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  1. So has the loading door not opening after completing Phase 1 of the fight not been fixed?? (The door exiting deck 12 back into the Vallis to fight the Orb outside.) This makes the fight a no-go for me because in the 4 runs I tried after this bug was introduced (in the hotfix that removed Nova skip for some reason I don't understand).. 2 of my 4 runs ended at this loading door after phase 1. Someone else in the region chat at the time said I had really good luck, and they had only like 1 in 6 runs they did make it past this loading door. Even if it is a 50/50 chance like I experienced, this makes the fight extremely likely to waste a good amount of your time and thus it is not worth doing imo. Phase 1 typically takes like 5-6 minutes with a competent group now that you removed Nova skip.. that's a lot of time to then just flip a coin to see if it was for absolutely nothing.
  2. "Just throw away 3 valuable Forma on MR fodder weapons you don't like using to get a pathetic 3k Nightwave points. 4Head" Wow. That's.. some... amazing advice, dude. To any newer players not sitting on 10k+ Plat: Please. Do yourself a favor and do the opposite of whatever this guy says. Please don't waste forma on junk weapons you won't use. You're better off grinding the Exp to forma something you really want or just ignoring the weekly challenge entirely. Missing 3k NW points isn't going to kill you, and if you really do need those points to catch up, you're still better off grinding the fugitives that randomly spawn in missions rather than wasting 3 forma imo. Ok. Cool.
  3. This is true. But why do I feel you don't realize the same applies to you?
  4. I disagree entirely. If a Nightwave challenge is unlocked but still uncompleted most rational people would still have some incentive to come back and do them. You could still have new challenges revealed each week, but just remove their one-week expiration. I think that's a great idea, SilentEcho.
  5. Wow apparently I missed a lot of replies.. lets try some catching up, starting with page 3: Who is "we"? I don't see a DE tag next to your name so I don't know why you're using plural pronoun for yourself and the voices in your head. And please don't bring "hard" into this. Something taking a long time to do doesn't necessarily make it hard to do. For example if I asked you to move a 50 lb sack of rice one grain at a time, that would probably take a good while to do, but moving a grain of rice is still not hard. Profit Taker might be a "hard" fight--at least by Warframe's low standard in difficulty. But that's not the problem I have with this bounty, it's the rep requirement attached to it. Which you would already know if you had bothered to read my initial post. Well said. I do remember my low MR days. I certainly didn't have a few hundred thousand credits to throw at Ticker for rep tokens. And I was far more concerned about finally finishing the star chart than trying to max out rep with Fortuna or Cetus. Heck even as an MR14 or so I stopped griding Fortuna rep the second after finishing the two Kitguns I wanted. Only recently started back up by coincidence. As it stands, I would say Nightwave takes priority over other factions because it is time-limited, but you're right. Nightwave turns right around and demands that you have high or even capped out Rep with other factions. I see the goal of trying to encourage players to engage with late-game content, but as I have said in prior comments, I do not think this is the right way to go about it. Those incentives should come in the form of permanent content you can work towards, not temporary events that either you already have the grind done or you miss out. Like.. can you really not grasp the very simple concept that.. Not everyone started playing the game at the same time. And even people who might have been MR20 before Fortuna released could have taken a break from the game and come back recently and still not have Fortuna rep anywhere near maxed. I started playing this game like 2 months ago, and I'm MR 16, I'm already Kin in Cetus, and almost at Old Hand in Fortuna.. but that's because I'm insane and have a lot of free time. But players like me should be the far out there exception, not the expected rule. Why do they deserve to be punished for not starting to play the game earlier? They are here to do the event. But they can't do weekly tasks like this one. For no good reason. Yep. Even if you didn't have the star chart you could still get a taxi to an alert. I do see that as a positive. And it's similarly why I thought the Trilodon kill was questionable but acceptable. But there's no work-around for Profit Taker afaik. Ahh apparently my thread was merged with this huge general feedback thread to be lost and probably ignored till the end of time. Well RIP I guess. I said my peace, so I'll bow out for now. If you had something you absolutely wanted me to read, please message me. Good luck, tennos.
