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  1. 9 minutes ago, Fartingman said:

    There needs to be a system simlar to the trim command where the internal file can be mark for overwriting without the moving of tremendous amount of data as it is in its current state. 

    Which would utterly destroy the game's loading time for rotating disks and cause bloating in the cache index, in a way that OS-level defragmentation can't fix. A more realistic feature request than having DE rewrite the file manager, might be to simply have an option for cache optimization in launcher:  Automatic, Ask Me, and Never.  If you do not care about the disk space being wasted then just set it to Never and the game will stop nagging you.

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  2. There's two things that happen during cache optimization.

    1.)  Files are re-arranged so that they are in a more logical arrangement for loading. So all of the files that are related to a specific level or art  asset get put in sequential order which makes it faster for rotating disks to scrape them off the platter in order. You're right that this part really doesn't matter a lot for SSDs.

    2.) Unused files are removed. An updated file can only "overwrite in place" if it's smaller than the original that it's updating. Essentially, when the game updates a resource the original version of the file may simply be marked as obsolete and its replacement appended to the end of the cache.This means that the original is still there taking up space. This part IS relevant, especially when the cost of SSDs per gigabyte is much higher than rotating disks.

    If you read that prompt a little more carefully the game will offer you an estimate of how much disk space you will recover from optimizing the cache, i.e., carefully picking out the dead junk.

    The Trim command doesn't have anything to do with cache fragmentation. The SSD's controller maintains its own internal catalog of which logical blocks, which is how the OS sees the drive, map to which physical addresses within the memory chips of the drive. Sending a Trim command simply tells the drive controller that it may consider these blocks as empty and available (and report them as empty and available to the OS the next time it asks), without actually overwriting the physical addresses with new data (which would wear them out). As far as the operating system is concerned, the warframe cache files are single, very very large files rather than the tens of thousands of individual files that warframe's file manager maintains. The files being maintained within the cache do not sit precisely on block intervals, which they would need to do in order for that strategy to work like you are thinking.

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  3. 20 minutes ago, Raskolnikow said:

    is there some hidden math that i dont know

    Physical status types have higher chance to trigger than elemental status types. You would intuitively expect that a weapon which is 100 impact and 200 corrosive damage, to trigger corrosion twice as often as impact....But that is not the case. Removing physical damage types, especially impact and puncture which do not stack and are kind of bad, can make your elemental status output MUCH better.

    Though status based shotguns are really only a thing if you can get to 100% status. Strun Wraith, for example, can delete all  armor off high leveled enemies in one or two shots.

  4. 1 hour ago, (PS4)iesous27 said:

    Is this a permanent action? The wiki doesn't make this clear.. It just says that it has be installed on a fully ranked weapon:

    A single Focus Lens can only be installed on fully leveled items; if an item currently equipped with a Focus Lens is polarized, it will need to be fully leveled back to continue earning Focus points.

    To get more Focus Lens, I have to do bounties in POE? At the moment, I already feel overwhelmed because I just got to Neptune and I feel under powered lol. 

    Permanent action = yes.

    Lenses are consumed, and can only be used once. You cannot recover lenses from an item once used. Think of them like orokin catalysts. Generally speaking you will not have endless amounts of lenses laying around, so pick a few weapons that you really like and use those when you're trying to gather focus.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, (PS4)iesous27 said:

    I checked the wiki but it was still a bit confusing. 

    So the school is very strictly for the operator abilities? How do we upgrade these? There's some item called Focus lens that I got, is this what I need to collect "exp" with? I don't see where to equip this?😕

    In order to upgrade operator powers you need to gain Focus points.  You do this by gaining XP while using items that have a lens equipped; any XP gained by that item, at max rank, will "overflow" into Focus.

    And, you equip the lens by going into the item, then Actions (where you apply forma), then Install Focus Lens

  6. On 2018-12-23 at 1:08 PM, Anthraxicus said:

    The devs simply don't care about incentivizing players to push as far as they can.

    Two issues.

