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  1. Yup OP I can confirm that Ash Tsukuyomi skin is indeed available for Switch.
  2. That’s incorrect. TennoGen is available on consoles as well. Yes we just recently got TennoGen round 14 and so many other TennoGen items that weren’t even listed in the Buried Debts update notes. I believe that Ash skin got added in the latest update. Did you check? But if it’s not there then you just have to wait, DE said that all console TennoGen will come to Switch.
  3. I’m sorry you feel that Switch is holding back TennoGen Round 15 but are you seriously getting upset over this? It’s cosmetics, it’s not like it’s a big content update or something. Yes TennoGen is always nice to have but come on bro. Just be patient and enjoy the Buried Debts update 🙂
  4. By graphics you mean resolution? I play my Switch exclusively in portable mode and Warframe in portable mode drops as low as 432p. Even in docked it drops as low as 540p. So the resolution is not great to begin with and downgrading it even more would make the game look really bad so no I definitely wouldn't want them to downgrade the resolution.
  5. Wait, how did you install the game then? Even if it's not available in your country you still have access to other regions eShop. The Nintendo eShop is not available in my country either that's why I have both a US and UK account and can purchase games from both regions and you won't have any issues purchasing in-game items like Platinum. That's what everyone does. I also have my PayPal linked to my Nintendo account so I don't have to keep buying and redeeming eShop cards, I can just purchase stuff using my credit card that's linked to my PayPal account.
  6. I think the problem is with the latest update (Buried Debts) that’s causing these crashes in the Orb Vallis. I play the game everyday, I’ve put about 500 hours so far and have only had my game crash like twice only and that was when the game initially released on Switch, but the updates and hotfixes greatly improved the performance and I personally haven’t had any issues. I play about 6 hours everyday, sometimes 8 hours, I usually spend more than an hour in Fortuna mining and fishing and doing bounties and never had a single crash. I installed the latest update yesterday and spent the day doing void fissures and cracking relics and syndicate missions, etc. the regular stuff and all is fine. Today I thought I’d do some bounties in the Orb, I entered the elevator and a few second in the elevator the game crashed. I reboot and went back and was able to complete two bounties since without any crashes but yeah I’m pretty sure the problem is with the latest update, just have to optimize/improve performance of the Orb Vallis a bit. Outside of the Orb Vallis the game runs perfectly fine.
  7. So the problem you faced wasn’t a bug, it was a misunderstanding on your part and has nothing to do with the actual bug I’m talking about in my initial post. Thanks for the update.
  8. Getting that Gara, Titania and Equinox skins for sure. Thank you for the update!! Edit: whoa guess I’m getting a lot more tennogen items than i thought! They added tennogen for my fav frame (Mag!) and also the repala syandana and a lot more! 😁
  9. Will the Targis Prime armor ever coming back? I really want it 😞
  10. I don’t live in the US or Canada, can I still purchase the Digital Pack? I’m in Asia. Will Switch players be able to purchase the Digital Pack and have access to Baro’s TennoCon Relay as well? How many days will the TennoCon Relay be available for? And will it only be accessible during specific hours?
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