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  1. You won't really get anywhere by challenging a moderator's decision in a public thread. If you think that a moderator has overstepped their authority or is not enforcing rules correctly, take it to the Community Inbox (at the top of this forum). This inbox is read by DE community staff. Complaining about moderator decisions publicly is, itself, against the rules.
  2. I mean, I was using the Lenz. With a riven even. It doesn't work, unless there's trick to it
  3. Changes I would like to try personally, Enthrall 1.) Thralls have 90% damage resistance against Tenno other than their owner. Purpose: Reduce the number of thralls being wiped out as unintentional collateral damage. 2.) When killed, thralls turn into something similar to a Vomvalyst for the remaining duration of the ability (e.g. if they had 15 seconds of thralling left, they become a Vomva-like for 15 seconds). Maximum number of both minions is still capped at 7, where "real" enemies can make vomvalysts get pushed off the population stack but not vice-versa. Vomva-like pets are completely immune to all incoming damage no matter where it's from, but can still transmit Enthrall to their targets in which case they die instantly. Purpose: Give players utility from Enthralling enemies on high-DPS teams without the the clunkiness that is damage pillars and projectiles and having to tag pillars with the lasers and bleh. Essentially when you cast this you can be ensured that for your full duration there will be something going on, as your ability jumps from host to host until its duration is expired. Mesmer Skin When hit, subtract 1 charge from Mesmer Skin to stun whoever hit you and apply damage resistance for 3 seconds. Further stuns and losing further charges cannot happen until the 3 seconds expires. Purpose: Remove abusive gameplay that total invulnerability gives, as well as make the skill less limited for the average player. Dance Macabre Energy cost starts at 5 energy per second and applies a stacking debuff that increases its cost by 2 per second (per second) up to 10 stacks as long as you have it active. (i.e. peak energy cost of 25 energy per second after leaving it on for 10 seconds). Debuff stacks decay while not using this ability. Purpose: Make ability cost substantially less for "tactical" use and only punish keeping it engaged for long periods of time.
  4. Momaw

    Bad weapons now.

    Not exactly. Zarr cannon shot does 25 Impact damage to whatever it directly hits, plus 175 Blast damage in a radius around that point. That's what the arsenal shows. What the arsenal doesn't show is that the shot then splits into 6 fragments that do another base 50 damage each. (Also the Zarr's critical hits of 17%/2.5x apply to every part of this...Ogris and Phantasma don't have great crits)
  5. Momaw

    D2'sGambit in Warframe. What do U guys think?

    The PVP and PVE sides of Fortnite do not mix; you can't PVP other players in coop mode, and there's no cooperative objectives in competitive mode. Primarily Coop players do not go to Broyale, and primarily Broyale mode players only come to Coop to farm for free V-bucks. You'll also notice that the PVE community of Fortnite is INCREDIBLY frustrated and bitter because of the amount of effort that Epic is spending on the PVP side of the game, and because of the number of players who join their missions and have little interest in actually playing the objective. It is not a happy coexistence, and not a game that DE should be looking at for inspiration. And that's why Warframe's PVP fails to gain a large audience.... the skill gap is enormous. When you join as a new player who doesn't understand PVP, you die. And die. And die. Over and over and over, in some small fraction of a second to somebody that you barely even had time to see for reasons that you don't understand. When you look at games that have massive PVP followings like Fortnite, COD, Battlefield etc, short TTK is basically shared by everybody; the best player on the team can still be blindsided by a guy with a shotgun, or blown up by a lucky grenade throw. Teams also tend to be enormous which reduces the influence of individual skill on a chaotic map where stuff is constantly happening. The more you allow high skill players to dominate, the less fun it is for everybody else, and the harder it is to attract players.
  6. Momaw

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.6.1

    Can you explain what the problem is? Hotfixes are small and it takes literally a minute or less to restart the game. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me...
  7. I would assume it's because it contains "Loli". Which is used as a shortened reference to the book and character "Lolita". Which is a somewhat controversial work. Read the Wiki summary of the book for why this might be considered objectionable.
  8. Momaw

