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  1. Right now mastery rank is basically a joke. It's based on reaching max level with gear, and reaching max level is based on XP attained....passively or otherwise. With the rampant popularity of Draco for XP farming mastery rank has come to mean nothing. The cap on how fast you can rank up becomes how fast you can get materials and craft the gear, because gathering the XP takes only a few minutes.  It is trivially easy to find players who have "mastered" weapons that they have literally not even used (even a majority of their weapons) and as a result really don't know what they're doing.


    Kind of stupid.


    Mastering a weapon needs to be based on use, especially proficient use under a variety of conditions, in order to mean anything about player experience.  Or, if the design intent is for mastery rank to basically just be a fancy way to measure how old your account is.... Then just do that and have it be based on registration date or time played. Because right now, given the current meta, mastery rank is a measure of how much time people have spent standing around doing nothing in Draco.

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  2. Increase Spread, Remove Damage Falloff


    The disadvantage of doing that is that then you have RNG based hits.  If you want to increase Hek's pellet spread to the point that it's ineffective at long range i.e. not competing with actual long range weapons then it's basically random whether you hit the target with anything at all.  Would you be more confused by seeing hits that show reduced damage over range, or by shooting your gun at a target and seeing no damage whatsoever because RNG decided not to put any pellets there?

  3. It's not that weird. It boosts flight speed of pellets, so I don't have to target too far from moving enemy, and it straightens the arc of their travel. It's quality of life mod.


    Sorry I didn't mean weird like "doesn't make any sense", rather, weird like it changes the actual mechanics of the weapon as opposed to just being damage.

  4. http://goo.gl/PpMOcE

    I didn't used any powers, and there was no CP on any of my teammates.

    I know corrosive isn't good on Bombards, but as I said, in optimal range I was oneshoting them, and 20-25 meters away, I was getting ~250dmg per pellet.


    I don't have a zillion forma on my Drak, but the only thing that's weird in your build is Fatal Acceleration.  I tried putting that on and I'm still just not seeing any variation in damage here.  If there's an issue then I don't think it's with the weapon in particular. Sorry to be Captian Obvious here but....you're sure there were no ancient healers buffing the guy that was taking a bunch of shots, right?



  5. Is it me or does Drakgoon is broken? Just did T3D, and my 5 forma Drakgoon was killing lvl 35 Bombards in one charged hit, while at optimal range. But when the same level Bombard was 20-25 meters away, I had to use 5-6 shots to kill him. Shouldn't falloff be max 50%? And if by any chance I was doing just right amount of damage to achieve one shot kill, I still should be able to kill him with two shots, not six.


    I tested in the simulacrum and did not see any damage falloff whatsoever with the Drakgoon.  Same damage on target regardless of range. Variation in time to kill from one target to the next was random based on how many projectiles hit and if any of them were crits or head shots (or especially both).


    Can you share your weapon build, and whether you were using any frame powers that might have affected the enemy's survivability?

  6. Does anyone feels that no matter how much damage you mod your Hek or Tigris, it is not effective against nullifier's bubble.

    You deal 40K in one shot generally, but it takes about 7~8 shot to remove a high level nullifier's bubble.


    Nullifier shields are capped in terms of how much damage they can accept from any given hit, and in how fast they can shrink.  Rapid-fire weapons, especially beam weapons, are vastly more effective against nullifiers than any big punch/precision type weapon.

  7. Well.


    First of all, I'm not really in favor of the changes to fall off. If anything, shotguns need more punishing falloff, not less.  Why? Because shotguns should be absolutely decisive at short range.  That is the definition of a shotgun and the tactical role it fills. You bring a shotgun because you want to easily win every short range engagement while sacrificing long range potential.  Shotguns should absolutely demolish assault rifles at short range, while being in turn totally out classed at long range. With the changes to make falloff less punishing, that isn't really the case. Now the high-damage shotguns do tens of thousands of damage out to a surprisingly good distance, intruding into the role of assault rifles that are far less ammo efficient and bursty.  You need to see silly-high enemy levels before the new high-damage shotguns stop being useful mid to long range weapons, and that's just not right.





