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  1. Asked and answered. Alerts are gone, nightwave is the new thing. You can still get standing relatively easily but will have to skip on some quests. Arguably nitain comes in much faster, you can get more from nightwaves then you can get from alerts (incl warframe+weapon slots and forma bundles).
  2. Will need some more info here. what frame and build, what weapon and build? Are they maxed? The bossfight shouldnt be too hard, its 3 phases iirc with 3 invulnerability stages. Poses a bit of a challenge but should be completely doable.
  3. I must say that after comng home from a hard days work, drained and tired, i am both stumped by the OPs post and thrown into ravenous laughter by WhiteMarkers comment. Well done.
  4. Hey all, i havent been able to login yet but i see buried debts is in a new stage now. can we still get the opticor vandal? Last i checked we still had 8 days but this has me concerned.
  5. Having a full team does nithing to prevent leeching im afraid.
  6. I always see them clearly, id recommened checking your settings.
  7. That is bookmarked for inspiration! Thanks!
  8. Ahhhh the weekly fun posts. Dont worry OP, we have all been there.
  9. Hello fellow Tenno! While I am creeping closer to MR12 (should be able to do the test tonight), I am wondering what currently are some weapons I can focus on to prepare myself for higher level content (as in, lvl 80-150 enemies). I am still playing on the starchart (finishing up Sedna and Kuva Fortress) so next to sorties, I have never really dealt with lvl80+ enemies that much. I saved up most of my Forma, since I cant really decide on what weapons to forma first in order to be ready for the higher level enemies. What would be your suggestions for a relatively new player as a focus area? Primary: I have Arca Plasmor, Tigris (although I dont really like the reloads), Soma Prima, Amprex, Prisma Grinlok and some more. Secondary: Akjagara Prime, Lex Prime, Pandero, Gammacor, Vasto Prime Melee: Broken War, Orthos Prime, Atterax, Pupacyst Im looking at the Rubico Prime for Eidolon hunts, working on a Zaw, and considering farming platinum for Akstiletto Prime. Any you could recommend? Feel free to list weapons I did not list, I am happy to expand my collection! Additionally, some must-have mods would be nice to list. I have quite a few, but I am certain I will require loads more.
  10. Wow. This is pretty damn good. Bookmarking this!!! Also have an upvote!
  11. Easiest way for me that ended it superfast was doing the alad v assassinate. Dont rush for the boss, let the enemies trigger the alarms and wait a few. Always spawns a bursa. Once the bursa is downed, move onward and reset alarms, let them trigger it again, rinse repeat. should get 2, 3 bursas per mission that way. The type of bursa is random, but i got my denials quite fast uxing this method.
  12. I believe you are missing the point. Yes he could have used some of that time to get the standing, but the issue here is that to the poster, getting it is apparently repetetive and very tedious. In that case, i understand that with 19, 190, 1900 or 19k hours you would simply prefer to do things in the game that actually entertain you. In several games, rep grinds are detrimental to player experience, tedious and unnecessarily long. From the sounds of it, fortuna max rep doesnt appear to be very different?
  13. Might as well lock this. It is no more than attention neediness now. Arguing for the sake of arguing.
  14. Wow. Feedback, by the way, is best served constructive. This, is not constructive. and I have to agree with previous mentions; hovering does not equal flight. Surely both states are airborne, but you cant be serious if you think that that one ability, which is close to stationary, can be considered flight.
  15. Thank you all very much. So my focus currently will be this then: - Grab Lanka and build it. Save up for Rubico Prime because its an additional fun-to-work-towards goal. - Grind rep with the Quills for amps with X23-X27. - Focus on and build frames that buff damage for initial experiences (I have Rhino, but I might save up for Rhino Prime as yet another additional goal). - Bring radiation damage. - Build either an Iztal or Amesha (it will benefit me in regular Archwing content as well, and I like the sound of Blink!!) - Try and be Sortie ready if I can, never done one in my life, to get access to Rivens (I got one from the War Within and apparently i had one in my inventory already, unrevealed).
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