    Tennogen and plat

    Tradeable platinum is money. There is no way to get tradeable platinum into the game except by paying for it. The problem MUCH money is it. Discounts and regional differences make it a difficult question to answer. And yes, I would love Tennogen to be available through some other way. Warframe built a reputation as one of the fairest F2P games in the industry because you could grind or trade for basically everything. Free players were not excluded from having all the things in the game if they were willing to put in the time. Now...Tennogen breaks that. There is very definitely F2P cosmetics on one hand, and then Tennogen on the other hand. However the fact that Steam doesn't exist in the consoles and they make Tennogen work just fine is proof that other solutions do exist.
  9. I agree with the OP's idea that, what's at stake here is exclusivity. Not in the cackling sense of "Ha, I have something that those unwashed peasants do not!", it's in the sense of wanting some kind of recognition that you've been with the game a very very long time. There are a good number of players, as evidenced by this thread, that treasure ANY meaningful way to distinguish themselves as a somebody whose career has lasted literally years. It doesn't have to be big, and it's not: The login system only has 4 weapons in a game that has (as near I can tell) 339 weapons in it. Between that and the Founder's stuff, a little over 1% of the weapons are not available to every single new arrival who creates a account today. DE has been effectively walking backward and forward on exclusivity. The closed beta stuff was indicated to be only for closed beta testers...and those came back. People now have no badge of honor for being closed beta testers. When The Gradivus Dilemma was running, I played those missions 190 times to make sure that I would get whatever weapon won that conflict because it was indicated those were exclusive to the event.... And those came back. People now have no badge of honor for being Gradivus players. The login reward weapons were introduced as a way to reward people for staying around. The fundamental concept behind a system that gives you items based on how long you have played, is that staying with the game for a very long time has intrinsic value. We have a weapon in the game that in its mere ownership tells you that the person holding it has been playing Warframe for at least 2 years! Less than half the game's actual lifespan. And now DE wants to take that badge of honor away too. Why is DE waging a war on veteran players who are not founders? Why do they not seem to understand what is understood by basically every other game with persistent progression I have played? There is a sizable portion of gamers who assign value to things that others cannot have! To whom a collection is worth next to nothing, if anybody that comes after them can have an identical collection! And yet, time after time DE has taken away the exclusivity of things that could serve this purpose. For everybody except founders. Are founders special because they paid for their gear? No. In fact there are people today, now, who have spent 10x what any founder spent and got nothing exclusive for it. What makes founder's gear special is that you can't get it, and its unavailability is based on time, not cost. Apparently it's the game's only timed exclusive, and not only is nobody else allowed to have it, nobody else is even allowed to have anything like it. I wouldn't begrudge founder's their exclusive items if it were not for DE never again allowing any other player to have something of even remotely comparable exclusivity (*). Further, this entire situation is hilarious and tragic because a large part of the two sides of the debate aren't even talking about the same thing. Reading people's responses to the login overhaul controversy, I would say at least 50% don't even care about the exclusivity and the idea of honoring players who have been around forever. All they want is the freaking Zenistar. I'm serious, go back and subtract every post that is some form of "I want a Zenistar". A weapon that isn't particularly fun or interesting, and as soon as something else replaces it as the community's idea of the most efficient way to blast through missions, people's interest in it will drop to zero. DE wants to throw away some player's time commitment to the game, something with value beyond its stats and fleeting popularity in the meta, to appease newer players who will stop caring the instant something more shiny comes along. I am frustrated. Many veterans are frustrated. DE seems time and again to not understand the value that we place on things like this. If the game's official policy is that exclusivity does not exist and the time that a player has invested in the game will never be acknowledged or respected, then just rip off the bandaid and re-release Founder's equipment. That is fair and reasonable. We can't have a game where only a tiny fraction of players will ever get to keep anything that they feel is a special indication of their long career as a Tenno. (* Somebody's going to mention sigils. Sigils don't matter. The game is too fast, sigils are too small, we basically don't even notice what other people are wearing except in relays. Literally the only sigil I have ever seen anybody get excited about is the Rift, and that's because it's the only sigil that has a cool visual effect without an abstract geometric design on it. Oh, and the Rift got re-released.)
  10. Momaw

    My Personal Feedback On Login Reward 2.0

    Except if you can get any login weapon at 100 days then there is no such thing as a 700-day login weapon. There's just a wide selection of 100-day weapons. I think some people are justifiably sad that DE doesn't see the merit in tokens of a player's long dedication to the game for anybody except Founders. Right now something like the Sigma&Octantis isn't just a decent melee weapon, it's a status symbol, the same way that Excalibur Prime is. And DE wants to take that away from people who have been here a very long time. Veterans may have more stuff, but none of it will be anywhere near as rare and special because the time commitment to get it will be reduced by a huge fraction. Imagine if Excal Prime was something that you could buy from the web store as soon as you hit MR20. It would go from being an unmistakable mark of a long time fan, to being an unusually expensive cosmetic item for moderately invested fans. There's arguments to be made in favor of not tying mods behind the login rewards since those can be used on anything and don't really have an "identity" to them, but... I don't feel awesome about new login system when it comes to the other things.
  11. Momaw

    Goddamn raksa kubrow

    The dog in the image is a "fat"/heavy built dog. A dog's build is random unless you use a genetic imprint. There is also a slender build for dogs.
  12. Momaw

    Ignis Wraith scam?

    Usually trade Ignis Wraith blueprints for an ayatan gem. Would never accept platinum for it, nor advise anybody to pay platinum for it, it's just not worth that much. Honestly the only reason I even encouraged my clan to be in the top 10% was to have a ready supply of blueprints. As soon as the scoring and reward system was revealed, it was clear that there would be some clans that were interested in the profit opportunity and a good number of other clans that intended to make sure that the weapon was freely available to everybody. (shrug) And no it's not a scam if somebody charged for the blueprint. If you got what you expected, and paid what you expected, then it was a legitimate trade that you agreed to. Always do your research when buying things to find out what they're worth.
  13. Momaw

    Increase spawn of enemies on all levels/missions

    But the question is, how do you make Warframe "more difficult" to appeal to people that want a challenging game. I'm not even joking, this is a real question. We have things like Bastille, where enemies will literally never get a chanced to attack you; as soon as they come into the room they're suspended and helpless and you kill them. We have frames that can turn completely invisible, and enemies will not try to attack you while invisible as long as you don't touch them or make noise. We have frames that are *literally invulnerable*. How do you create challenge in this framework?
  14. Momaw

    Is Endgame ever getting looked at? Or...

    The voice of reason right here. Warframe survives on the basis of introducing new content to keep people doing new things and setting new goals. The only endgame that would ever correctly fit Warframe is one that is infinitely replayable, i.e., the perfect combination of infinite variation and procedural generation, i.e., unlike any other game ever made. It's a lot more practical for DE to develop systems that keep people occupied for a few months at a time, and especially keep DIFFERENT people entertained in different ways over the long term, than to try to make one omega-feature that will draw and retain every player until the end of time. That would a cool thing to see, but it's not realistic.