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  1. Third update on console in a row that renders the game inaccessible for a whole day. If we all see a pattern, why not act on it? I'd like a warning from you DE, besides "update in cert" Maybe: "Hey tenno, we polish the servers today, expect downtime :)" NOT AS RED INGAME TEXT, external accesabile. I recommend Twitter or a fixed post on your forums Updates are rough, no offense there. But the only information I get on this issue is from an angry mob in forums. You can do better, I believe in you, talk to your community! You are a company, not a socially overwhelmed programmer. (If you are, hire someone talkative) Pick up the mic, inform us! There is talk of ddos attacks around this time, but I can only sympathize with you if you voice it
  2. For 6 months no update, on a visual bug No statement or at least acknowledgement by the Devs I'm a programmer, I know code... NOTHING takes 6 months to fix If your Dad left 6+ months ago to get Zigarettes and didn't come back yet, while other families are fine... at what point we accept he is gone? Edit: your answer is a bit like: "my dad didn't run away, yours shouldnt have"
  3. August 21, still "bugged" No Defs respond to this topic, tho. Guess it's the new normal not a bug...
  4. I had the same issue, I think this happens every time you use up your last use/charge/count of a gear item. The slot is now empty and instead of the items following, moving their position - they get removed. I now add single use items and event gear to the very last slot and overstock on my frequent use ones.
  5. Hi, I was wondering about a (missing) hotfix for Wukong. In update 25.3.2 for PC, a fix for Wukongs Defy and Cloudwalker abilities to not toggle off sprint on cast, has been implemented. On ps4 this is missing. I changed my button layout since sprint toggle is usually used just once per mission. I'm asking because, there was another bug with wukong patched in the same update on both, Pc and console. (A visual bug regarding the appearance of Wukongs tail when equipping the Mithra skin) Is the mentioned sprint fix still coming?
  6. Hi, My (PS4) feedback on the wolf fight in missons: As a miniboss he's boring to fight, lame attack patterns, lame attack animations. It's usually a sign of bad design if a character(friend or foe) has a ridiculous amount of HP to stretch out the fight time. With Warframes dmg system it's a roll of a dice if your equipped weapons can even kill him in acceptable (sub 20 min) amount of time. Below MR12ish nobody even tries to fight him anymore In public groups. People just dodge the game. ("Amazing" gameplay mechanic in my opinion and a clear sign of a failed design). On defence missions he breaks can your objective if no-one in your team can kill him, you HAVE to abandon the game. And even worse, the fugitives...please consider removing that whole idea. 5x3 seconds capture time is ridiculous. The act/mechanic of capturing a target in a designated capture-mission was implemented so you can get attacked while fulfilling your MAIN objective, to add challenge and delay to this objective. I fail to see what is the purpose of the capture. OK they are escapees.. but we shoot them.. just make em drop dead... And now you removed the feature of capturing more than 1 at the same time...Something that required skill (killing the fugitives within close proximity)...but now its just click and wait -> the definition of fun Next, which drunk maniac slipped on the dmg distribution of the fire grenades/molotovs? The ffnn hammer doesn't even deal half as much dmg. Most warframes are squishy, not tanky and get one-shot by the fire grenades - thrown by an invincible enemy.... Amazing idea again. You cheese-fight the wolf on 300/300 Shields and HP with magus elevate spamming for 4 to 5 minutes on low gear, just to - Poof - one-shot-molotov in the back from somewhere... Happened to me more than 10 times by now (lag free i might add) That is too many random factors to align properly for me to have fun. Weapon with riven(or other uncommon buff) + tanky frame + some way to heal or you WILL fail the encounter. (Or play ivara and 5xArtemisBow his "cant-see-wont-move"-face for even more (not-)fun). The stalkers damage caps and his void-damage-reset mechanics are much better, doable on all MR's, challenging and provide diversity within the fight. The wolf is too easy to fail unprepared and too easy to fight prepared. The only fun-middle i found was with e.g. bruiser-Broberon and a bad/ok melee weapon. I'm on endgame gear and into speed running sortie-bosses / raids. I come from MHW, so i'm no stranger to 15/20+ min 1-life-only bossfights with high frustration, i can handle failing due to skill but not playing Warframe lottery. The wolf makes me sad, im glad the first season of Nightwave is over and I beg you to never let the wolf come back in his current form, especially his fugitives. Nightwave in general is a very welcomed addition in my opinion and i support a designated assassin idea. Thanks for your time
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