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  1. yet another weapon that was complained about and nerfed


    Let's be honest here, the Synoid was overpowered.  It did need to be turned down. But not turned down to the point that it's only arguably better than the weapon it's supposedly an upgrade of.  At this point, giving Synoid the same 50 damage/5 per second profile as the standard Gammacor would be a buff.

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  2. I dont see people dropping 100 threads a day, stating that vipers need a buff - because it's still a decent secondary
    I actually quite like the single viper with the viper augment, but I use it for the look and feel, not the raw power. People don't complain about the viper because nobody expects it to be endgame material. It's a cheap weapon that anybody can get pretty easily. They do expect the syndicate weapons that cost 100K reputation points to be endgame.
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  3. Synoid Gammacor

    28 damage (base)

    *3.2 (base + Hornet Strike)

    *4.6 (base + four elementals at 0.9 each)

    *2.8 (base + barrel diffusion and lethal torrent)

    = 1,154.048 damage at a rate of

    15 rounds per second (base)

    *1.6 (base + lethal torrent)

    = 24 rounds per second


    Burst DPS: 27696.


    Magazine size divided by the rate of fire = time to empty (TTE), and TTE/(TTE + reload time) = continuous modifier (CM). In other words the portion of time that the gun is actually shooting instead of reloading; the multiplier to change burst into continuous dps.

    75 / 24 = 3.125;  3.125 (3.125 + 2) = 0.61

    Burst DPS 27696 * CM 0.61 =

    16,894.56 continuous DPS


    Synoid Gammacor used to do over 40K sustained DPS, but the massive increase to rate of fire has reduced ammo efficiency to the point that you must have ammo mutation and drop rate of fire if you want to use this gun for any length of time. Also drains its magazine seven times faster than it used to, whacking the CM, which used to be extremely forgiving.


    But what was that nonsense about the Gammacor?  Because it's so much more ammo efficient, we can afford to afford to replace that Ammo Mutation with Gunslinger, increasing its rate of fire dramatically and still not making the ammo usage completely impossible to manage. Observe...


    50 damage (base)

    *3.2 (base + Hornet Strike)

    *4.6 (base + four elementals at 0.9 each)

    *2.8 (base + barrel diffusion and lethal torrent)

    = 2,060.8 damage at a rate of

    5 rounds per second (base)

    *2.32 (base + lethal torrent + gunslinger)

    = 11.6  rounds per second


    Burst DPS: 23905.28


    mag/ROF = TTE; TTE/(TTE+reload) = continuous modifier

    50 / 11.6 = 4.31;  4.31 / (4.31 + 2) = CM 0.68

    Burst DPS 23905 * CM 0.68 =

    16,255 continuous DPS



    So the Synoid Gammacor now does a whopping 3.6% more sustained DPS than the Gammacor in "real world" (game) terms. Synoid must use ammo mutation to be practical, while Gammacor gets almost twice as much oomph out of each ammo and even WITH Gunslinger still doesn't touch the base fire rate of the ammo-hungry Synoid. .  The Synoid flavor does have Entropy built in, so there's AOE damage (which is pathetic magnetic type and useless against everything but shielding) and a little bit of free energy (no longer scales to your max energy capacity).  So there's that, I guess.




    Did Suda players ever think they would be looking with envy at the Rakta Ballistica?

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  4. AFK System

    There are a few cases that still need to be addressed (like, if you are dead for 2+ mins at the end of an alert, the alert is marked as finished even though you didn't get anything) but for the most part I think a 2 minute timer before you are considered AFK is perfectly reasonable. Though it should consider other forms of input than just movement.  If a player is relatively stationary but aiming at and killing enemies with accurate ranged fire, especially near a mission objective, then they're not AFK.  Energy income and reward drops should both be blocked; the first to preempt macro activities, and the second to preempt leeches who just want free stuff.


    I'm sure there are a few circumstances under which a player might be punished by such a system unfairly, but it difficult to imagine that it is a larger group than those rightfully punished.





    Frost does one thing really really well, making him an effective (in some mission types) but boring frame to play. He needs more flexibility and utility in his powers to be a good frame.


    My ideal Frost overhaul is still:

    1.) Freeze: AOE explosion on impact. The primary target is Frozen, and enemies within a few meters receive standard Cold proc.  Primary target is broken free from the ice if they take more than 1/4 of their health in damage, but receive a fresh Cold proc when this happens.


    2.) Ice Wave: Damage reduced to 100. AOE as a fan, rather than a column.  Pushes away and ragdolls enemies while inflicting a Cold proc. (basically Sonic Boom with added Cold for twice the cost).  Augment mod unchanged.


