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  1. 3 minutes ago, DepressedFailure said:

    Thank you all SO much for the help. This was my first forum post ever, and I love how professional, quick, and respectfully I received answers. I had expected 50 " git gud " replies and stuff, but this has been really great. Glad to see how good this community is ❤️

    "Getting good" comes from experience of knowing how the game works. Warframe is bad at explaining itself to new players, we've all been there.

    Also I disagree with the notion that your frame is a wrong or bad pick. There are precious few things in this game that you can't do with any frame you want to. Volt may not be ideal for things like junction busting, but he can do it. Don't let other players bully you into playing the way THEY think you should play. 😄 Part of the fun of Warframe is the sheer variety of different approachs you can take and the incredibly wide variety of equipment available to you.

    Just now, DepressedFailure said:

    What's Zaws? And what are Kitguns?

    Modular weapons. Melee-based Zaws come from Cetus, and Kitgun pistols come from Fortuna. You buy weapon *parts* and assemble them to get the specific stats you want. They are some of the most powerful weapons in the game currently.

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  2. " Vitality 3/3"

    There's your problem.  Max rank Volt has 300hp, with damaged Vitality he has 420. With a max rank (undamaged) Vitality he has 740.  You've basically got half as much health as you should have.  I would also suggest ditching armor mod;  these don't ADD armor, it MULTIPLIES armor, so a frame like Volt that doesn't have much armor to start with gains very little. You really only get start to get interesting results from armor mods if you start with 300 or more. Volt has a strong Shield stat, so focus more on things that give Shields instead of Armor.

    Don't forget to keep moving. Use Roll more: while rolling you take 75% less damage and ignore a lot of stagger or stun type effects. Use movement to get away from enemies and engage on your own terms.

    Other things that can enhance your survivability a lot:
    - find the Guardian mod and give to your sentinel; instantly refills your shields if they fail
    - build Health Restore consumables (blueprint in market)
    - get something that can heal yourself with like the Winds of Purity augment for the Furis (heals you for a large% of damage you do with pistol)

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  3. 15 hours ago, SordidDreams said:

    If DE gives us an event that can fail and we choose to fail it, they should just grow a pair and let it fail. Inflating the numbers is like having a railroading GM in a tabletop RPG.

    A key difference is that it takes a tabletop DM a couple of minutes to adapt to whatever their players are doing and write new encounters. It takes DE weeks if not *months* of team effort by high skilled people to put together a major event. For a video game it's not just words on paper, it's an interactive program that requires models, textures, animations, sounds, front-end code, back-end code, QA, marketing... The amount of effort is simply not comparable.  If you wanted a studio to make a game reactively to fundamental decisions about the game world that their customers make, the turnaround time would be extremely long because you have all these hundreds of people that can't start work until they know what they're working on.

    I think you would not really be happy with the effect this has on the pace of the game's development.

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  4. The 64 bit version of the game should actually run better, not worse than 32 bit. There's something wrong. What sort of hardware do you have?  Have you checked for updates on your OS and hardware drivers? You say you're seeing a lot of disk activity, how much memory do you have? If you were already at the redline for memory usage under 32 bit, the 64 bit version might have pushed you over, but Warframe should be perfectly happy with 4 gigabytes of memory as long as you don't have too much else open

  5. It's worth pointing out that boosters are only one of the things you might get from the sortie. Try again tomorrow?

    Rifle Riven Mod Rare (6.79%)
    Ayatan Anasa Sculpture Uncommon (28.00%)
    4000 Endo Uncommon (12.10%)
    Forma Rare (2.50%)
    Exilus Adapter Rare (2.50%)
    Orokin Reactor Blueprint Rare (2.50%)
    Orokin Catalyst Blueprint Rare (2.50%)
    Legendary Core Legendary (0.18%)
    6000X Kuva Uncommon (12.00%)
    Credit Booster Rare (3.27%)
    Affinity Booster Rare (3.27%)
    Resource Drop Chance Booster Rare (3.27%)
    Pistol Riven Mod Rare (7.61%)
    Shotgun Riven Mod Ultra Rare (1.36%)
    Melee Riven Mod Rare (8.14%)
    Zaw Riven Mod Rare (2.00%)
    Kitgun Riven Mod Rare (2.00%)

  6. According to Steam hardware survey,

    0.17% of people own RTX 2070
    0.09% of people own RTX 2080
    0.06% of people own RTX 2080TI

    ...And none of the consoles have it.  So, if you're a game studio running a F2P action game that's been continually updated for 6 years, you probably wouldn't invest any effort on DXR yet.

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  7. Balance I guess? It's been this way for as long as I can remember.  Most of the shotguns offer a huge amount of damage per ammo, so it's fine, just run into problems with the Boar and Khom.

    IMO the game should give you different amounts of ammo based on the kind of weapon you are using. It's a bit silly that a shotgun ammo pack is "10 ammo" when a Boar and a Tigris Prime are worlds apart in how much damage you can put out per shot.

    I assume you already know, but it's worth reminding people that you can deal with ammo economy problems by using the Ammo Mutation mod on the weapon, by using the Carrier sentinel with its precept, or even using the Ammo Scavenger aura. Or just build some consumable ammo packs.

