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  1. Regarding the Fortuna profit taker bounties can we get a fix/changes for Phase 1 data mass not dropping in part 2. The profit taker orb boss fight rewards feel lackluster. at the point were you fight the spider after you kills it the bonds you get are basically useless. it may be a bit much to ask, but can we get some of the Eidolon's arcanes or new arcanes added to the rewards for it on kill as well as some focus based rewards much like how the Eidolons give brilliant and radiant Eidolon shards. The profit taker orb boss doesn't seem to be scaled like the Eidolon's are. For instance you can solo the teralyst and the tridolons. most player can't fight the profit taker and kill it unless you work in a squad of 3-4. The damage it deal followed with the amount of enemies that can stun lock you can overwhelming most easily. Pairing this with the amount of shields it has (not to mention that when the shields come back it may be better for only half of the shields to come back) makes it really hard for solo or players not working in a squad of 3-4 to take it down.
  2. Synoid Simular firing sound has overridden the games music and is playing in a loop after my friend shot theirs a while back. moving away from my friend takes away the firing sound, but the music is broken and making a broken noise sort of sound. p.s. if i knew how to make gifs and upload them i would include the audio for it that i recorded p.s.s thank you for all your hard work, i know it must be hard to do what you do, mery Christmas to all of you at DE
  3. There is an issue with the spawn rates at max alert in some areas of the map like the enrichment labs. For instance we'd have only a few enemies spawn in per minute like 5-10 at max alert and they wouldn't spawn inside the buildings like they do at the space port and the temple of profit. not to mention me and my squad had to wait a good 10 minutes to start spawning Also are all the enemies supposed to have nullifier bubbles at max alert? it wouldn't be wrong if there were a lot of nullifiers, but literally everything that spawned in had a bubble and some of them even bubbles that you couldn't break without going into it and killing the enemies themselves. lastly there's something odd going on with the archwing boost in fortuna. It starts spinning you in circles it started happening after one of the last hot fixes.
  4. first off thank you so much for this amazing update it's awesome! But I noticed something a bit annoying when mining. When i'm in a cave mining ores my flashlight blocks me from seeing the sweet spot and the glow of where I need to shoot the beam in the first place.
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