  6. Alright, I got some sleep, I owed you a proper reply. To also keep this in sight, your exact earlier comment was "Not everyone has to do everything. If all challenges were made so that a sub MR4 could run them then there would be no challenge. As Ksaero also said, you don't need to complete 100% of the nightwave challenges to get all 30 tiers, and even then the later tiers are cosmetic so you can't argue it from a Mastery Points perspective." Frankly I initially disregarded that comment because I saw as repeating the same first line as a previous comment, that not everyone has to do everything. I want to start by saying I think you are merely arguing semantics for the "want" vs "need" for Umbral Forma, and I think it's a meaningless argument here. If you really want to go there, this is a video game and nobody needs anything from it at any time. It's really all just stuff we want. But obviously we're all arguing on the forums because for better or worse we care about this video game, so yes I think a unique reward like umbral forma (UF) is quite important to players. I still think that's a very weak argument that a new player doesn't need UF because they might not be able to use it yet. No, they'll clearly find something to do with it later, and they might not be able to get it later if they miss out on it now. That's like saying you don't need plat if you don't have something very specific to immediately buy with it. Also "current builds" prove nothing because future content or balance patches might make current builds largely or completely irrelevant. But if you want to talk about current builds, even without UF there are still people running Umbral mods in their current builds. So back to your comment on the "later" stages of Nightwave. You are right that I missed that detail in your earlier comment, my apologies. But how do we define "later" stages of NW? Sure, 26, 28, and 30 are "just cosmetic"--though I still argue cosmetics are important to a great number of players. But 18 is a mod. 22 is a mod. 25 is an Arcane Energize. 27 is 3 forma, and 29 is of course Umbral Forma. There's also Wolf Creds among those ranks, which can buy much more than just cosmetics. And then there's the prestige system where ranks after 30 also grant Wolf Creds which can easily be turned into plat. So frankly, I don't think the "just cosmetic" argument holds any water here, even if I were to agree that cosmetics aren't "necessary." As to your arguments on free time, you seem to place a lot of faith on DE's ability to get know exactly how to do things. They mess up just like anybody else can. Sure, I have no doubt they know exactly what portion of the player base devotes a certain amount of time to the game, or has Fortuna rep maxed. But even so, we as players can still question their decision to wave a middle finger to that portion of the player base. Just because they have the information, doesn't necessarily mean they made the right decision. Player feedback can make changes. E.g. they thought it was a good idea to lock away Hyldrin's blueprint also behind maxed Fortuna rep, and player backlash seems to have gotten a promised change for that. Frankly I did not think this game was worth playing back when I first tried it in 2015. But a mountain of changes have been made since then, and now I tried it again and loved it. Part of what has made a great game today is that DE did not settle for mediocrity and has continued to make changes and improvements to it. And yes, people complaining can be a part of that process for positive change. Even if DE disagrees with me and thinks weekly challenge is perfectly fine--and if so they might make others like it--I'm still satisfied I at least attempted to have my thoughts on it heard.
  7. Lode. You're wildly misrepresenting my opinion. To say the least. Go fly a kite dude. Starfreak, I need some sleep to be able to give you a proper reply. So I'll get back to you, m8.
  8. Bro I don't think I'm HARDCORE enough to waste my time talking to you. Come back when you mature past the point of thinking you should be entitled to having your opinion heard when you clearly pay no regard for that of others. Or.. just don't come back. That's cool too.
