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  1. Momaw

    Celebrate Amazon Prime Day with Warframe!

    This. If DE isn't making enough money from platinum, I'd rather see them overhaul the platinum system and leave the game 100% F2P, rather than these increasingly diverse systems that separate cash-in-hand players from those playing F2P. One of the reasons Warframe has enjoyed the success it has is a fair and open business model that does not divide the game into haves and have-nots. It was very straightforward about letting people trade their time for other people's money, and still enjoy everything the game has to offer. With first Tennogen and now these other cash-only exclusives where play time cannot be converted into items, I'm....really not liking the direction that this is going.
  2. The rare set mods from the Plains bounty at level 20-40 are too rare... Specifically this is Vigilante Supplies, Augur Seeker, and Gladiator Vice. Reviewing the drop tables, one can see that the drop chance is 2.08% for bounty stage 4. This is the lowest chance for ANY mod on the entire Plains, it is twice as rare as the next. Looking at the tables, the drop chance is increased to 4.76% stage 5 of the bounty reward rotation, which would be fine if not for the fact that level 20-40 bounty doesn't have a stage 5. It's only four stages long. So essentially you get 1 chance per bounty, the lowest chance of any mod, where other "rare" mods both have two chances and higher percentages. It's a bit brutal 😞 It would be nice if the chance for relics or uncommon mods was cannibalized slightly to bring Supplies, Seeker, and Vice up to the same chance as the other rare mods that come from bounties.
  3. Momaw

    Suggestion: Implement Cross Save

    Even putting aside politics, this is a lot more difficult than it seems because a.) Different platforms have different financial arrangements regarding purchases e.g. platinum, tennogen, and other items/services. On the PC we can buy platinum in bulk at a discount using a discount coupon, while on consoles users get a discount for a specific item. How would that work? Likewise: On the consoles, Tennogen items can be bought with platinum and on the PC they cannot. How would that work? b.) Warframe has different versions on different platforms. Items and features that exist on one platform may not exist on others.
  4. Momaw

    Is Ballas Evil?

    Good people can achieve their objectives without taunts and torture and forcing people to murder their own children. Some of what he's done may have worked out to our advantage, but he did it all for selfish reasons through sadistic means.
  5. Whatever is affecting you affects very few people apparently because I've not seen lots of people complaining about this. Your game log could have important clues that would help find a solution. You should go to and create a new ticket there. Attach your log file to your ticket. Check here: for information about where to find your game log and how it should be handled.
  6. Momaw

    Oberon's Renewal isn't working properly

    No bug here. Renewal's effect can be stripped from individual targets. When you walk into Nullifier, renewal stops applying to YOU, that's why it's not healing you. But it's still active on your team mates, that's why the ability shows as in-use. You'll have to toggle it off/on to get it active on yourself again.
  7. Momaw

    Fishing spear switch bug

    How are you switching spears? Like what controls are you using?
  8. Momaw

    Glyph displays still broken on Hotfix 23.0.7

    1) Bugs should be in the Bug Reports forums for organization sake 2) Please be more descriptive than "still broken". What's the actual problem? It looks like the top and bottom of the display is clipping into a piece of the ship, have you tried moving it? If I put Wgrates glyph on a display that's clear of obstructions and it looks fine to me. 😕
  9. Momaw

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.7

    It's great that you want to help by posting screenshots of the problem, but: 1.) The screenshot has to be taken using the F6 key. Using this embeds debug information into the image file. and 2) You can't host the images to Imgur. It removes the embedded data that would help the level artists find the problem. To help out, head to Then, at the top right, "Submit a request". You can attach your F6 screenshot as a file. Doing it this way will keep the debug info attached.
  10. Momaw

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.6

  11. Momaw

    MR 10 Bugged

    Seems okay to me....Can you post a screenshot?
  12. So some people are against Landslide, glass shiv and Khora's whip being independently moddable because they they're leveraging this unintended riven interaction... What about all the people that aren't? What about people that don't have access to rivens, or don't have a suitable roll that synergizes with Landslide, or want to use a melee weapon that doesn't have a 5-dot riven disposition? Why should Atlas, Gara and Khora players have to make these kind of investments and/or compromises when Excalibur, Mesa, Ivara players etc do not?
  13. Momaw

    Better Focus gain

    Just as my personal opinion, I agree. 100% XP -> Focus for whatever focus school you are actively using. It needs a pretty high rate on return to be worth the effort of playing as the operator when they lack the map-wiping nukes and auto-gameplay that Warframes offer.
  14. Momaw

    In Onslaught, Mara Detron sounds brakes when...

    It kind of looks like the problem is you have Exalted Blade and your pistol out at the same time. I tried casting Exalted Blade just as I hit the portal, and I can make it so it *looks like* I'm holding my gun and melee weapon at the same time, but it fixes itself as soon as I do pretty much anything. Can you describe what you were doing? Like, what weapons did you have equipped? What ability did you cast? Did you have Exalted Blade active when started to use the portal? Were you using operator mode?