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  1. As the game accumulates more and more warframes and weapons, accusations and concerns about power creep are only matched by complaints about things underperforming and being kind of useless. How does DE decide what is fair and reasonable? How do you think about "balance", and what metrics if any do you gather to make sure that your releases meet your expectations in the wild?
  2. Well, I was looking forward to trying out my new Hydroid frame. Guess I'll go play something else for a time. :(
  3. Bah. I can't use chat on Twitch because facebook is the epitome of all evil. So much for "chats with viewers". :(
  4. I was kind of wondering whether I should put forma into my orthos prime and whether it would still be a good weapon after Melee 2.0. Mm. I greatly approve of the full extension thrust there at the end. The whole reason you use a polearm in real life is for the reach advantage it gives you against opponents with shorter weapons.
  5. My takeway: Today we learned that Steve is not good at graphs, so if you want to convey information to him then you need to make it look like pie. (Not a bad strategy in general...)
  6. Redtext transcribed for humor and posterity. (text color appears to not work anymore...?)
  7. Should have done mobile defense instead of survival. That way no life support to worry about and you can keep a close eye on your mission objective. :)
  8. From in-game Red Text, archived for humor value. I take credit only for the transcription errors. Incoming transmission from The Lotus... Tenno, our intelligence has uncovered a new threat: FORMORIAN class ships are being assembled in Grineer shipyards under Vay Hek's orders. We must disruptor their plans at all costs. Stand by for further instructions regarding Operation: Tethra's Doom. Update 12.4.0 inbound in 5 minutes. Experience the new Grineer Shipyards in Operation: Tethra's Doom. Better strap on your ninja boots, you're going to be up to your knees in ship. Updating in 4 minutes. Looks like we've got a pack of ship disturbers here tonight... good thing too, because messing ship up is what this Operation's all about. Update coming in 3 mnutes. Alright enough with that ship (for now). New PRIME gear has been released: Boltor Prime, Ankyros Prime, AKBronco Prime, and of course, RHINO Prime. Prime Code Piece? 100% included. 2 minutes until Update Includes a shipload of bug fixes while we're at it. We might have shipped the bed earlier, but now those bugs are plain ship out of luck. Updating in 1 minute. Instead of bullshipping around I should probably mention that tonight's update weighs in at 600 MB. ISP's around the world soon to be shipping their pants. Hold up, experiencing some shippy technical issues -- stand by while we figure ship out. I blame Vay Hek. So should you. Sorry folks, Vay Hek really puts the "Grin" in "Grineer" for sabotaging our deployment! Just a little bit longer, almost got this ship straightened out. Almost there, for real. Ship takes a while sometimes. You know how it goes. OK finally - ship's fixed, we fixed that ship. so... back to countdown 4:22 until Update OK OK, enough of this ship BEST TROLL EVER Update 12.4.0 deploying NOW. As in RIGHT NOW. Please remain in your missions until deployment has finishipped. Still deploying. 600 MB is a big ship. Update 12.4.0 has been deployed. I'm sure you all heard that massive grunt. Please restart the game at your earliest convenience. Watch for a message from The Lotus - Operation: Tethra's Doom begins shortly! Quota for immature ship has been exceeded.