  9. I believe you also forgot the event exclusive mods, which may or may not turn out to be any good, but they are not cosmetic and if they are good, will be highly desirable and probably a huge PITA to get otherwise. There's also other not-just-cosmetic rewards are imo quite significant: such as potatoes of both colors, and even things like crucial Auras such as Corrosive Projection are now tied to this Nightwave system. So no, it is not just cometic. Not that I would view that as a strong counter argument, since I think cosmetics are pretty darn important in Fashionframe. "What person who can't access Profit Taker needs an Umbral Forma?" Literally all of them. Umbral forma is at this point a completely unique reward that has no other means of acquisition. So yes. Literally everyone should want this. Everyone's free time availability is different. Some registered losers like myself have plenty of free time and I knocked out that 1 hour survival with no problem at all. Other people might only have one or maybe two free hours a day they can devote to gaming--if that. Assuming everyone has the same amount of free time you do is quite the flawed argument indeed. That "choose a different game" comment could easily be its own separate debate, one I might find interesting to participate in, but right now I need sleep. So for right now, I'll just say that's probably a bad business model to push away your customers if they can't commit to marrying your game before they go on the first date.
  10. Well thank you for taking a crack at this. Although my brain is demanding sleep now so I'm not entirely sure I'll be up to the task of defending my point. But let's see what I can draw up to put off sleep some more. 1. I would argue weekly challenges like Profit Taker are a punishment for players that have not been playing the game long enough, rather than an incentive. I don't think this is merely semantics, as the distinction is an important one imo. An incentive might be something like non-vaulted Prime frames. "Hey, that frame you like? There's this shiny, cool looking version with maybe some forma already on it. You want it, don't ya? Work for it!" That is what I view as an incentive. This is a punishment imo. Not Old Mate with Fortuna? Not in range of getting there in <7 days because of daily rep caps? Well F you then. You're not getting these points. And you never will because it's a time-limited event. And as a consequence the rest of the event will now be less rewarding for you. If this were permanent content added to the game like a new faction you just grind up rep for, I would have no issue with the Profit Taker being one of the possible challenges for it, and I would in that scenario agree it is an incentive as something to eventually work towards. But that is not the case we have here. 2. Yes, certainly getting things like the Umbral forma or event-only mods will be made far more difficult by inability to complete these high point value tasks. That's definitely true, and I suppose that would be why the flaw in this design is worthy of complaint imo. But that is not the focus of my posts here. Currently I'm mostly arguing that a weekly task like this is inherently flawed because it excludes many players from even attempting it. And I do still maintain that exclusion is mostly arbitrary. There was no need for them to designate something that requires the max rank with a faction before you can even start it. And there's not even any weak "for the lore!" reason since Nightwave as far as we currently know has absolutely nothing to do with Solaris United. Not that I would think that's a good reason, but we don't even have that. 3. Here again, I think it's more of a punishment than an incentive due to the fact that the event is time limited. I alluded to the Trilodon kill in my initial post, but truly I thought that one was acceptable. It was questionable, but at least it was somewhat possible for people who weren't set up for it to try to get it done. And I agree that it is good for the health of the game to push players towards these end-game activities. As it stands, why do we kill Trilodon? Well because.. you get stuff that makes doing Trilodon easier? Because you can make your warframe and operator even more overpowered, and/or sell the loot? Ehh? And why do we kill Profit Taker? Uhhh... ummm... because boredom? So yes. I definitely it's correct to add more incentives to those activities. But I feel this a wrong way to go about it. I think the right way would instead be to add permanent content which by its nature cannot be immediately accessible to newbies, but once those newbies put in enough time, they too can enjoy that content. That's again the distinction I draw between incentive and punishment. In summation, I would pretty much agree with you entirely if Nightwave were some permanent faction which required these things as part of its standing progression. But, because it is instead a time-limited event, I view these as punishments via what you will miss out on, and not incentives you can try to work towards--because you can't work towards a timed event that has already ended or will end before you can hope to complete it. I hope that made some sense. I think I should go to sleep now.. so if you wish to continue this discussion, I will likely reply tomorrow.
