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  1. I have a couple ideas that I think would make frost just that much better. One thing I dislike about the globes is the particle effects inside tend to obscure everyone's vision who's inside the globe. Having to choose a darker energy color just so we can see really kind of sucks. I think it would be better if instead of there being a "blizzard" inside the globe, have a mild snowfall effect inside, so it's easy enough to tell that you're inside, but so that it doesn't distract or obscure too much. Also, when things get crazy, it's sometimes difficult to notice that the globe has disappeared, which can be a big deal in higher tier missions. What would be really neat is if the globe "popped" when it died. Have it shatter and maybe doing a last second push/knockdown to enemies inside/near the globe, giving frost a little more time to cast another globe before everyone gets murdered, plus it would be quite obvious that the globe has gone down. I know you guys just did a rework of frost, but I just had these ideas and thought they were too good not to post.


    Interesting points.


    Instead of snow fall (which is still distracting), I'd suggest a ground fog type effect inside the globe. That way it's down near the floor and not in the line of fire.


  2. grind




    If thats the case, instead of contributing to a design where we have meta-sploitive abilities that make the game boring and repetitive and robotic, standing in one place and doing the same thing over and over because it's the most efficient strategy to grind, wouldn't it make more sense to address the basic problem? The problem where players feel like their play time is not properly rewarding?


    Like, what do players actually grind for? Keys, cores, rare materials. All of which we could address in other ways, offering new avenues of availability.



    And even if you aint doing it just for the loot p hydroid is fun because of how it back feeds energy with the orb drops for you to keep using that awesome tentacle power to your heart's content.


    An attack power that feeds itself so you never have to care about how much it costs to use also doesn't strike me as a good design.

  3. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/502088-hydroid-quality-of-life-adjustments/?p=5635620:


    Please do not proceed with this change. It will be a straight out nerf to hydroid. Due to how it's damage formula makes the magnetic dmg increase far much more in response to power strength than it normally does for other powers, Hydroid's tentacle swarm synergizes extremely well with ultra high power strength. Thus the fact that pillfering swarm is benefited by power strength is very convenient since it makes we get almost 3x as much as boost to drop rates as we would get if those changes are to be made.


    Currently pillfering is the only thing that makes hydroid fun and worthwhile, if this nerf is to take place he will end up returning to the obscurity which he was in before the mod existed.



    And that is why it's being changed.  Hydroid is now the poster boy for meta-exploitative drop farming which is the death of entertaining game design as opposed to efficient. If the frame is lacking in other ways that makes people think this is the only thing he's useful for, then his other abilities need to be tuned up to be more awesome.

  4. Steam isn't accurate at all, btw. It really seems like they slipped a 0, making it 3500 instead of a far more realistic 350. It isn't particularly hard to get anymore though, just a few long rounds or Cerberus.


    Steam counts time spent idling in the menus because all it knows is that the game is running.  The in-game time does not count UI idling, only mission activity.

  5. one cannot compare a clan research weapon to a prime weapon. if boltor prime was worse than supra it wouldnt make any sense and would need to be corrected. now if they made prisma supra or supra vandal you can bet it will out class boltor prime in raw damage.


    Boltor Prime:

    - No mastery rank requirement

    - Tradable

    - Moderate build requirements



    - Mastery rank 7

    - Not tradable

    - High build requirements


    Clearly Supra can be negotiated to be a superior or at least comparable weapon even though it's not "prime" based on these facts.  Plus not every prime is actually a strong weapon that is best in class. How many people do you see using Sicarus Prime, for example?

  6. I happen to like the Vectis Prime. Put a Magazine Warp mod on there and it becomes a 3 shot rifle with the same sub-1-second reload time. Charged Chamber is simply not necessary on the VP since the gun has a large built in base damage bonus, so having multiple shots per reload is just better than having one. The only people who should be flipping out about Vectis Prime are the hundred lucky (or rich) souls who have Primed Chamber, which is an entirely different animal.


    If you want the single shot experience, use the mod.  But don't change the gun for everybody.  Some of us are happy to adjust.


    Also the illustrated behavior of Depleted Reload is clearly a bug and will be fixed.

  7. Supra has around 50%, with 5% base +20% Entropy bonus, all dualstats and multishot.


    Alright, I was wrong. I thought the fix for status chance display being affected by multi shot went in but clearly not. Entropy Burst still bugged and not actually modifying base status chance like it says it does.

  8. Status is terrible, Suda bandaid always was additive bonus on top of base status, but every other mod still scales off base 5% status (used to be 2.5%)


    You haven't used Supra recently, and your opinions on it should be disregarded.


    The augment mod for Supra was changed so that it was +20% to base status chance, i.e. event mods affect it. As somebody mentioned earlier you can easily push Supra over 50% status chance which makes it an absolute beast for handing out procs.


    Also the projectile flight speed was buffed, and is now "standard" for corpus laser bolts.

