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  1. I built and decorated my own dojo. Like almost everybody else I prefer the customization.


    In the multiple choice section, rooms clearly must win because functionality trumps cosmetics. If my choice is a firing range versus benches to sit on, obviously I must throw my dojo's cosmetic appearance under the bus and gain new functionality.


    That said, I think it's incredibly unfair that old dojos get to be beautiful and ornate in the Orokin style, and my dojo looks like a series of prefab steel boxes joined together.  The choices of architectural type decorations is nowhere near big enough to allow developing a style, plus the item limit per room is too small and the placement controls too arbitrary about what is allowed versus not to make rooms of any real subtlety.

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  2. Since I know nothing about finance and this document might as well be written in Swahili for all the sense it makes, basically what I need to know from somebody who isn't employed by DE is: does PWE now have control of DE?


    Because if they do, it's only a matter of time before they destroy Warframe.  PWE doesn't invest, they parasitize. It's all well and good to say they will not have design authority over the game, but really if they own a majority of the company, what's your option to defy them? Quit? And be replaced with some other mercenary development team that will follow orders.



  3. Tutorials

    I was playing with a rank 0 newbie today (for the younger internet citizens among us, "newbie" means a person who is, literally, new to the game. It is not intended to be offensive) and they were asking some really basic questions like "How do you get primes?", "You need platinum to go to the void right?", and "What do I do with fusion cores?".  More than anything else, I think the game needs tutorials for two topics:


    1.) Meta-tutorial on the vocabulary of Warframe. What is platinum, how does the game's economy work, and what things will I actually have to buy versus earn?  What is a prime? What is a mission key? What do I need to make myself look as amazing as other players? What kind of social features are there?  You don't need to go into super depth here, but you need to introduce players to the basic concepts of what things EXIST so they know what to ask about if they want more information.


    2.) Modding and fusion 101.  Giving new players a set of "damaged" mods to get them started with the essentials was a nice start, but they still don't seem to really understand what they should do with this stuff.  Tutorial needs to walk them step by step, via on screen prompts, through basic tasks like equipping and ranking up mods.



    I am not a boss battles kind of person in general.  To me, "boss battle" is the same as "we're going to change the rules of the game to make things artificially harder".  So: no comment.



    If all they do is serve as a visual indicator of achievements with no actual stat improvements, then I don't think I'll spend much time stressing about them. The only way a purely cosmetic option would be interesting to me, personally, is if it actually signified something about what that player has decided to focus on long-term.  If there was a sigil for "Most-used weapon is a sword", that's a lot more interesting and worthy of notice than "Has killed a thousand enemies with a sword just like every other player".  In other words it has to be either a permanent choice (player has chosen option B in a quest instead of option A, permanently locking them out of option A), or it has be an ongoing investment.  Sigils that you collect and keep in a box and wear the one that best matches your dress? Pass.



    Ambivalent. Of the changes I have read, none will come close to being as endgame viable as Blind was and Excalibur will remain a one trick pony. Remains to be seen how good a pony he will be with new LOS changes.




    Good. Aesthetically pleasing. Its lack of crits and lack of status chance means that there is a very clearly defined performance ceiling on this weapon, but the outstanding damage and precision means that ceiling is quite high.  (3 forma on mine)



    Other companions

    A MOA, yes absolutely. Personally I also want to see some humanoid companions that aren't robots or trained animal slaves. I want companions that are awesome and smart and are on my team because they choose to be, not because they HAVE to be.

    Rambled about this here.


    (People voting for Zanuka, do you even realize that Zanuka is a patchwork monster made out of pieces of other Tenno?? o_O )

  4. Radial Blind: No longer able to affect enemies in rooms separated by walls. To encourage and facilitate different gameplay styles (like stealth), enemies aware of Excalibur within a few seconds or enemies that Excalibur can see will also be affected.


    I'll give it to you straight...   