  11. Well, the "friends" part does not matter to me because it's very easy to solve that the way I have in the past: go on recruit chat, and just add somebody to your friends list. There's no requirement that this person must be your friend for a week prior to the mission or anything like that. You can even add people already in the mission with you and I think that will work. I agree that experienced players should be rewarded. I'm actually one of the people who thinks there should be more easily accessible challenge content that doesn't require you to waste an hour or two of your life killing the same junk in a survival mission before slightly challenging enemies show up. What I don't agree with is that this reward for veterans has to come at the expense of everyone else. Mind you "veterans" might also not have maxed Fortuna rep, either because they didn't feel like it was worth their time, or because they were on a break from the game when Fortuna released or whatever other reason. But a limited time event like this, I feel the wrong place to be rewarding veterans when it directly excludes people simply for not having been playing the game long enough. Limited time events like this already punish players who for whatever reason could not or were not playing the game at that specific time. There's no need in my humble opinion to double down and also punish players who were playing at the time, but hadn't grinded up enough Rep yet. I think the right way to reward veterans is to add permanent content which by its nature cannot be immediately accessible to newbies, but once those newbies put in enough time, they too can enjoy that content.
  12. But I do like complaining. I like debating. And I happen to like Warframe. And I also like giving suggestions on how to improve things I like, but I think could be better. I apparently misinterpreted that "behind his controller" comment you made. My mistake then. "F you, got mine" is an expression. It refers to an attitude of "I got what I needed or wanted, and I don't care if others did or did not." It is not a reference to your use of profanity. If you interpreted my comments as "give stuff away for free," then I don't think you read them very well at all. @Lodeion Hi, welcome. Unfortunately you are quite late to the party, and you're only repeating what has already been said by others and already replied to by me and others. Thanks for stopping by. PS: According to Steam I've put like 600 hours in this game, in like a couple months.. I think I might need help. If that's "hyper-casual" (did you really just say that unironically?).. then God help the human race for we are doomed. You obviously didn't read a damn thing written in this thread, and your "OMG the casuls!" response is frankly just memeworthy.
  13. "New players will never get Excalibur Prime. But do we complain.." Yes. "or quit?" ..no. But it is bull___. Somewhat understandable BS. But BS. I already addressed the whole 67% completion thing.. the problem here as Nezu touched on, is that they keep adding objectives that can't be completed by some people regardless of how hard they may want to or tried. So then it doesn't become "oh do 67% of these as your time or sanity allows"--which again I think is reasonable. And it instead becomes "boi you better hope you can even try to complete 67% of these, and you better praise your lucky stars if you can and get everything done that you can even try!" And yeah the addendum of "but hey good news! You can always grind those random clowns that sometimes spawn. That's a good way to spend your life.".. Yeah that doesn't really fix the issue imo. Dude you seem to be hard set on that "F you, got mine." mentality. Everything you write tends to boil down to "Well I found a way to get it done. Even if it involves people playing other people's accounts, which might be against TOS. So you better find a way, too!"
  14. I dunno, 3-4 hours sounds like a good bit of grinding to me. And as you say, this would only be to compensate for being unable to complete the weekly, not any fix for that weekly or the issue I see with it. Fine, you have some way to make up a bit of rep if you need to if you grind for it. Okay. Fair point, on a tangent. But again, my complaint here is not "I can't complete this and get my 5000 points." I can complete this. I most likely will. My problem is I think this is poor game design, and I think it can be improved upon. That's not what I said, and you should know that. It is impossible to do this week's for some people. And if some horrible reason this shows up again, it might still be impossible for some people depending on for example when it comes back, how much rep those people were missing, and/or when they started playing. Nice try with the return sass though.
  15. But it's Elite, bruh. It's ELITE! Hardcore! It shouldn't be accessible to everyone. You just chose the wrong faction. In all seriousness, I already addressed this in an edit as you were writing your reply. How about this one: Would it be okay for them to make an "ELITE Challenge!" that.. oh I don't know, you can only complete if your account was created before 2016, then next week's can only be completed if your account was created after 2016. Would that be okay? What? No? But it's Elite, right? You could have created your account before 2016. And you could make a new one for next week's. And.. I dunno try to transfer the rewards or something. Why that would be even more fair than asking for a Profit Taker kill! They.. they can't just work towards it. It's impossible. Because of the daily rep caps. That's.. that's the problem. Thanks for catching up.
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