    1.) DE has stated that they are not fans of players spending literally hours in the same mission doing the same gameplay over and and over.  The limits of your game should be how good you are as a player and what equipment you have, NOT the physical endurance of your bladder or the amount of free time you have available to throw at a game. Rewarding people for "pushing as far as they can" is an indirect slap in the face to people with busy lives, people with jobs, people with chores and responsibilities, people that get uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time, and frankly it's unhealthy for us as gamers to be encouraging anybody to play a game for hours at a time without resting.

    2.) "As far as they can" is functional insanity. Anything that can be targeted by melee finishers will die in one hit to Covert Lethality, period. Where's the challenge?  Enemies will never see through invisibility. They will never escape Bastille. They will never hit Limbo through the rift. They will never force Valkyr to actually take damage while in hysteria or resist Loki's disarm. We have a variety of tools and features that they can use to avoid taking damage entirely, so how do you propose to make the game get increasingly difficult if you can't actually rely on being able to even touch the players? Basically the only actually dangerous thing to a prepared team is Nullifiers, and players hate them so much that they've been nerfed half a dozen times since being introduced.  There is no difference in gameplay once you reach the point where enemies will kill you instantly if you take damage, and everything past that point is just an exercise in how many damage multipliers you can stack to keep up with the spawns/timers.

    Players keep asking for more power and refuse to allow nerfs to any of the game-breaking stuff, and we're left with a game that is, in an overwhelming majority of cases, only as hard as you want it to be. So any concept of rewarding players for "trying hard" must include either harsh rebalances or new systems that don't permit you to use the lazy mode stuff that trivializes the game.  Arbitrations is an experiment in solving that, by offering high value rewards while preventing auto-nukes and permanent crowd control from working, but look at how many people hate it.

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  7. Hard mode? So... No power use allowed, no pets, all mods, arcanes and gear disabled, and all frame stats normalized?  Really the only way you can force the game to be hard is to take away all the things that players can use to make the game....not hard.  Just cranking up the enemy level to 200 or 300 doesn't make the game harder, only more limited in what frames and builds are viable.

    People keep asking for harder combat, but nobody asks for player invulnerability to be removed, effectively infinite energy to be removed...  😄  A true and honest question: What does difficult combat look like when no enemies can see through invisibility or attack through the rift or break out of hard CC or survive more than 1 shot from a rivened sniper rifle?

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  8. 1 minute ago, Descent-of-Damocles said:

    I also have a gtx 970 which i upgraded from. It runs at 140 frames with lows of 90. Even at 90 fps it beats my 80 fps on rtx 2070. The cpu is fine, the problem is my rtx detects the game as idle load. Whereas my 970 is detecting it as "holy balls i need to work". Also worth mentioning that this type of behavior is typical of low demanding performance such as a web browser or YouTube video

    So. Your card is running in power economy mode even when Warframe is running?  It's hitting 100% utilization of card in econ mode, but not ramping up its clocks to full speed to go faster?  That seems like a driver problem on Nvidia's end tbh 😞

  9. 12 hours ago, Ryme said:

    Anthem won't support it.

    See: "Shooting themself in the foot".

    Interesting that they list DirectX 11 as a requirement, not 12 though.


    30 minutes ago, Descent-of-Damocles said:

    I have a pretty new rtx card that rocks warframe over 200fps on maxed settings. But some scenes render at 80fps. When i check out why, it says the gpu is in idle, the game simply isnt demanding enough of the gpu. Will this be looked at as well?

    Look at your system utilization for CPU.  If you have CPU cores running at 100% usage and the CPU is running at its max frequency, then you're CPU-bound and no amount of video hardware will make the game faster. The video card can only render frames after the game's logic has done all the computation for physics, AI, ability scripts, networking, etc. Warframe is more hungry for CPU strength than GPU, on most people's computers.

    If it's only specific tiles and happens when you look at specific things, it might be worth noting in the Bugs forum because there may be an issue with a poorly optimized effect.

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  10. 46 minutes ago, Sean said:

    Considering that Windows 7 is going to hit its end-of-life date in just under a year, may want to keep that in mind for when you guys are updating your minimum specs. Microsoft has their extended support hitting a full decade for each of their operating systems.

