinpoint flawless accuracy?  Then what the heck do you think happens with a Laser Rifle Prime or a Sweeper Prime? These weapons have absolutely pathetic effective range; laser rifle because it has some kind of built in auto-spray that forces it to miss against any target that's moving, and sweeper because it starts off with an accuracy of 4....


    Vulklok may not be able to nail every shot at 70 meters now, but if you think it's "inaccurate" and incapable of doing damage, then I have nothing to say but that your expectations are wildly incorrect.  Your sentinel is not intended to solo every mission up to level 30. It is supplemental damage.

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