    * Drakgoon is fair. The rated damage is for fully charged shots, and if you're doing fully charged shots then it's a slow shotgun to use.


    * Hek is fair. Less damage than the Drakgoon, but also no charge time or need to lead targets. Plus it has an insane augment that increases its damage a whole bunch.


    * Tigris damage is too high. Why does this thing do as much damage as an Opticor? And no matter how much damage you give it, it's still painful to use because you'll spend 90% of your time reloading. This should be more in the neighborhood of 600 damage, and bring the reload time down to 1.2 seconds to compensate.


    * Strun Wraith. No no no no.  Huge fail. You killed the Strun Wraith. It is dead.. The defining feature of the Wraith was the fact that it had a reasonable magazine size with a good reload speed. It was quick and flexible and fluid. Now it's slow, painful, and clumsy!  Now it has the handling of a pump action shotgun and modern "shoot one, load one" tactical doctrine, but it doesn't have the actual damage to back up such a play style so it is totally outclassed by everything else. It still has strong status performance, but status is irrelevant when the enemy is dead, which other shotguns doing 2 to 5 times more damage with better handling will accomplish faster. No.  Either restore it previous fast-reloading magazine and leave it near the bottom of the barrel for damage, or, increase its damage to the level of the Drakgoon and Hek because its practical rate of fire with current mechanics is about 1 shot per second.


    * Boar Prime. Not, in fact, buffed. DPS went up by 20%, but status chance went down by 25%, and the fact that this could practically reach 100% status chance to erode armor and control crowds is what made it a viable endgame weapon.   Magazine size went up, but because you'd be silly to shoot this weapon empty all the time, actual handling went down because tactical reloads on a partial magazine went up by half a second for no benefit. Not dead like the poor Strun Wraith, but not actually improved either.  Put the reload time back to 2.3 seconds, put the status chance back to 40%.  There is no need to punish the Boar Prime with "balance" when the Kohm utterly destroys it as an automatic shotgun and everything else destroys it on a shot per shot basis.


    * Sobek. Damage now solid, but the 4 second reload time hasn't gotten any less painful.  Vulkar had a 4 second reload and it got improved when people complained. Supra had a 4 second reload and it got improved when people complained. 4 seconds of reload is just too long for Warframe's pacing.  Reduce to 3 seconds, and take off a little damage per shot if it makes you feel better.


    * Kohm. No complaints. It didn't actually need any damage buffs because it was leading the pack by a huge margin. Still an absolutely devastating weapon balanced by its poor ammo economy.

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  8. Weapon Swap Speed

    I've thought that secondary weapons should be faster to deploy and use for a very long time, so that they can be worked into the flow of combat as needed instead of the game playing like we have two primary weapons.





    Two changes:

    1.) Missiles somewhat easier to shoot down. I'm not sure I've ever been able to do this unless using AOE weapons.

    2.) Explosions respect LOS so that players can actually take cover from them.



    Forma drops

    Adding 10 ducats sale value to forma blueprints seems like a reasonable thing.


    Transmuting in the foundry

    I'm against transmuting into potatoes.  Potatoes already come up in alerts, invasions and dev streams. No you're not going to be able to put a potato in every frame and weapon if you only rely on free ones, but we have to be realistic here: Warframe's F2P strategy is already very fair.

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  9. Dunno what's so special about this whole pluto thing owo Life will still continue as it is unless you work for nasa I guess


    It's impossible to know what will turn out to be really really important at some point. For example I could point out the fact that expanding gasses cool down. Nifty bit of "so what?" trivia that happens to be the core concept behind refrigeration, a technology that our modern society leans heavily on.

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  10. Pluto features: An atmosphere, polar ice caps, and has several satellites orbiting it. The moon has: none of the above.




    If a planet must have satellites orbiting it, then Venus and Mercury are not planets.


    If a planet must have atmosphere and polar ice caps, then Triton is a planet.


    ....and this is why your criteria are not formally accepted as being defining characteristics of a planet.  :)

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  11. Pluto is still a planet.


    STFU "scientists".


    The thing is, if you accept Pluto as a planet....