    3.) Snow Globe: Nothing needed to base ability.  Augment: Frozen Wastes. Ability range and duration are increased by 50%, covers the ground with ice and snow, but there is no globe to block enemy fire. Only a large and persistent "slow zone".


    4.) Avalanche. Boring nuke with poor damage and no utility.  Replace with "Blizzard":  50 energy to cast, then a sustain per second to keep it going.  A circular zone centered around Frost and attached to the player so that it can move with them.  Enemies inside of the Blizzard zone have reduced range (i.e. they have difficulty shooting the players unless they are close by, due to white-out conditions), and take increased damage from Cold based attacks.  Augment mod: Driving Snow. Adds a chance that affected enemies will be randomly knocked down or cold procced.




    Capture the Cephalon

    Not a PVP gamer. Pass.



    Sniper rifles

    The current problem with sniper rifles is that they are not consistent.  Critical hits are devastating, and frequent, but not guaranteed. When you line up a shot and everything checks out from a player skill end, but RNG randomly decides to roll a non-crit and the target survives, it's tremendously frustrating.  The change: Sniper rifles should always automatically crit on head shots, or target's nearest analog. Very high "bang per buck" solution, allowing players to achieve consistent deadly results with skillful use of the weapon. (some way to opt out of high zoom factor scopes would also be nice.)

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  5. Very highly unlikely. The typical strategy of DE when it comes to updates, is that the PC platform gets it first. The consoles get it some time later because the companies that own and control the consoles do not allow the same kind of on-the-fly patching frenzy that the PC allows, and demand that a higher standard of stability and reliability be met. This means DE uses the PC as the beta test, and the consoles get an update after it's been patched up based on what the PC players find.

  6. Market

    I don't see the unregulated market as a bad thing. It simply means that it becomes the buyer's responsibility to know what they are buying, instead of relying on a bank or a government to police the system on their behalf. The extent of DE's involvement in market prices, if they get involved at all, should be to report rather than proscribe. It doesn't even really fit the theme of the game to do more, since the only authority the Tenno recognize is Lotus and she is very hands-off.


    A persistent auction house would destroy prices by making the process of market saturation exponentially faster. You would end up with a situation where every primed weapon and warframe could be bought for peanuts, trivializing both player's individual growth and your own market. Games with active and successful auction houses typically have dynamically generated gear with class or level restrctions, meaning that there is a dizzying number of possibilities for who wants what, and when...and also a much smaller chance that loot you get is relevant to you. They also tend to have super-rare items or items which are both hard to get and consumable so supply is constantly being used up. In Warframe, there are no restrictions on equipment and no rare consumables, meaning the supply of goods to sell is absolutely massive and people only need to buy once.


    Syndicate allies

    Useful most of the time.  If we had a feature where we could "interact" on them to toggle between follow/no follow, then it would be great.



    Silly things

    I don't like silly things, but I don't begrudge other people having them so long as it doesn't interfere with my own gameplay experience.




    IMO Volt is a mostly excellent frame. Shock, Speed, and Shield all have significant benefits and let this frame do a lot of things. However: Overload needs help. The reliance on destroying environment objects to work properly makes the result of using Overload wildly variable, and strictly one-use-per-tile.



    Ally energy bars

    Yes please. Extremely useful for Trinity, and moderately useful to get a better sense of what other people are doing. ("They have 2hp...how big a battery do they have for quick thinking and should I be worried about them?"   "This player isn't doing the thing that seems obvious to do in our situation, are they out of energy?")




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  7. Cores

    Mostly a positive change.  I can't help but think that in an ideal world, fusion energy should come from time played instead of a mission drop, because unless you add cores to EVERY mission, there will always be a biased preference for where to go.


    Friendly Fire

    No. Absolutely not. Warframe as a game is too fast and too hectic, with too much collateral damage and too much AOE for this to ever work in current or conceivable game modes.



    Improved, but I still feel like his Shadows of the Dead needs work. It takes a long time to cast and is very clunky in use due to the way you cant' recast it while active or control your minions. Nekros as a warframe is very fragile, and I feel like conceptually I should be hiding behind my Shadows army most of the time.


    Started a thread for this...




    Very short reach and not much impact. If daggers were more adept at single-target stunlock, and/or stacked combo multipliers faster and higher than other weapons, they would have more of an identity.


    Rakta Ballistica

    Mentioned this several times.... The Ballisticas as a whole really can't be used without charging them, due to absolutely horrific ammo efficiency and constant reloading. And other weapons do equal or better damage compared to the charged shot while being easier to use.