    Windows XP is dead because it commands less than 1% of the marketplace.

    Windows 7 is not even remotely dead because it commands 40% of the marketplace. You're basically shooting yourself in the foot at this point in time, if you are a game studio and you're thinking about dropping Windows 7 support.

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  11. The phaedra has negative recoil, it gets more accurate the longer you fire it.  Only inaccurate in short bursts, amusingly.  The way arch-gun ammo works just really discourages you from going heavy on the trigger.

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  12. If you look at the team list, you can see a small number 1 through 4 on each player.  The player marked 1 is the session's host player. The host has a lot more responsibility than client players do, because they must keep synchronization between all the clients, create and place enemies, run AI, run ability scripts, and manage the mission state. Because of this the host player will run at a longer frame time than clients do assuming equivalent hardware. There is a performance cost to simply having more bodies in the game (more players directly adds a few bodies plus more enemies spawn *because* there are more players) but it's not as significant as being the session host.

    And yes, Warframe is much more hungry for CPU power than GPU.  Warframe has relatively complex game mechanics with multiple layers of scripting, so there's a lot of computation that needs to be done.

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  13. Also the game's download cache should not be 208 gigabytes. Since you already started identified the folder as being far too large, I would try

    1. Run the warframe launcher
    2. In the upper right corner, click the tiny Gear button
    3. In the "Download Cache" area, click Verify, and once that finishes, click Optimize

    If that still doesn't bring Cache down to around 30 gigs, then it's time to re-download the game cuz something is seriously off the rails.

  14. 3 hours ago, Elementalos said:

    Moreover this doesn't really hold up on observation either. Across the life of the game the most consistently strong weapons tend to be rifles and shotguns with high stats, not explosive or gimmick weapons.

    Across the life of the game?  So non-explosive, non-gimmick, single-target weapons like the Tonkor, Ignis, Lenz, Synoid Simulor, Zenistar, or Atterax...  🙂    

  15. 7 minutes ago, GinKenshin said:

    All they had to do is just revert everything back, but they just had to fix/change what’s not broken it seems

    The 8 meter radius on rapid fire is what was broken.  The Staticor shipped with, and was intended to have, minimal AOE on rapid fire.

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  16. Only the charged shot has self damage. If you're close to enemies, use the quick shot instead?

    Honestly self damage makes sense to me, it's a balance mechanic. The ability to hit more enemies at once makes a weapon much more powerful than one that cannot, so there should be some kind of drawback to it to make it balanced. If you don't want self damage, then the weapon has to be brutally slow and clumsy to use, or have terrible ammo econ, or something else.  If AOE weapons have no weaknesses compared to single target weapons, then every single target weapon is obsolete which isn't what you want as a game designer.

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  17. The thing is, enemies scale in HP and we do not.

    In order to make enemies that have enough HP to not die trivially on contact with the Tenno, they have to be of such high level that they in turn trivially kill us, leading to abusive strategies where the player is forced to be permanently invulnerable/invisible or the enemies permanently CCed, in order to not die in one hit. Increasing enemy levels will NOT make a better game.

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  18. It's not "common sense quality of life", you're literally suggesting that people should have an option to turn off semi-automatic triggers as a gameplay feature.  I'd rather DE do nothing at all than to take a half-step by letting people opt out of semi auto entirely. They'd just be automatics with the fire rate capped at 10 (a restriction put in to prevent people with fire macros from abusing these weapons). I understand WHY you are suggesting this, and I agree that it's a problem, but your solution seems a bit off target. The game would be better if semi automatic remains a thing, but some stats slightly changed to address the carpal tunnel issue: each click should feel meaningful and powerful, instead of requiring a machine gun clicking action to match the performance of actual machine guns.

    (Out of curiosity I started looking into:  How many semi-automatic weapons actually have a fire rate over 4?  For primaries it's only Latron family, Argonak (on semi), Stradavar (on semi).  Main offenders are pistols: there are 23 of them.)

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