    Because of the way this game scales enemies in HP, defenses, and damage while players do not scale in anyway, the most important things at levels 30+ are:   1.)  crowd control  2.) invulnerability.   Warframe defenses are shredded in seconds and enemies are too numerous to engage tactically. High level gameplay is defined by its reliance on ways to prevent symmetrical combat because symmetrical combat results in instant death.  Every time you touch anything that gives level-neutral crowd control or invulnerability, people are going to complain.  You changed Iron Skin, now it's useless at high levels, and people complained.  You changed Blessing, now it's useless at high levels, and people complained.  You changed Absorb, now it's useless at high levels, and people complained. And here we have Radial Blind...


    It's like you have two different factions at DE fighting over the design of the game and we're the casualties.  One faction wants to make sure players can't do crazy long endgame runs by making it sadistic and impossible, taking away all the tools that work.  But the other faction keeps putting rewards in crazy long endgame runs so that we have no choice but to soldier on with increasing bitterness and resentment.


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    Changed the Dead Eye Aura mod. Dead Eye is restricted to snipers and now offers a maximum of 35% damage increase.
    You're...still buffing the wrong thing here.   Sniper rifles don't need more damage. Especially not a 35% bonus to damage which stacks like an element and which vanishes completely next to the x4.4 final damage multiplier on a shot that crits versus one that doesn't.  Sniper rifles need consistency and reliability. Not more damage.

  6. Mod drop tables, they are far, FAR more important than prime gear tables.  Prime gear, just like all gear, won't be effective without mods, so it is pretty clear what is more important. 


    You're wrong on this.  A prime weapon can be used without an ideal mod loadout.  All of the "essentials" are readily available, either as drops or CHEAP from trading. Use forma if necessary, to add more stuff to make up for the loss of whatever it is that is so rare that you haven't got one.


    Consider: which would you rather have? An uber-rare stance mod, or the prime weapon it goes into?


    Prime weapon without a rare mod: Slight loss of performance from using common mods instead.


    Rare mods without the weapon to put them in:  Completely useless.

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  7. Accessories:

    Scarves are best. :D  I don't like almost all the armor parts that have been released because they don't look like ARMOR, which must be form fitting/well integrated to look like they are really protecting, but the diversity in frame sizes and shapes means tightly fitted armor isn't easy. You'd have to dynamically morph the meshes. Badges are kind of hard to see. I already have a bajillion colors to pick from. Sentinel cosmetics have historically been very hit or miss in that they have poor intercompatibility (too many combinations end up looking really stupid) but I'd be okay with more attempts.  Warframe skins...highly subjective. Most of them I don't like, but the ones I like (Nyx immortal!) are amazing. You haven't even touched crowns. Kubrow cosmetics is an area that you haven't even touched yet either;  want kubrow armor.











    Login Rewards:
    My recommendation for login rewards would be to make it a point-based reward accrual system.



    When you log in for the day you get  7 "Favor of the Lotus" points. Plus 1 point per day per consecutive login day (8 on day 2, 9 on day 3), up to a maximum of 14 per day if you have logged in regularly for a week.


    These Favor points are used in a special area of the Marketplace to trade for things like short-term boosters, credits, fusion core packs, platinum discounts, blueprints, and possibly even more permanent rewards like special cosmetics ("Mark of the Devoted" badge?)


    This makes the entire system non-random, gives players a choice of what they actually want, and more clearly rewards players for signing in regularly.

    Mastery Rank:

    Give players a wad of credits or some fusion cores for reaching new mastery? 2-hour booster. Maybe an assortment of "essential" mods for the lower ranks. You give out "damaged" versions of Vitality, Serration etc for tutorial, maybe newbies should get not-damaged ones for ranking up a few times.


    In general I feel like mastery rank in itself, not the ranking up, needs to count for more.


    Easy one to justify is handing out some cosmetics for mastery rank; every 5 ranks you get something new. A new sugatra or badge for reaching rank 5, a distinct scarf or armor part with some kind of animation for reaching 15.