    1. Ceres 15px-Ceres_symbol.svg.png – discovered on January 1, 1801, 45 years before Neptune. Considered a planet for half a century before reclassification as an asteroid. Accepted as a dwarf planet by the IAU on September 13, 2006.
    2. Pluto 15px-Pluto_symbol.svg.png – discovered on February 18, 1930. Classified as a planet for 76 years. Reclassified as a dwarf planet by the IAU on August 24, 2006.
    3. Haumea – discovered on December 28, 2004. Accepted by the IAU as a dwarf planet on September 17, 2008.
    4. Makemake – discovered on March 31, 2005. Accepted by the IAU as a dwarf planet on July 11, 2008.
    5. Eris – discovered on January 5, 2005. Called the "tenth planet" in media reports. Accepted by the IAU as a dwarf planet on September 13, 2006.


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  12. Greedy Pull

    The idea of making it simply not work on energy pods at all, is worth discussing at gameplay design level.


    Either way: Greedy Pull must not ignore line of sight. This is a part of why it's so broken.


    Frost Changes

    * Freeze Change:  I thought guaranteed cold procs within AOE was also on the table? That was my favorite part of the upgrade.  Creating a slow-zone on impact is nice too, but cold procs are going to affect everybody within range for 6 seconds instead of having variable effectiveness on enemies based on how close to an edge they were.



    * Ice Wave: Cone shaped AOE an improvement. More practical for large and outdoor areas.  Still wish for push/ragdoll ala slow moving ice-flavored Sonic Boom though. The flat damage value means the primary reason to use Ice Wave is to apply cold procs, which is less useful as a crowd control measure than actually pushing enemies enemies away and knocking them down.



    * Snow Globe: Hard to predict how well this going to work out to be honest. Tossing out enemies is cool, but we still don't have a full understanding of how the "max globes=4" behavior is going to affect us. Reserving judgement.



    * Avalanche: Nope. If you're playing at a level where armor matters that much, you go in with a team of people that just passively strip armor from everything.  Also doesn't make sense thematically, since armor-debuff is Corrosion, and Saryn is the Corrosion frame.  Damage is still insulting low compared to other frames, and since it doesn't offer any new CC there's still never a good reason to cast this past enemy level 25ish.  It is very rare that Frost should ever use his #4 instead of his #3, since #3 actually prevents damage and has crowd control instead of being what amounts to a 3 second stun.


    Basically everything I could suggest to do to give him a useful and fun #4 power without just overlapping with his other powers involves making it Not-Avalanche.



    * Passive: Nope. Already wrote a thread about this.



    Parkour 2.0

    Do not have or want PVP experience.


    Corrupted Mods

    What would I add?

    * Carapace: Adds base armor value, reduces movement seped

    * Methodical Repeater: For full automatic secondaries: Multiplies final damage, reduces final fire rate. Maxes out at (+100% damage, -50% fire rate).  Basically aimed at making things like dual machine pistols more practical.

    * Lightfinger: Slightly reduces magazine capacity, dramatically increases reload speed.

    * Feral: Kubrow/Catbrow mod, significantly increases armor, speed, damage, HP, at the cost of making them use their abilities less often.


    What would I change?

    * Tainted Mag/Tainted Clip/Burdened Mag:  should end up at higher magazine size bonus. This mod doesn't actually gain you anything if you look at "rounds reloaded per second", all it does is make your reloads more painful. Cannot compete with just adding more damage mods.


    Fleeting Expertise is... important. On the one hand this mod is at the center of a lot of the more abusive and game-breaking configurations players use.  But on the other hand, for most non-damaging abilities, the possibility to use our powers 4x more freely "makes" the warframe and lets us feel like we're in control instead of struggling to find energy all the time. :-/   Fleeting should probably be changed, but only as part of a comprehensive reexamination of powers and power costs.

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  13. So tl;dr if i have a quad core processor and i want a better performance i can enable the option in the EE.log but i have to expect crashes if i do it?


    There's a chance that it might crash. A small chance, given how many people have been trying to reproduce this bug without success.  More the point is hoping there's people in the community that will be willing to take a (small, mildly annoying) hit for the team to help figure out what's going on.

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