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  8. When you get to the call point and use the lure, the animal will make a response to you.  The direction that this sound comes from is approximately where the animal will appear. Watch through the scope of the rifle, the animals are highlighted in a faint red that you can see through the terrain. If nothing happens after a few seconds, try moving slowly in the direction you heard the sound from. 

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  9. As far as "damage reduction": he's heavily armored and has Alloy armor, but also immune to both corrosion and slash status to reduce or ignore his armor. So you have to take his armor value head-on instead of playing around it.  Net result:  Radiation damage is the only thing that will really touch him.

  10. 9 minutes ago, Fartingman said:

    There needs to be a system simlar to the trim command where the internal file can be mark for overwriting without the moving of tremendous amount of data as it is in its current state. 

    Which would utterly destroy the game's loading time for rotating disks and cause bloating in the cache index, in a way that OS-level defragmentation can't fix. A more realistic feature request than having DE rewrite the file manager, might be to simply have an option for cache optimization in launcher:  Automatic, Ask Me, and Never.  If you do not care about the disk space being wasted then just set it to Never and the game will stop nagging you.

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  11. There's two things that happen during cache optimization.

    1.)  Files are re-arranged so that they are in a more logical arrangement for loading. So all of the files that are related to a specific level or art  asset get put in sequential order which makes it faster for rotating disks to scrape them off the platter in order. You're right that this part really doesn't matter a lot for SSDs.

    2.) Unused files are removed. An updated file can only "overwrite in place" if it's smaller than the original that it's updating. Essentially, when the game updates a resource the original version of the file may simply be marked as obsolete and its replacement appended to the end of the cache.This means that the original is still there taking up space. This part IS relevant, especially when the cost of SSDs per gigabyte is much higher than rotating disks.

    If you read that prompt a little more carefully the game will offer you an estimate of how much disk space you will recover from optimizing the cache, i.e., carefully picking out the dead junk.

    The Trim command doesn't have anything to do with cache fragmentation. The SSD's controller maintains its own internal catalog of which logical blocks, which is how the OS sees the drive, map to which physical addresses within the memory chips of the drive. Sending a Trim command simply tells the drive controller that it may consider these blocks as empty and available (and report them as empty and available to the OS the next time it asks), without actually overwriting the physical addresses with new data (which would wear them out). As far as the operating system is concerned, the warframe cache files are single, very very large files rather than the tens of thousands of individual files that warframe's file manager maintains. The files being maintained within the cache do not sit precisely on block intervals, which they would need to do in order for that strategy to work like you are thinking.

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  12. 20 minutes ago, Raskolnikow said:

    is there some hidden math that i dont know

    Physical status types have higher chance to trigger than elemental status types. You would intuitively expect that a weapon which is 100 impact and 200 corrosive damage, to trigger corrosion twice as often as impact....But that is not the case. Removing physical damage types, especially impact and puncture which do not stack and are kind of bad, can make your elemental status output MUCH better.

    Though status based shotguns are really only a thing if you can get to 100% status. Strun Wraith, for example, can delete all  armor off high leveled enemies in one or two shots.

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  13. 1 minute ago, Descent-of-Damocles said:

    I also have a gtx 970 which i upgraded from. It runs at 140 frames with lows of 90. Even at 90 fps it beats my 80 fps on rtx 2070. The cpu is fine, the problem is my rtx detects the game as idle load. Whereas my 970 is detecting it as "holy balls i need to work". Also worth mentioning that this type of behavior is typical of low demanding performance such as a web browser or YouTube video

    So. Your card is running in power economy mode even when Warframe is running?  It's hitting 100% utilization of card in econ mode, but not ramping up its clocks to full speed to go faster?  That seems like a driver problem on Nvidia's end tbh 😞

  14. 12 hours ago, Ryme said:

    Anthem won't support it.

    See: "Shooting themself in the foot".

    Interesting that they list DirectX 11 as a requirement, not 12 though.


    30 minutes ago, Descent-of-Damocles said:

    I have a pretty new rtx card that rocks warframe over 200fps on maxed settings. But some scenes render at 80fps. When i check out why, it says the gpu is in idle, the game simply isnt demanding enough of the gpu. Will this be looked at as well?

    Look at your system utilization for CPU.  If you have CPU cores running at 100% usage and the CPU is running at its max frequency, then you're CPU-bound and no amount of video hardware will make the game faster. The video card can only render frames after the game's logic has done all the computation for physics, AI, ability scripts, networking, etc. Warframe is more hungry for CPU strength than GPU, on most people's computers.

    If it's only specific tiles and happens when you look at specific things, it might be worth noting in the Bugs forum because there may be an issue with a poorly optimized effect.

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  15. 46 minutes ago, Sean said:

    Considering that Windows 7 is going to hit its end-of-life date in just under a year, may want to keep that in mind for when you guys are updating your minimum specs. Microsoft has their extended support hitting a full decade for each of their operating systems.

    Windows XP is dead because it commands less than 1% of the marketplace.

    Windows 7 is not even remotely dead because it commands 40% of the marketplace. You're basically shooting yourself in the foot at this point in time, if you are a game studio and you're thinking about dropping Windows 7 support.

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