    Mastery rank is SUPPOSED to allow you access to better equipment, but that idea has been so long abandoned that it's a joke now. The highest requirement in the game is only 8, which isn't terribly high, and most of the best weapons are lower than that.  Rather than try and spackle over it after the fact and lock people out of stuff they have already earned, just start introducing some new amazing stuff that has high mastery requirements. New weapons, maybe. New special sentinels? New mods?


    (That would tie in especially nicely with unique mods being rewarded for mastering specific warframes.  So regular Vitality gives +440% of base health, but reaching rank 30 with Trinity (the healer) gives you a Master's Vitality might give +500% of base health plus increase pickup amount from health orbs, or add a weak form of regeneration. Reaching rank 30 on Frost might give you a Master's Retribution that triggers a PBAOE cold explosion whenever your shields go down, and mastering Rhino might give you a Master's Rush that gives a damage reduction bonus while you sprint.)


    The resource gathering mechanic is not useful. High mastery players are overflowing with basic resources, and due to the randomness they can get more of a rare resource in an evening of targeted farming than resource gathering would give them in a month.  Far more useful would be to allow every player to deploy three gathering drones, and let us pick what specific thing they should try to gather, with a large speed bonus to completion based on mastery rank.


    Hesitant to go really crazy with bonuses for mastery level since last we heard, the Focus system is still heavily based on it. Depending how awesome that is, it may make every other bonus related to mastery redundant.


    Every aspect of his abilities needs an overhaul.  My thoughts have not changed relative to






    In-Game Events:

    Which is my favorite part varies by event.  I like that it's a clever way to introduce new game modes (especially looking forward to general introduction of Excavation, and the possibilities of mid-mission void gating opens up some amazing possibilities), but not all events have been about this.  I like Lore. Eventually it's all gonna make sense. But not all events have really added new lore.  I like new weapons (in concept), but not all event weapons have been worth using past mastery fodder.  Probably the thing that has been most useful from events with the best payoff and lasting value, has been mods; would encourage more "mechanics-based" mods to be tied to events, like Aviator (but better than Aviator which itself is terrible).
    I haven't felt that any event has been particularly grindy to complete since Gradivus, they can be completed in a single evening with friends, maybe two or three days if you're going solo.
    The difficulty of events has been kind of all over the board though.  I am not a fan of "fake difficulty". Like taking away 90% of our frame's survivability AND abilities at the same time or making level 10 enemies do damage like level 50 ones.....  No. Stop that.
    Concentration versus Dilution, gamewide:

    Prime parts are by far a bigger pain in the butt.  Mods can be farmed from the solar map. You'll get all the common ones...commonly, rare mods can be targeted, nightmare mods come from nightmare missions. There are only a very few mods (frex gleaming talon) that have been as hard to get as some prime parts.  Mods also can be used individually;  you may not having gleaming talon, but your glaive will still WORK without it.


    Void farming is a pain in the backside because you not only need a void key, you need a specific KIND of void key, you need to do the mission, only to learn that the actual drop chance for the thing you're looking for is 1 in 50.... And you need every single part for any of them to be useful.


    I strongly encourage brainstorming on key transmutation, easier void access, normalizing drop tables so all possible rewards from a mission are equally likely, or even dismantling prime parts to get materals to make other prime parts.   Something needs to be done for people's continued sanity.  The logjam of relentless unluck affects my will to play the game strongly every time you release new prime sets.  At this very moment I have 4 out of 5 parts needed for Hikou Prime, 2 out of 3 parts for Scindo Prime.  >:(

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  8. Secondly, Radial Blind will be changed to blind any enemies aware of player within the radius. Enemies behind walls/obstructions will not be affected since they were smart enough to avoid the blind!
    So not only is the nerf on purpose, it's actually worse than we realized. I really wish I knew you were going to do this before I spent a week and 4 forma upgrading this frame.
    RIP Excalibur
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  9. And another undocumented change, (or is it a bug):  Radial Blind is getting blocked by any geometry and not affecting half enemies even in the open. 


