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  1. It's not "common sense quality of life", you're literally suggesting that people should have an option to turn off semi-automatic triggers as a gameplay feature. I'd rather DE do nothing at all than to take a half-step by letting people opt out of semi auto entirely. They'd just be automatics with the fire rate capped at 10 (a restriction put in to prevent people with fire macros from abusing these weapons). I understand WHY you are suggesting this, and I agree that it's a problem, but your solution seems a bit off target. The game would be better if semi automatic remains a thing, but some stats slightly changed to address the carpal tunnel issue: each click should feel meaningful and powerful, instead of requiring a machine gun clicking action to match the performance of actual machine guns. (Out of curiosity I started looking into: How many semi-automatic weapons actually have a fire rate over 4? For primaries it's only Latron family, Argonak (on semi), Stradavar (on semi). Main offenders are pistols: there are 23 of them.)
  2. So basically you want to remove semi-auto weapons? I mean, if it cycles automatically wouldn't it be an automatic? More the issue is, fast semi-auto weapons which play like automatics but require one click per shot. Counter proposal: For semi-automatics which has a fire rate higher than 4, reduce rate of fire but buff damage to keep the same DPS.
  3. Momaw

    Max Framerate

    Win 10 adoption is higher among gamers than among the general public since you must have Win 10 to support DX12 or most newer CPUs.
  4. Momaw

    Max Framerate

    As others have mentioned, Glen is talking about DE's official support for Windows XP in warframe, not Microsoft's support of the operating system. Windows 7 is "retiring" soon according to Microsoft, but game companies will most likely not stop support for it any time soon given that a LOT of people are still using it. Not supporting Windows 7 is basically cutting yourself off from 1/2 to 1/4 of your potential customers (depends on the region and kind of game), while Windows XP has only a couple of percent of people that are still using it.
  5. Momaw

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 + 32 bit is on the way out "soon". The game should run better on 64 bit and modern DirectX, btw, there are more optimizations that are possible. If you are "eventually crashing" and get the error reporter, please make sure to submit your crash and describe what you were doing when you crashed. It really does help!
  6. Momaw

    Post Hotfix 24.0.7 Crashes

    The best bug is that there's no bug anymore 🙂 Happy remodeling o/
  7. Momaw

    Post Hotfix 24.0.7 Crashes

    I see the option in my clan...Is it a specific hall that has this problem? Which clan hall are you trying this on?
  8. Momaw

    Covert Lethality Doesn't Work In Fortuna

    Interesting, thank you
  9. Momaw

    Covert Lethality Doesn't Work In Fortuna

    Works for me...What does your mod loadout look like?
  10. Momaw

    Why no non-prime skins?

    I agree, this would be nice. I'd do this on the Sybaris Prime for sure; much prefer the base skin of that.
  11. Floods are more profitable than kuva survival however once you do a flood it's gone. Think of the floods as "kuva alerts", you do those first then you can spend as much time as you want in kuva survival.
  12. What do you mean by "proper"?
  13. Momaw

    Sortie weapon

    The Hek should be capable of doing sorties, it seems like you have a build problem more than a weapon problem. Are you using the augment mod? Pretty much mandatory for the Hek. Also, what faction... If you're fighting the Grineer, always always Corrosive Projection aura. Literally nothing will make as much of a difference against the Grineer as getting rid of their armor.
  14. Momaw

    Why are people so against riven disposition changes?

    The thing is, I already put in time and platinum on getting the rivens I have. You're saying it's okay that my rivens will be nerfed because then I put in even more time and platinum getting different rivens... Which will then be nerfed...requiring even more time and platinum... People want to feel like they are earning and keeping rivens, not "renting" them to ride the tide of whatever hasn't been properly balanced. So yeah, it would be nice to hypothetically have the option to bring every weapon up to the point that it can be top shelf with the right riven, but people have already invested heavily in what they have now and DE has not given any indication that they will respect that investment. That's why I'm concerned about disposition adjustments. If dispositions are paved over and no effort made to compromise with existing owners, then I will probably lost interest in rivens. Why would I ever buy a riven if I know that the stats are just going to get taken away some day? Why would I ever buy a resource booster to go kuva farming, if I know that my awesome riven that cost days of grinding will be turned into barely-adequate garbage if the weapon ever gets rebalanced or becomes popular?
  15. I agree. In every discussion about "Shields need help" somebody will say "But toxin and slash!". Plus it makes a total joke of the Corpus that we can literally ignore their primary defensive stat if we want to.