  9. Boltor Prime

    55 damage

    10 rounds per second

    60 rounds per magazine

    2.4 second reload

    = 3300 base damage per magazine, time to empty 6 seconds, total duty cycle 8.4 seconds,  sustained DPS 392



    45 damage

    12.5 rounds per second

    180 rounds per magazine

    3 second reload

    = 8100 base damage per magazine, time to empty 14.4 seconds, total duty cycle 17.4 seconds, sustained DPS 466



    *drops mic*

  10. When Mesa enters your squad, you go from playing the game to watching somebody else play the game. hold down their mouse button.

    Fixed that for ya.


    Also, Nekros is a totally different problem. He has one ability that a majority of people use, but his using that ability does NOT prevent everybody else from being able to play the game.  If a Nekros is spamming 3, you have a bunch of extra ammo and energy while you pew pew and chop on the enemies as usual.  If a Mesa is in AFK mode, you don't play, everything is dead as soon as it spawns. Nekros makes there be more loot. Mesa makes there not be a game anymore.

  11. Wait, wait, back up. Now that I look and read closer...


    Wyrm Prime had 100 shield, 200 health, 50 armor.

    Carrier Prime has 100 shield, 400 health, 150 armor.


    Several people were sad because Wyrm Prime was nowhere near as survivable as Carrier Prime. I ran the numbers and, with fully maxed out sentinel mods, CarryPrime had 3 times more effective HP than WyrmPrime.


    So Wyrm got changed to 300 shield, 100 health, 150 armor.  This is triple what any other sentinel has, and pushes Wyrm Prime's final shield strength up into a kubrow-like 1125.


    I wonder if the half health was deliberate to offset his now quite significant shields, or just a mix-up... interesting, interesting...

  12. * More damage: 35 -> 45

    * Faster projectiles: Softball speed -> Corpus standard speed

    * Reload time: Epitome of all evil 4s -> Somewhat slow 3s

    * Magazine size: inadequate 90 rounds -> moar dakka!! 180 rounds

    * Reserve ammo:  standard 540 rounds -> moar dakka!! 1080 rounds



    Supra changes made made it a viable high-end light machine gun. Less DPS than community darlings like Soma Prime, but with the syndicate augment it has extreme status output.


    Accuracy is okay. Not great, but fine for the kind of weapon it is. Take off your heavy caliber if you can't handle the spray. This isn't a gun that gets to use HC "for free" like Boltor Prime.


    Recoil....  why are people complaining about the recoil. Minor and easily controllable. Any amount of imprecision you might have from the recoil is disguised by the inherent cone of spray.

  13. a.) Errata

    Not indicated:

    * Frost armor was buffed from 190 to 300. Considering he is a "tank" frame with high shield and health strength, and that he has an ability that directly uses armor value, this is a welcome change.


    * Base movement speed increased from 0.9 to 0.95.  Being that he was literally the slowest frame in the game, this is also a very welcome change.




    b.) Passive ability

    Frost now has a passive ability: enemies who melee attack Frost have a chance to be frozen on impact.


    Hate it.

    - has a chance to function, and it's not a terribly high chance either.

    - Frost is not a melee frame, he doesn't have the damage mitigation or self-healing to voluntarily go toe to toe with everything.


    Would prefer instead: Frost's cold procs are more powerful.  Instead of -50% speed for 6 seconds,  inflicts -66% speed for 8 seconds.  This is thematic to his frame, dovetails with his actual combat capabilities, and it always works so players can rely on it.



    1.) Freeze

    * Freeze now does 100% cold proc in an AoE around target hit.

    * Freeze now creates a patch of cold that slows any enemies that enter the area when used on terrain.


    I wonder why this was split into two different things?  Wouldn't it be more intuitive and consistent to use if it always created a slow-zone that afflicted enemies with cold procs, instead of this strange behavior?


    Not indicated in update notes, is the fact that breaking an enemy out of frozen status now requires a percentage of their HP (seems to be 1/2 their remaining health at time of casting), rather than a meaninglessly low amount of fixed damage dealt. This is a very good and much requested change. I'm not sure if this came in the U17 rework or some time previous since Freeze hasn't been worth using.


    Final thought: It seems strange that we can't use Finisher attacks against enemies who are frozen.




    2.) Ice Wave

    * Ice Wave now flairs out as a cone as opposed to a straight line.


    Useful but would still prefer if Ice Wave pushed away and knocked down enemies which would be a far more useful form of mass crowd control than cold procs alone.  Generally speaking if you're being hard pressed and you're close enough to Ice Wave, you should just use Snow Globe instead; pushes enemies away and gives you 4 seconds of near invulnerability.  Think of Banshee's Sonic Boom, but with cold procs (for twice the energy cost).




    3.) Snow globe

    * Snow Globe will Freeze and push out all enemies that are within radius upon cast.

    * Snow Globe no longer has a Duration Timer.