    Oh. My. Gods.  He's right.


    What, now I have to use Natural Talent and spam my Blind 3 times more often, while simultaneously losing one of the few safe ways to enter a room with unknown hostiles? Who was complaining about Excalibur and his one useful feature? Why was this nerfed??? 


    More to the point, why are we spending time murdering abilities that are actually good, instead of replacing the ones that everybody agrees are useless.

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  10. Assumptions never help. I personally use all abilities on all of my frames (yes, I even have Psychic Bolts on my Nyx), and I think of "good Trinity players" as being just that -- good Trinity players. The 20% loss isn't going to affect their ability to support their team.




    The reason you used to use max rank Blessing was that it granted a good duration of invulnerability.


    The reason you should have switched to unranked Blessing after the first round of nerfs, is that Blessing no longer gave invulnerability and your team was best served by your ability to slam out constant full heals.  Unranked Blessing had a shorter duration so it locked you out of healing for less time but still gave a full heal.


    This most recent change is a serious nerf. It doesn't reduce your ability to heal the team by 20%, it reduces it by 60%.


    Let me explain. Blessing's damage resistance is pointless.  In the early game, only complete newbies will be taking enough damage that they need a full time Trinity and the heal aspect alone will sort them out.  In the late game, by the time your team mates have taken enough damage for the resistance value to be useful and justify the "buff time" (i.e. "lockout time"), they're a hair from death anyway and you're pretty much gambling whether not they take another hit which will kill them in the time it takes you to react to their status.


    Since the resistance buff is pointless, you have to look at Blessing from the perspective of healing.  And this change is a massive nerf to its actual healing power. Bless-Spam with a min rank ability was more than halved in power, and a max rank mod has a built in duration "bonus" so it's less spammable.


    And even then...  Why 80%? Is it really a good idea to force players to mount an Intensify to do a full and proper heal, when there are already oceans of threads complaining that there aren't enough mod slots to do what people want?


    Meh.  MEH.


    New syandana also looks terrible on Trinity because it clips through her spider skirt in a horrible way. Make of it what you will.

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  11. I am deeply concerned about the remarks about how systems will be put in place that have industry and trade and clans will be encouraged to interact with eachother.


    Personally I'm in a clan because of clan tech and because I wanted a place to hang out in.  I'm in a clan of one person.  I have absolutely no interest in interacting with other clans.  My entire experience with gaming says that road leads to egos, politics, and frustration.


    Do. Not. Want. to see anything introduced that punishes less gregarious players by either forcing them to hobnob, ally, etc or to go without features and options.


    Something to keep in mind.

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  12. This change to the Glaxion is absolutely garbage. ~snipped~[Anger subsided]


    The problem as I seen it with the Glaxion was the rate at which it consumed ammo, not the fire rate which is effectively its DPS-rate. By HALVING the firing rate you've effectively HALVED its damage potential



    Glaxion 1.0:

    6.4 damage @ 40 rounds per second = 256 DPS


    Glaxion 1.5:

    12.5 damage @ 20 rounds per second = 250 DPS


    We good now?  All calmed down?  :)

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  13. Speaking as somebody with 64 bit windows and 8 gigs of system memory...  Can you please use more of my memory? I mean, it's wonderful that effort is being spent to optimize the game for low-spec machines, but for those of us with slightly more modern PCs are you still allowing the game to stretch out and make itself comfortable?

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  14. Not a fan of the visual styling. It looks....mechanistic.  This looks like a screenshot from Mechwarrior or some kind of modern-military-cover-taking-simulator that's trying to convince us how futuristic it is.   The style of Warframe has always seemed more organic. It's a game about incredibly advanced futuretech that isn't made of steel and silicon.

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  15. DERebecca, on 25 Aug 2014 - 4:24 PM, said:

    - Oberon’s base Armor increased to 150.


