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  1. Those are not exclusive. Every anniversary they bring back ALL the Dex items. So no, that wouldn't really be the same thing as CBT-only Vandals that never get seen again.
  2. It's not an arbitrary date, but: Why is there nothing cool for people that play a new game mode the first time it's available? I was there for Rescue missions, I was there for Excavation, I was there for Defection, why doesn't any of that matter? Why is there nothing special for people who survived the change to modding? Who saw not one but two radical changes to the map system? People who were the first to experience the level scaling crunch, Damage 2.0, Melee 2.0, Parkour 2.0? Those who saw the introduction of the Liset instead of just logging in to a menu? Why is there nothing cool for people that were around for the addition of The Second Dream, the most significant quest in WF, one of the most beautiful moments in video gaming I've ever seen? Why isn't that special enough to get an exclusive reward? There's all kinds of things that are memorable and special moments in the history of Warframe, but no players who participated in any event after CBT have gotten exclusive rewards. It seems like the position of some players that none of those matter or deserve recognition. The transition from closed beta to open beta is important, but people are acting like that's the ONLY date that exists in the game. If DE didn't see fit to give exclusive rewards for any of those other milestones, then why should the beta period get that? It's not fair to anybody else who came after, it dismisses the time investment of everybody who came after, it is literally a statement that "You can never be as cool as ___".
  3. Okay, then it's just "When did I sign up". Same problem, different phrasing. CBT players want an exclusive shiny for signing up in early 2013. Where's my exclusive thing for signing up in late 2013? Where's Joe Normal's thing for signing up in 2014? Again: It's not fair that only some players, a certain age of player, get a unique thing that shows their veterancy. Does nobody else in the history of the game deserve to get any recognition of their dedication to Warframe? That seems absurd to me. Either there are rewards for that sort of thing which means everybody needs to have a chance to get something comparable for their own career, or there aren't, and DE's position is that there aren't.
  4. You want a cool exclusive thing that shows to the world you're a 5 year veteran? But....Where's my cool exclusive thing for being a 4 year veteran? Where's Joe Normal's exclusive thing for being a 3 year veteran? You can't be the ONLY age of player that has a cool badge of veterancy. That's not fair.

    I think the intent behind the Hind's alt fire was to give you a way to finish off a nearly-dead enemies with firing a whole other burst at them. The big weakness to burst firing weapons has always been that you have to spend a whole burst worth of ammo even if an enemy doesn't need it to finish them off, but for Hind the single shot provides that.
  6. Braton and Lato Vandal suggestion

    Put yourself in the shoes of newer players who started after closed beta, i.e. probably something over 95% of the player base. DE has had plenty of chances to make weapons exclusive to the time they were introduced, like Event weapons, or Baro weapons, or Anniversary weapons especially. And yet, they keep bringing this stuff back as a sign that exclusivity isn't really a thing in Warframe. So how is it right that closed beta players get something that is completely exclusive, and nobody else ever again will have the opportunity to earn anything comparable? It might be different if a player now could get something of their own that was going to be super rare a few years down the road, like hey you were a beta tester? Cool lato vandal. I've got this Vorpal Spineripper from the very first time that Plague Star was introduced and now nobody else can ever get a Vorpal Spineripper again. But DE decided not to do that. Either exclusivity is a thing, which means every player should have the opportunity to get things in their own time that will some day be rare and special....or exclusivity is not a thing, so things should not remain exclusive. That's really the only two ways to make things fair. Having a situation where you can never have anything exclusive unless you joined the game 5 years ago is how you make players frustrated and disenfranchised. (* founder's gear excluded; this can and should remain exclusive for the reasons DE has outlined many times)
  7. I completely agree. I like Warframe more when it's being noble, dark, mysterious, and beautiful. We are the Tenno, near legendary warriors that fight enemies across the system with every kind of weapon known, leaving a trail of blood, ash, and mutilated bodies everywhere we go. Flowers break the mood, just as goofy stuff like pumpkin heads and bunny ears do. If other people want to treat Warframe as a cartoony game with whimsical stuff in it, that's their thing, but I don't want to see it because that's not the game Warframe started out as and that's not the game I signed up for.
  8. [SPOILERS] Warframe Comic #4: Plothole?

    My thoughts on this, the comics even shouldn't be considered canon. 1.) They're not written by DE and 2.) The overwhelming majority of players do not have them so to canonize this material is to fragment the player base.
  9. Can you please make us able to sell kuva

    You kind of can do this, trade or buy for a riven that's got bad stats and roll until it's worth a lot. Can also convert kuva into endo if you don't care: get a "garbage" riven and roll the stats as many times as you can....each roll on a riven increases its endo value by 200.
  10. A Question for Devs About Vacuum

    Except, (for me the image embedding didn't work anymore, here's a link: ) Vacuum-for-all-sentinels arrived in 2016 Oct 6. These stats predate the change, and show that while Carrier was the most popular sentinel, it was only the most popular by a small margin and certainly not ALL players.
  11. A Question for Devs About Vacuum

    Not every player is using a sentinel because of vacuum either, so I'm not sure where your fallacy dictionary is leading you on this. Loot cat and crit cat are quite popular. I'd bet that if DE contributed stats to this discussion, {cat users} and {sentinel users} would come out a lot closer than the picture you're painting. If anything it's dogs that have a usage problem simply because they lack cat's killer apps like AOE attacks and armor-shredding.
  12. Blatantly bad RNG for the new Primes

    Some people will get all the parts they want on the very first roll, others will go a hundred. Random chance is random. I have no reason to believe that there is a conspiracy to tip the scales on prime access parts. That's what you should expect if you're using radiant relics. For a radiant, the chance for a rare item is literally 10%.
  13. A Question for Devs About Vacuum

    Allow me to demonstrate the problem by reframing the discussion: Health is required gameplay, we can't survive without health. The more health we have, the better we survive. Inaros has the most health of any warframe, which is unfair because even if we don't like Inaros we are forced to play him because no other warframe can come close to the usefulness of his 4000 health. Every warframe should have Inaros' health pool so that players aren't forced to play warframes they don't like. Please give one con to having universal mega-health pool. :) On the face of it, it seems like an obvious thing. More health is better! Give us more health! But....Other warframes have other things that make them relevant besides their massive health pool. It's unique to Inaros so that Inaros has some character. If Inaros didn't have a massive HP pool why would you use him? Other frames can outright become invulnerable or shut down enemies in more absolute ways. Inequality is diversity. Diversity gives players interesting choices to make. You don't need vacuum, I'm sorry but it's an objective fact. You want it. Just as people that run loot cat want the extra loot, or crits cat people want the extra crit chance. Bring the gear that complements the way you want to play.
  14. I don't want to play with Limbo on my team because standing around doing nothing, while the enemies are unable to attack us or threaten the mission at all, is less like a game and more like Progress Quest: a parody of a game where you wait for timers to finish so that your numbers go up.