    Recommendations:   (1)  Ballisticas only use up 1 round of ammo from their magazine to shoot an uncharged spray of 4 bolts. This allows the "DPS mode" of these weapons to actually be used in a practical manner.  Many other pistols already do equal or better damage, without the weird horizontal pull, so I'm not seeing a big balance problem here.  (2) Rakta Ballistica in specific should have a base crit chance of 40% for its charged shot only.  This allows it to score reliable crits while precision shooting, and compete with the likes of Akmagnus.



    They sound like good changes but I don't play PVP at all, here or anywhere else, and it is difficult to imagine a scenario where the conclave changes would appeal to me enough to change that.

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  8. These seem like good changes.


    Though I still want to be able to re-cast SOTD to teleport my minions to where they are needed, and fill any empty holes in my max quota of shadows.  One is tempted to buid SOTD for long duration and power strength to make the best army possible with the souls we collect.... but then you constantly end up in situations where all your shadows are hiding behind cover in the other room when you need them here, now, between you and the bad guys.

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  9. So far it's looking like the switch has worked for most people.


    If you want to check if you're connected to the new server go to the Options Screen, under the Gameplay tab, at the bottom: click Analyze Network. If it says All Systems Nominal you're fine.


  10. Players constantly complain about almost every weapon being underpowered in some way. DE tries to respond but this leads to a kind of chaotic "balance by democracy" instead of a more procedural approach. Part of the problem is that we the players don't have a good sense of how powerful weapons are SUPPOSED to be because Warframe lacks a typical level system, which means players tend to look at new weapons as underperforming if they aren't at least as good as everything we already have...  all more-than-a-hundred of them.


    If DE has a systematic approach to balance that answers questions like whether syndicate weapons, prime weapons, or rare "ego" weapons are supposed to be the best, or whether new weapons are supposed to be upgrades of older ones, or whether mastery rank or build costs are supposed to imply power, could you share the plan with us?  If no such plan exists.... should one be made?

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  11. Mobility

    I don't feel like any major changes need to be changed. While coptering and sliding and lunging off walls may not make much as far as physics, they are so effective at enhancing the game that they have contributed to its identity. Aerial melee was a welcome addition for even more options.


    More my concern with mobility in the game is that in most missions you really don't have any reason to fight or loot along the way, which leads to experienced players with strong/evasive frames that can dash through the entire map without engaging while less experienced players or more fragile frames are forced to a snail's pace because they are effectively solo'ing after  they get left behind.  Mobility is nice, but ideally there needs to be a.) better training regime to get newbies up to speed (pun intended)  and b.) some kind of incentive for the team to stick together.



    No objections to having to pick things up.


    Health orbs are in a sad place. Currently the only time they become relevant is if you have a Nekros or Oberon spamming their powers to force health orbs to drop everywhere.  They need to drop off of enemies as a relatively common thing like they do in archwing missions. Plus they either need to give a scaled amount of health based on how big your health pool is, or possibly more interesting, they could give a small amount of health then start a regeneration mode that continues as long as you do not take any further health damage.


    The only thing I would change about ammo pickups is to make ammo restore pads cough up boxes of ammo instead of magically refilling your reserve. This lets ammo restore pads be useful without standing directly on top of them, prevents wastage when you get full, and allows ammo mutation to work properly with them.


    It might be nice to see some weapons gain some degree of a passive ability that function like Ammo Scavenger, increasing the amount of ammo regained per pickup. This would allow them to be rapid-fire without actually sacrificing ammo economy, two things which currently are opposite ends of a sliding scale. Flexibility in design is good.


    Damage and scaling

    As the game stands now, we NEED raw damage mods in order for our weapons to be relevant past very low levels.  I am open to the idea of removing these mods to increase variety since they are so universally required that they edge out anything that is a non-damage mod. Opening up slots to specialize how our weapons behave on "soft stats" instead of being forced to spend every point on damage would be a good thing.  However, you must then provide some kind of way to match our firepower to the enemy at hand or normalize and hard cap enemy scaling at some not-insane level.


    Grabbing and grappling

    As an additional mechanic on top of all the other options we already have, I think it's unnecessary. However...If you added a new "unarmed" style of combat that specialized in things like this...


    Abilities and energy 2.0

    I don't find frames that rely on AOE nukes to be particularly interesting. I find Sonar and Molecular Prime to be more interesting than Radial Javelin or Miasma.  But I do tend to focus on only 1 or 2 of a frame's abilities, because most of them do not offer level-agnostic utility. And once I have specialized my mod loadout to amplify the things a frame is really good at....well, the others tend to not work well.


    Will take a look at the linked threadnaught...

  12. 1)    Cycle in 1 x TIV Key for 15K Standing. Mission type will follow existing assignment.

    2)    Cycle in 3 x Random Void Keys, 1 x guaranteed T3 or T4 for 25K Standing. Sabotage Keys will included in the Random option.