    In gameplay terms this represents a buff from "no armor" to "light armor", with a rating of 150 giving 33.3% reduction. I wouldn't mind seeing more since the actual effect on play won't change much, but at the same time, Oberon is a self-healer and his visual style doesn't really suggest thick armor plating. So :-/

    - Projectiles that are spawned after impact seek-to-target, not just spawned in direction.
    - Speed up projectiles by 50%.
    - Forced Radiation proc on the initial target.
    - Forced Knock-down on initial target instead of stumble.
    - Forced Puncture proc on all enemies hit.


    The knockdown and forced radiation are good changes. Though the puncture procs are really not going to affect anything.  My recommendation remains AOE knockdown with secondary targets being thrown away from the primary to make the primary more vulnerable.   And I still think that these sorts of abilities should track to the nearest enemy of the crosshair instead of requiring pixel-perfect aiming like our guns. 

    Hallowed Ground:
    - Allies within Hallowed Ground can not be proc’ed.
    - Hallowed Ground will remove all existing procs from Allies.
    - Armour boosted by 5/10/15/20% per rank for all Allies with Hallowed Ground, with stacking being explored on multiple casts.


    Nope. People no longer die horribly from overpowered bleed procs, poison damage penetrates shields regardless of whether it procs or not, and nothing else really slows the Tenno down.  The 20% armor buff doesn't help because there's only a few frames that actually have armor worth buffing and 20% isn't going to help them much because of the non-linear way armor scales.  For a 50-energy power this still won't be worth mounting.  It needs a crowd control aspect (enemies on Hallowed are slowed), or real observable defensive value (buff changed to flat damage reduction).

    - Switch to toggle ability with smaller base cost and energy per second active drain. All Renewal benefits occur when projectile reaches target ally.
    - Boost Heal amount 200/250/300/400 per rank.
    - When target is fully healed, remove proc effects.
    - Allies bleeding out are affected by Renewal in that bleedout will be slowed. 20/25/35/45% per rank as well as affected by duration mods.


    I'm....confused.  It's a toggle ability that still has projectiles that seek out to team mates? Will they pulse out each second? Or does the single projectile "link up" the affect team mates to Oberon?  Either way this is open to hideous amounts of troll-spam from people flicking it on and off. I don't see why we need projectiles or travel delay at all.  Also confused on the specific magnitude being healed here. If it's a toggle ability then it doesn't actually have a max heal amount, because you can just leave it on as long as you have energy.  Increasing bleedout time is an interesting change, though 1.) you can't have projectiles with travel delay and have this be a useful feature because if a team mate is too far away to save trivially then the projectile won't reach them in time to have a useful effect either and 2.) you better already have the mechanics worked out for how to prevent people from abusing this (in conjunction with Provoked) as a viable offensive strategy.


    - Forced Radiation Proc added to damage on targets.
    - Small radial blind added to slam impact, but only for enemies that survive the damage of the cast. This radial blind will be applied to enemies that move into range after it’s been cast and are blinded by the impact of those being slammed by Reckoning!


    So it's an AOE slam with a Chaos "Lite" followup on survivors? I can get behind that. The addition of the complicated blind effect seems unnecessary though. The slam time on Reckoning is pretty quick, so in actual gameplay terms what you are doing is making it so that Reckoning has a damage radius plus a larger blind radius that can affect enemies further away at the time of activation.  Just code it up as that, instead of the per-target blind effect.

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  16. 01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01101110 01101111 00100000 01101001 01100100 01100101 01100001 00100000 01101000 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110100 01100101 01101101 01110000 01110100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01001001 00100000 01110111 01100001 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101101 01101111 01100011 01101011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01101110 01100001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01110011 01110000 01100101 01100011 01101001 01100110 01101001 01100011 01100001 01101100 01101100 01111001 00101100 00100000 01010011 01100001 01101101 00101110 


    This sort of thing was a lot more edgy in the days before you could just google "binary to ascii" and get something to unobfuscate it.

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