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  1. Agreed. If I knew these items were only temporary I wouldn’t have bought them. Now that I know I won’t be getting them next time they're available.
  2. Oh no. I didn’t know these were temporary. I got the headgear but didn’t use it yet because I thought I get to keep it forever 😮
  3. DE Support has always been that way based on what I’ve heard and read from other players. Maybe they should hire more support staff.
  4. Edo Prime?? Again?? Why??? Was really hoping for Targis Prime.
  5. Yeah guys just open a ticket with their Support team and wait from them to respond. I need to be honest though, DE Support is abysmal. They take a long time to respond to tickets. I have a ticket open (regarding another issue), it’s been 2 weeks now and still no response.
  6. Thank you. I’m one of the players who bought platinum for the sole purpose of purchasing these TennoGen items. As someone who supported this game for thousands of dollars worth of platinum purchased, I also purchased every Access and Accessories Pack available on Switch, the TennoCon 2019 Digital Pack, etc. so of course I was extremely disappointed and upset by how you guys handled this situation and I even refused to support the game anymore because of how you swept a problem as serious as this under the rug. My interest in the game decreased a lot and I barely played the game ever since this happened but I just saw this post and I had to came back to the forums because I have to be honest and say that this is a small step in the right direction. I’m still definitely sad that almost all of the TennoGen I bought has been taken away from me and most of what you’re giving out for free I already had except for Octavia Diva and Nova Copra since I don’t play these warframes, a very nice gesture nonetheless and this is the kind of communication and update we need. We don’t want to feel like Switch players aren’t important because this is what you made us feel with the previous post and during the Switch stream. We need constant updates on this issue because what happened is a serious matter. That said, I posted a list of the items I purchased in the other post which is now locked. I just checked and I can see that I received 2,795 plat in my account. Below is an updated list of all the items I purchased (I crossed out the items that weren't affected) but I don’t know how much plat they’re worth. But yes, please keep updating us and if you guys manage to bring back all the TennoGen we had I might re-purchase all the ones I had again and go back to supporting the game and playing the game everyday like I used to as long as we get this kind of communication. Right now however I’m not confident in spending any platinum/money, also because Warframe released on Switch 6 months ago and we barely have a good number of TennoGen. So yes, I will just wait and see how this will be handled in the coming months. Thanks again. Mesa Falcon Mesa Graxx Mesa Marlet Mag Alata Mag Ferro Mag Induction Helmet Saryn Graxx Saryn Integra Saryn Nita’s Moda Mirage Methra Titania Lympharis Trinity Knightness Zephyr Hagoromo Equinox Divisa Gara Zamariu Ivara Youkai Loki Incubus Loki Kodama Nova Visage Nyx Aurelia Banshee Blade of the Lotus Polearm Phorcys Skin Garasu Operator Mask Syandanas Setka Teplo Repala Arcturus Sildarg Officium Scapulis Covenant Due Volpi Maharliqa Despot Cape Incubus Ribbon
  7. Why's the forum slow and buggy most of the time for me?
  8. What the heck? What are you talking about?? What fake news did I post?
  9. On consoles it’s 5. PC only 3.
  10. Honestly DE, what’s the use of this feedback thread if you’re not going to listen to the feedback?
  11. No that’s not possible. I even checked with Support and this is what they said... —————— For consoles, there are always 2 packs, the Prime Access Pack, and the Prime Accessories pack. The Prime Access pack generally includes the Warframe, Weapons and platinum, and the Prime Accessories pack will usually include Platinum, Skins, the Syandana/Sugatra and the Boosters. We can see that you purchased the Prime Access Pack, this pack does not include boosters or any of the accessories! We can also see that you have successfully purchased the Prime Accessories pack and you now have all of the items! Thanks for supporting Warframe, happy hunting Tenno ! —————— I mean, the description in the eShop is clear. They list exactly what items you get when you purchase the Access Pack and what you’ll get when you purchase the Accessories Pack. So if you really only purchased the Access Pack on Switch like you’re saying and got the armor and syandana then you shouldn’t have gotten them. You’re not supposed to get the accessories if you didn’t purchase the Accessories Pack 🙂
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