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  1. The update today didn't address it, so bumping this again. Aquebex is making frame leveling a pita
  2. Checking in on this to see if the update today fixed the necromech leveling problem. I haven't noticed any issues YET, myself but thought you guys might have some input since you caught it first.
  3. Let me tell you from my second account here, that if you get scammed via chargeback, they will not, under any circumstances reverse said chargeback. First time I ever traded anything in WF and I got hit with a significant chargeback. Didn't think anything about it as MR20+ frequently have more plat they have sense (myself included), but when you start selling Rivens, from personal experience, you're setting yourself up for chargeback fraud. It's crazy how bad it is. Never sold anything again, nor will I. I just routinely cycle givens into the trash now. /sigh
  4. Speaking as a guy that lost an account after selling his first rivens, I can assure you that you were the victim of "bad plat" i.e. credit card scammers that buy platinum, trade it to people in game for mods etc, then when the owner of the credit card realizes what happened, and charges it back, YOUR account goes into the negative, and DE won't unban your account unless you pay for that plat at full non discounted price. I haven't sold anything in a year and a half because of that, nor will I ever again. Basically, DE Wanted me to buy like 6k plat to get my account back with no discount. Ha. H
  5. Ha, good luck hoss. I had to make an entirely new account after some chargeback nonsense last year. Took over 30 days to even get a response. Lets put it this way, only the brave or the stupid sell anything worth more than a handful of plat to people outside of your own clan. Count me in the latter group.
  6. This new hacking thing is exactly like a board game from the mid 2000's called Khet. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/16991/khet-laser-game Just putting that out there.
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