    * Players can now have a maximum of max of 4 Snow Globes.
    * Recasting Snow Globe at 4 will destroy the oldest globe.



    1.)  Abandoned snow globes end up littering the map, disrupting spawns, even offering enemies protection. Easy solution: Snow globes have a duration based aspect, however any snow globe that Frost is actually standing inside of has its timer paused. This gives the benefit of endless globes from a mod/build perspective but doesn't leave them laying around everywhere.


    2.) UI indicated health is for newest snow globe. Should be nearest.




    4.) Avalanche

    * Avalanche will now freeze for X seconds if they survive the initial damage. 
    * Survivors have their armour debuffed while frozen. 
    * Targets that die while frozen will explode and deal radial damage + cold proc.


    Base duration is 8 seconds, for the curious.


    Vast improvement in the CC aspect. Now has some kind of point to casting it once the damage stops working.  Kind of "Stomp Lite" (much shorter range though)


    Armor debuff is not useful. Because of the non-linear diminishing returns way that armor works, enemies who have enough armor that you would actually care about debuffing it are not actually going to take 60% more damage while frozen because the remaining 40% is mathematically "worth more" from a damage reduction standpoint.  Either change the math so that it reduces their damage reduction by 60% (not their armor value), or, just have it remove their armor entirely. Consider that pro teams already run with corrosive projection, so really this only benefits solo or casual Frost.


    Targets cause radial damage on death also not useful. The point at which enemies stop dying to the 1500 initial damage is also about the point at which the 400 damage death explosion stops being relevant to their HP values. Suggest that, instead, enemies killed while frozen will leave a patch of ice similar to that left by Freeze with similar mechanics and duration.


  14. Well.


    First of all, I'm not really in favor of the changes to fall off. If anything, shotguns need more punishing falloff, not less.  Why? Because shotguns should be absolutely decisive at short range.  That is the definition of a shotgun and the tactical role it fills. You bring a shotgun because you want to easily win every short range engagement while sacrificing long range potential.  Shotguns should absolutely demolish assault rifles at short range, while being in turn totally out classed at long range. With the changes to make falloff less punishing, that isn't really the case. Now the high-damage shotguns do tens of thousands of damage out to a surprisingly good distance, intruding into the role of assault rifles that are far less ammo efficient and bursty.  You need to see silly-high enemy levels before the new high-damage shotguns stop being useful mid to long range weapons, and that's just not right.





    * Drakgoon is fair. The rated damage is for fully charged shots, and if you're doing fully charged shots then it's a slow shotgun to use.


    * Hek is fair. Less damage than the Drakgoon, but also no charge time or need to lead targets. Plus it has an insane augment that increases its damage a whole bunch.


    * Tigris damage is too high. Why does this thing do as much damage as an Opticor? And no matter how much damage you give it, it's still painful to use because you'll spend 90% of your time reloading. This should be more in the neighborhood of 600 damage, and bring the reload time down to 1.2 seconds to compensate.


    * Strun Wraith. No no no no.  Huge fail. You killed the Strun Wraith. It is dead.. The defining feature of the Wraith was the fact that it had a reasonable magazine size with a good reload speed. It was quick and flexible and fluid. Now it's slow, painful, and clumsy!  Now it has the handling of a pump action shotgun and modern "shoot one, load one" tactical doctrine, but it doesn't have the actual damage to back up such a play style so it is totally outclassed by everything else. It still has strong status performance, but status is irrelevant when the enemy is dead, which other shotguns doing 2 to 5 times more damage with better handling will accomplish faster. No.  Either restore it previous fast-reloading magazine and leave it near the bottom of the barrel for damage, or, increase its damage to the level of the Drakgoon and Hek because its practical rate of fire with current mechanics is about 1 shot per second.


    * Boar Prime. Not, in fact, buffed. DPS went up by 20%, but status chance went down by 25%, and the fact that this could practically reach 100% status chance to erode armor and control crowds is what made it a viable endgame weapon.   Magazine size went up, but because you'd be silly to shoot this weapon empty all the time, actual handling went down because tactical reloads on a partial magazine went up by half a second for no benefit. Not dead like the poor Strun Wraith, but not actually improved either.  Put the reload time back to 2.3 seconds, put the status chance back to 40%.  There is no need to punish the Boar Prime with "balance" when the Kohm utterly destroys it as an automatic shotgun and everything else destroys it on a shot per shot basis.


    * Sobek. Damage now solid, but the 4 second reload time hasn't gotten any less painful.  Vulkar had a 4 second reload and it got improved when people complained. Supra had a 4 second reload and it got improved when people complained. 4 seconds of reload is just too long for Warframe's pacing.  Reduce to 3 seconds, and take off a little damage per shot if it makes you feel better.


    * Kohm. No complaints. It didn't actually need any damage buffs because it was leading the pack by a huge margin. Still an absolutely devastating weapon balanced by its poor ammo economy.

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