    Option 1 ends the "perpetual motion" for non-endless key types, but if you can get together 4 people in the same syndicate, defense and survival (i.e. what everybody actually grinds) is still perpetual.  Too expensive to be a realistic option for access to non-endless missions, and no change whatsoever for dedicated farming teams in endless missions.


    And option 2 is ridiculous.  8333 reputation for a random key? No thanks.  I have literally over a thousand random keys. You're better off just playing and getting random keys the ordinary way.


    Both bad, and the worse of the two is winning by a landslide.  GG community.  :(

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  13. Warframe passives

    In favor. There is little actual difference in play style between warframes except for their powers, because health and shields quickly become irrelevant and the only frame that has enough armor to affect gameplay is Valkyr.  Passives are a good way to add character. Though I would vastly prefer "always on", proactive features over things that require special gymnastics or only have a chance of triggering. For example, in the link thread, somebody talks about Frost having increased power strength when his shields fail...  Do not want. It is far better to not have our shields fail in the first place, and having to deliberate put ourselves at a vulnerable position to get a minor, fleeting benefit... feels like a consolation prize more than a character feature. Continuing the example, Frost might get increased damage against any target that is suffering from Cold, or perhaps he should have a built in sort of Coolant Leak that slightly slows down enemies that get close to him.


    Syndicate explosions

    At low levels, the explosions are completely overpowered and ridiculous while at high levels they quickly become useful only for their status procs. Should probably consider just getting rid of the damage aspect completely and let the procs + restore be the main attraction.  I would be okay with being able to hold the charge until needed, if that were the case. Though I'm not sure where would be a convenient place to bind that....


    Combo cancelling

    Not a fan of melee combos in their entirety. Pass. :|


    Tactical alerts

    The thing that bugs me about tactical alerts is the goofy way conclave rating works.  Already wrote a thread about this. I like the idea of having to go into a mission with a low "signature" and having to make hard loadout decisions, but currently that just means stripping down to to your single favorite weapon with lots of uber mods on it.  Low tech weapons need to have a lower cost than high tech ones. Also, what about encouraging people to use factional weaponry as a way to make the challenge more interesting? So if it's a Corpus tactical alert, bringing an actual Corpus-based weapon is better (less obvious to enemy sensors) than a Primed whatever.  Could also extend to adjusting the "cost" of specific mods in relation to specific alerts.


    Faster/More Enemy Waves

    Mmm.  I feel like survival works pretty okay after the first couple minutes, though, those first couple minutes do feel a little slow.


    The D Polarity

    ...Is useless on weapons. Actually, worse than useless, because a blank slot is better. The mod selection selection is almost non-existent and the ones we have aren't even very attractive.  I don't think I have EVER polarized a weapon with 'D', and when I polarize a weapon that comes with it, the 'D' is usually the first thing to get wiped.  This is contrary to warframes, where a lot of my favorite mods are 'D'.   Vee and dash are well represented and always nice to have.



    The idea is very good. Force people to change up their tactics and react to what the enemy is actually doing instead of just bulldozing through on auto pilot.  The problem...   At higher levels, the only thing keeping you alive is various sorts of crowd control and getting rid of the Nullifier is a nuisance. It might be good to try making the Nullifier a lot tougher personally, but make the shield itself not block gunfire.  Either way: The maximum quantity of Nullifiers on the map needs to be harshly limited. They get massively irritating when they stack up into a blob

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  14. i'm probably gonna rank up to 5 tomorrow, i simply wanna know if i'll have an extra or not


    Yes. You'll get your choice of a free thing excluding weapons.


    The way you wrote your post seemed like you thought there was a time limit; there isn't. The way it's working right now (well; at least for PC) is the way it's meant to be.

  15. The Dailies for each syndicate aren't counted towards the cappable Rep. I know because I maxed my rep for the day and still could get it off of the dailies.


    That's not what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about this, which is potentially a real problem if we're dealing with tens of thousands of rep in one transaction.




    so... if i rank up to 5 in the next days... i can choose a reward BUT NOT the weapon? right?


    Not "the next days", this is the way it's supposed to be working from here on out.

  16. A bit confused about this. So instead of retroactively letting us picking a reward for each tier gained we get a medallion worth syndicate standings?


    ...  Which you can cash in and spend the rep to get the items you WOULD have gotten, if the system was implemented at that time.


    When you rank up now, you get to pick a free item from the tier, which is effectively free reputation that you didn't have to work for. The complementary medallions do the same thing: give you free reputation that you didn't have to work for. Though it's even better because your retroactive gift rep isn't tier-limited, so you can put it toward anything you want.

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