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  1. Can confirm that since I moved to the standalone launcher, steam achievements do not unlock properly. I'm actively looking at my rail jack in the steam client right now and I don't have the achievement. Lulz I only log into the steam version for tennogen here and there now.
  2. Fulmin all the way. If you can't one shot it with shotgun mode, then that's your sign that it's time to leave. ;-D
  3. I've thought about this quite a bit over the years, and I think I have it narrowed down for me. 1. The gameplay loop. Combat is fast, fun, varied and despite what you might thing from the e-peeners on this forum, there's no true meta. Kill things the way you want to kill them, as many times as you want, or as few as you want. Your game, your call. 2. Despite what people keep saying about destiny 2, I go back and install the game maybe once every 6 months, the combat loop completely sucks. I honestly think the people saying destiny's combat is fun are using controllers. There's just no way anyone with a mouse, keyboard and a fully functional set of hands/eyes can enjoy that. As much as people malign the underwater archwing parts of Warframe, the entire game of destiny feels like it's an underwater archwing mission. Minus the verticality. That's not a dig, but destiny 2 is supposed to be Warframes main competitor and it just.... isn't. The reason this is a point, is that Warframe basically stands alone in that context. 3. Games suck nowadays. I know that sounds like an old man "get off my lawn" kind of answer, but for the love of God, this chinafication of gaming is just.... sad. To anyone that doesn't know what that is, lets say you make an amazing game here in the U.S. and 1 out of 10 people buy a copy. That's 30 million copies sold! If you make a mediocre game that meets chinese governmental standards, i.e. nothing racy, not too violent, etc. and you only sell it to 1 in 30 people.... well, you still made a funk ton more money than the amazing game only released in the U.S. It's sad, and it's the reason everything is starting to feel the "same" in gaming and movies right now. From a corporate standpoint, it's far safer to make a homogenized "samey" game for that chinese market than it is to spend the same resources shooting for the stars in the American market. Sucks, but it's true. 4. FPS with a legitimate sense of accomplishment. What I mean by that is that if you believe in DE, you believe that Warframe has a future. Your accomplishments won't just be wiped with Warframe 2.0 every year, like a CoD style "progression". I feel like my time is respected, because they're keeping the universe I am investing my time and money into alive and not just dumping a sequel to. I just like running around and shooting things. I like running around and shooting things even MORE when I know it has a net cumulative effect and results in my having something to show for it that won't just be eradicated when it's time to increase quarterly earnings for the shareholders. It's all just a hampster wheel, but the annualized releases of some games just make the wheel feel small and pointless. DE keeps this flagship product rolling and the wheel gets bigger and bigger. 5. Warframe doesn't DEMAND my time. I'm not forced to log in everyday for "bonuses" etc. They offer some bonuses (2 gallium today! holy smokes!) but nothing that is required, or detrimental. Because they trust us enough to go play other titles and to come back, I similarly trust them to be a good steward of my time and money. Put another way, if you're in a relationship with a person and you don't want to let them out of their sight or worry yourself sick that they might cheat on you at a party you're not at, then bro. You're not in the right relationship. Warframe is a relationship as much as it is a game, and despite some DE's screw ups, such as the cronyism and uber leftist elitism that was on display with the guides of the lotus program (No, we haven't forgotten DE) they are confident enough to let us take some trips away to other games, and to not be sitting up late at night worrying themselves sick that we might just NEVER COME BACK from our couple of week tryst we had with Overwatch.
  4. Dude, that's a crazy good idea! DE plz implement!
  5. I don't think I'm using archwing right. How do you barrel roll now? I used to fly around the place upside down and rotating, because it gives you hella vertigo and was fun, but I can't figure out how to do it now. Anyone got a tutorial vid or some tips for me since the update? That being said, it was never fair that Itzal was the only archwing that was worth using when the odonata and elytron both had such good utility, but lacked the blink.
  6. I was just commenting to another player yesterday that I hope the CY voice actor got a bonus. He knocked it out of the park! Can't please everyone I reckon, but for my part, his personality has been missing from the game. They should add in the ability to disable voices and loud noises though for their more.... delicate players. Also, an "I win" button that people who don't want to play the game can press to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, because yeah. That's where we are as a species now....
  7. I'm starting to think this is almost a left vs right debate, within the context of our game. I don't like to trot that stuff into my virtual escape from it, but I'm a libertarian. I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that you're a democrat @Vyra. It seems to be a fundamental world view difference that I think that setting goals in front of people and expecting them is a good thing, and others believe that their needs/wants should be provided for themselves, not BY themselves. What would you propose as a middle ground?
  8. Then you'll get there. Not sure I understand your argument. Are you mad when you boot up any other game and the "the end" credits screen doesn't roll because you ain't got time for that playing the game nonsense? On another note, assuming you're too busy working to have more than 30 min to play the game, you should have money to buy the end credits "I win" screen, que no? I'm not following that a person can have no time, AND no money. Those things seem rather mutually exclusive.
  9. I think the *content has to be for everybody* design philosophy bit em in the arse on this one. People that aren't stronk enough to fight their litch shouldn't have access to them. Equality of opportunity should be a thing. In time, you'll become strong enough to participate in the system. Equality of outcome mentality is what caused this drama.
  10. Maybe I'm the oddball here, but I play public 95% of the time. I accept that if I'm not in the mood to do other people's "thing" whatever that thing is, then I shouldn't be in a public match. I'm really shocked at how other people view public matches. If you don't want to do what other people want to do, then why on earth would anyone queue for public matches? If you don't want to do what other people want to do, then for the love of Space Mom, don't queue for public matches! Seriously, what is the point of queuing for public matches if not to do group, public things? Why on earth would someone that doesn't want to work on their litch inflict that on other players?
  11. Are you left handed by chance? I think this thread might have stumbled onto the problem, so I'm curious now!
  12. I like freedom of choice, (I'm a libertarian!) but a part of me was hoping people would be forced to interact in clans for empyrean. I don't think there's anything wrong with an expansion that just focuses on one aspect of the game, like one for clans, one for conclave, etc. I actually think a little more focus a couple of times a year would be good for warframe as a whole, even if a particular update wouldn't be for ME specifically, like conclave. PvP in warframe can die in a fire, imho but I really think a little more focus on specific areas would be good for the game as a whole.
  13. https://imgur.com/CkFcZ4k https://imgur.com/a/V0Zq7uD 30 minutes, 1 million credits almost exactly. Oh sweet baby jeebus, whatever shall we do? No selling, just index.
  14. Jumping in here to say that this railjack phase 1 is content released the RIGHT way. Haven't bothered with the kuva lich thing; still waiting on the dust to settle on that one. OP is subjectively wrong, from my perspective. This is a good update half update, whatever you want to call it, and I want to see more content rolled out like this that is a resource sink, forces people to slow down and take their time and lets us build/participate in something instead of the magic wand being waived and "voilla! things!".
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