  9. Right, well, my feedback. 1.) Frost is the slowest frame in the game. The slowest. Period. Rhino has his Vanguard helmet that pushes him from being in the slowest to one of the fastest, and costs basically nothing to use. Frost, on the other hand, is an exercise in frustration. DE has designed a coop game where the majority of players simply do not give a rat's backside about their team mates. There's no incentive to stay together or work together, it's every man for himself, and that means that if you're not able to keep up then you don't play. You just run behind everybody else through nearly empty levels picking off stragglers and looting the bodies. You can equip Rush, aye, but why should this frame be forced to spend one of its precious mod slots to gain basic functionality? Nobody else has to. Frost was welcome at any Defense party despite his slowness because he was an invaluable contributor and he didn't need to go anywhere. That's not the case anymore. If you're trying to make him a more "all around" versatile frame, he needs to be faster. 2.) Freeze is still pointless. It's occasionally a novelty for solo play, but otherwise a waste of energy. This ability should leave a lingering speed debuff on affected enemies even if they get knocked out of the paralysis state, and gain automatic targeting so that it instantly hits the closest enemy to the crosshair when triggered. 3.) Ice Wave is still terrible. It's an AOE ability that is completely reliant on level geometry to funnel enemies into the correct formation for it to work. This ability should become a 45 degree cone, and push enemies away in addition to chilling them. Bonus points if it leaves a field of jagged ice spikes that hurts enemies who walk across them (should reduce initial damage if that be the case). 4.) Snow Globe.... Right, the crux of the matter for most people. The reason people loved this was because it just worked, against any level of enemy and any quantity of enemy. Giving it hitpoints, be they reinforced by armor or not (lol), removes that feature. If you take into the kind of Defense scenarios where it used to be invaluable, it will get battered down in seconds without the support of crowd control frames.... who don't need YOUR support to do their jobs, which means Frost is irrelevant for that purpose. Personally I'm inclined to vote for radical overhaul on Snow Globe; * make it move with the player. * make it add stacks of slow to enemies each second they are inside. Enemies that reach enough stacks of chilling slowness will freeze completely as per the ability Freeze. * does not block projectiles either incoming or outgoing; instead, gives allies inside the globe a large damage resistance bonus. 5.) Avalanche works better than it did. No particular complaints about this.
  10. Sorry I missed you guys. Stuff came up. Looking forward to watching this when I get a chance. o/
  11. What you do is this: Every tick of damage generates a small-print number which flies off the enemy and into a slightly larger-prpint number, which sums all the ticks and updates every second or half second. Several other games do this and it works great.
  12. I was actually going to complain about this, this morning. Damn you DE for preemptively catering to my every whim!
  13. The first word is definitely "DARVO". Not sure on the second word. It looks like "STITCS" which makes no sense. Very high certainty on "?TIT??", and the only common word that seem to match this pattern in the english language is "STITCH". But the corpus character for 'H' looks nothing like that. Possibly a proper noun, i.e. Darvo's last name?
  14. I'm really starting to wonder where she is. Haven't seen her in the game, haven't seen her on the forums, obviously she's not been in live streams since the last Dev discussion. Even her twitter is She wrote something on her twitter feed. Lotus lives! Out sick?
  15. CORPUS This extended shock prod is used in research labs to coerce uncooperative subjects from a safe distance, and features adjustable power settings ranging from minor shock to charred flesh.
  16. Somebody was attempting to manipulate the battle results. The compromised nodes were reset. The dishonorable person responsible was exiled.
  17. First off: You guys earned MASSIVE respect points in my book by freely admitting that you got some things with Gradivus wrong. A developer that can recognize when they screwed up, and accept input on how to improve, is a developer that can make forward progress toward great games. 100 missions for event? It was both a good number AND too high. It was a good number for people that play MMOGs hardcore 8+ hours a day. I have no life at all and managed to turn in something like 180 missions total. But at the same time, if you look at Mr. Middle Aged Guy With Two Kids And A Long Commute Time, 100 missions in a week is pushing the limits of reasonable. I think the number 100 isn't the problem so much as the fact that it jumped from 25 to 100. Why not have something at 50, like, give them the finished gun but not the free catalyst. So they don't "lose", they just won't win as big. Big rewards for hardcore players are fine, but the payouts need to be more finely graduated to accommodate people with a variety of schedules. I am curious how the new "3 damage types" paradigm is going to work out when we only have 2 guns. Is it going to become less suicidal to engage advanced enemies in melee, so we could frex optimize our primary for anti-armor, our sidearm for anti-shield, and our sword for anti-flesh? Also, are shotguns and sniper rifles, weapons which are completely reliant on dropping a basic goon in one shot for their usefulness, being taken into consideration here? If you make rainbows 25% less effective, and that causes shotguns and sniper rifles to fall below their one-shot power threshold, then that's actually a 50% nerf since now it takes two shots to kill a basic goon. The function of power to performance is very coarse for big impact weapons while automatics scale quite smoothly. Oh, and I really really enjoyed having allies to fight alongside that weren't people. People rush too much and compete with you and kind of make the game bleh. But playing solo with NPC allies gives a nice "big battle feel". Mercenary system? Hireable pets? Build a squad of NPCs to be drop-in replacements for other humans?
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