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  1. I wish that DE would add a feature where we can sell a clan using the in-game (enforceable) trade interface. Right now if you want to leave your clan and leave it to somebody else, you are forced to either give it away for free or trust the other person to not be a jerk...  because there is nothing you can do to them if they renege on the whole "paying you" part. Or if you demand payment first, they have to trust you to supply the keys to the dojo after the money has traded hands with no option for legal remedy.

  2. It's my opinion that we should have a feature where we can hold down a key to quick-draw our secondary weapon and shoot/aim/reload it while this key is held, with the weapon being holstered when we release the key. This feature would be limited to "light" secondaries i.e. only single pistols and thrown sharp things (dual pistols and uber-pistols like the Marelok and Stug would be promoted to Primary type weapons).    With the current mechanics and the painful transition time between weapons, you don't really have a secondary weapon, you have two main weapons that use different ammo types.

  3. No really.  Ammo drum costs 7 points and will increase your reserve ammo pool by 30%.   Ammo Mutation also costs 7 points and increases your entire ammo income by about 100%.   Will doubling the amount of ammunition you can pick up let you shoot more, or less, than 30% more ammo carried?  I'm thinking the answer is "lots more", making Ammo Drum completely pointless, but what do you all think.

  4. Hitscan semi-autos with large mags.

    Short answer would probably be a Latron variant.


    You want to pop as many heads as possible during the stun when they're standing still.



    In my experience this doesn't work as well as you make it sound, because most enemies will either reel in pain or clutch their face, which makes head shots a lot more difficult.


    I will second the notion of bows  (massive damage, silent) or uber multi-hitting melee weapons like Orthos Prime.

  5. I'm having a harder and harder time these days justifying the use of any frame that doesn't offer crowd control features.  This is all my opinion.  You may feel free to offer your reasoned rebuttals, but at this point I have well over a thousand hours invested in the game and I will laugh in your face if you claim I am not properly experienced.


    It goes like this:  Almost all attack abilities are pointless for high level missions because they don't scale. The ones that do damage significant enough to rely on to the end of the solar system (like Miasma) are ultimate abilities, and pressing 4 to clear each room in turn is boring. The ones that do scale well (like Antimatter Drop) are in the minority and generally leave you vulnerable while you employ them.


    Which is a problem because defenses don't scale worth a damn.


    Your shield strength basically stops even being a factor around level 30 for anything except Exterminate missions because enemies do too much damage and come from too many angles for your slow-&#! delay and recharge speed to keep up.  (Exterminate is an exception because you can choose the pacing of the mission, and safely wait for your shields between engagements).  As far as shields go, either you are playing low level missions and are functionally a demigod where it takes an entire army of enemies to bash through them, or you play high level missions and you can absorb about a second of enemy fire every twenty seconds when your sentinel's Guardian comes off cooldown. If you want real staying power, the things that matter are abilities which are absolute in their ability to protect you (Snow Globe, Electric Shield), or make you outright invulnerable (Hysteria). Invulnerability is boring, but it's no coincidence that Volt and Frost rank high on my list of favorites.


    Then we come to crowd control, which to me is the real heart and soul of high level gameplay. Personal defenses swiftly become paper thin, and attack abilities are mostly irrelevant, but crowd control always works because it acts on the enemy's AI which doesn't change a jot at any level.  Enemies who are suffering from chained knockdowns, Chaos, Blindness, etc, can't hurt you and are simply fish in a barrel for you to poke at.


    Which makes me not even want to really invest (neither forma nor emotional attachment) in frames that can't bring serious crowd control to the table, because I feel like they have a fairly nasty performance ceiling.



  6. Well.... the other ways to get eggs that do stack them is plat or "alerts", either way both are "legit" ways to obtain them so..... your move!


    If you're buying them with plat, then you don't care if they stack or not.  When you DO care is when you are forced to leave a rare consumable drop behind in a mission because the game has decided that you aren't allowed to have more than one of them.

  7. First of all, for those who has it. What do you think about the weapon?

    Also how about hollow point? Is the trade-off worth it?


    Akmagnus is a very reliable sidearm that does high damage, with high accuracy, high crit chance, high status chance...   Really the only weakness is the long reload comparative to how fast you can rattle off your rounds.


    Personally I would suggest dumping the Ice Storm for Quickdraw for ease of use.  You lose a little bit of hypothetical damage, but the increase in reload speed will preserve your sanity in a big way.


    And this is probably one of the only pistols in the game that might actually be worth it to use Hollow Point....If give up the reload speed.  If you're going that route, you'll want to jam in some more forma and replace Jolt/Pistol Pestilence with Convulsion/Pathogen Rounds to boost raw damage, and only go for headshots to drop targets in one bullet to avoid reloading as long as possible.

  8. we wont know anything till DE tells us and there is nothing we could do about it if it turns out to be a buyout etc.


    The point is that if PWE is involved in any steering or design capacity, most of us don't want to be involved in any playing capacity, and the sooner we find out, the sooner we can stop investing our time and love and abandon the sinking ship.


    Of course, after seeing the community's universal horrified reaction to the mere chance of their becoming involved, it would be high on PWE's list to prevent us finding out anything substantial for as long as possible so they can rake in some cash before everybody leaves. So what can you do.

  9. Grineer door traps don't stop a GOOD (by which I mean despicable) team-abandoner, because they will be on the lookout for them.


    I don't think there would be any difference whatsoever on the gameplay and people's ability to rush on grineer maps if the door scanner was mounted on the side of the frame instead on the top so it can be melee'd.

  10. Everyone loves Energy Syphon so much, i just use energy restores.


    Energy Siphon is free, and there is nothing you can get from doing a 60 minute survival run that you can't get by doing a 20 minute survival run.


    Viral and Corrosive Projection will be better for coordinated tryhard teams trying to make a pointless mark on the leaderboard.  But for everybody else...

  11. I thought you couldn't alter a breed at all whatsoever?


    After a kubrow is hatched you can't do anything to it.  But if you use imprints before hatching, the kubrow will pick its breed from the ones present in the imprints.  If you use two Huras imprints, then you will get either a Huras or a Huras.  Soooooo yeah.

  12. [DE]Glen said,

    Melee weapons are for coptering


    Makes this an easy choice. Guns outperform melee significantly for killing purposes, especially when there are a horde of high level enemies which require you to play fast and smart to avoid being stomped. If you're willing to sacrifice mechanical advantage for the sake of looks, then why even go into stat comparion; use whatever you think looks coolest. :)

  13. I tried a "CC spam"  build for Oberon with Reckoning, max efficiency, max range. It was ...  okay.  With maximized range you can affect enemies far enough away from you that the radiation actually works.  The blind and radiation effects kind of work counter to eachother in a way.  The effect was painfully short lived compared to Chaos, plus it costs more to use, and maximizing the range absolutely butchers the damage so good luck popping out those health orbs for equilibrium builds.


    Oby is more useful than he was before, but he's still a generalist. Has not replaced Nyx.

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