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  1. I think it would be great if we could get some new zaw configuration options. Tonfas, dual sword, nunchuck, sword and shield ECT. Also, to bring back the plague zaws/parts on a more regular basis, maybe plague star could be a 3 to 7 day event that shows up more than once a year. To keep the forma farming balanced, the standing could be reset back to zero after the event ends. Its such a great way to farm forma and i found the bounties very fun.
  2. Just lately I've been getting reset a lot while using my void dash, I notice it happens while void dashing over "out of bounds" zones, without actually going into them. An example is the void challenge room where u can void dash to the floor switch that opens the doors and sends out the bridge. On my way void dashing to the floor switch (which is quite a distance), it registers me falling off the map and resets me back to the beginning of the challenge room. Also when swapping between frame and operator, and then going back into frame, the frame is usually facing the opposite direct
  3. Shenobi Sage Shadow Clan Nintendo Switch Founding Warlord Featured Image: Our brand new Necramech Factory featuring Necramech parts and assembly tables, live welder, running forklift, and a gattling gun. Behind the Entrati inspired factory there is a pathway to the Cambion Drift Infested Dragon designed and built by Krysis Other rooms feature many hidden caves, multistory temples for meditation and healing. Giant mechs that are boeardable. A lost hidden city of flying shines and temples inspired by Gorillas The Lost Sword of Shenobi
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