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  1. The workaround for this is very easy. I have posted the solution on this forum and reddit, but because there is way to many know-it-alls everywhere, I deleted it. They might fix it one day.
  2. I'm just sad people like you exist here: toxic and arrogant over good advice. But crying when called out. I'm sure you can be a nicer person.
  3. Can't even muster a simple 'thanks'. What a salty little man you are. I'm sure you aren't watching any YT or twitch because you are so time effective. Good for you.
  4. When I searched to see, if this method was already posted, I encountered a lot of reports, so DE is aware, but probably doesn't see a need to do a fix and I can imagine why - so it wouldn't become the new meta over night.
  5. Indeed you are sadly not wrong, but I have a feeling it's worse since the notorious exploitive company took over.
  6. Quantity instead of QUALITY. You are learning fast from your new owners.
  7. Not the Sevagoth changes I was hoping for. I´m not noticing much improvement with Sevagoth’s Reap movement. It still lunges you uncontrollably and too far forward, completely unnecessary, since you have a group of enemies gathered right next to you with Embrace. Spamming Embrace is also the only effective way to deal with enemies, since the range on the biggest claws in game is about the same as a dagger. How come, claws deal primarily impact damage? 🤔 Shadow´s stance animation didn´t get any rework and is still too long, making it very clumsy and hard to control.
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Zephyr can't cast abilities after casting subsumed ability when hovering and gets stuck in air even if she's downed (floating downed in air). Jumped and casted Tail wind to hover, casted Eclipse and turbulence, couldn't cast anything else anymore (it said Ability in use for all abilities), nor could I land. Got downed in air and floated in air. After revive bug persisted. Had to abort mission. Tried it twice. Same result. VISUAL:
  9. The stance animation for Sevagoth's shadow claws has a strange feeling of delay to it, i. e. melee doesn't feel responsive, because it's still doing the stance animation from the previous attack. So all that twisting and swirling for one combo attack takes too much time. Also, the claws are huge, but feel not more like a dagger in range. And the claws hang idle beside the torso when meleeing and sprinting as Sevagoth's shadow (visual bug).
  10. Friends joining squads on PC is still NOT working. Just now, me and friend tried to join each other while in Orbiter, while in Dojo and while in a mission, but upon sending and/or receiving the invite nothing happened. We even unfriended, restarted the game multiple times and tried to invite each other while standing next to each other in our clan Dojo, nothing worked. Before update 30 everything worked flawlessly. I am able to invite other players (non-friends) without problems.
  11. EXALTED SHADOW needs more work: a) camera angle gets messy when in tight spots, under stairs or in doorways, b) animation delays or animations of Shadow's abilities are too long, resulting in being stuck in an animation more often then not when trying to cast the next, c) Consume lunges way too much forward, making it extremely frustrating to use. By the time you get back to the enemy cluster you gathered with Embrace, you will be low HP again (especially in Steel path)! SEVAGOTH: d) how is Sevagoth's passive supposed to work again? I can revive myself by simply standi
  12. When you announced, that Sevagoth will get it´s own quest, one did naturally assume we will get the parts for Sevagoth thru it´s quest - not by endlessly farming what has to be one the longest missions in game.
  13. The quest was extremely short (felt like 5-10 min), but I enjoyed it nevertheless, because it had a nice flow to it and an ancient funeral ritual vibe. As for the Void Storms: gigantic waste of time. I definitely won't spend another 15 min or more opening one relic on a bug-ridden railjack mission only to get stuck on extraction or someone dropping from the team. Why on earth would anyone want to spend way more time and effort with much greater risk of failure to do just the same as on a regular void fissures mission? After the majority will get Sevagoth, it will get buried and forgotten.
  14. You, me and the rest of the sorry lot are the unfortunate and unpaid beta testers. After the last major update was massively broken they promised better testing with a community test groups, but here we are a year later, asking where all the beta testers are. ONLY ON THIS FORUM WILL MODERATOR CHANGE YOUR TEXT WITHOUT ANY TRACE OF EDITING AND HIDE IN ANONIMITY.
  15. DE, you owe me at least 6 Anomaly Shards, because they are not being awarded after completing the Sentient Ship even thou they pop-up in the bottom left corner as loot.
  16. Armaments UI in Dry Dock hasn't been touched either. The new Zetki armaments don't appear in the Zetki category, Scrap wreckage wrongly shows armaments as Equipped (and protected), even thou they are just last selected.
  17. Camera transition still brakes/stops shooting with Voidrig's 4th ability. How on Cetus has that not been fixed yet after 8 patches?!
  18. Oh, another Taxi Service hotfix, how nice. All the new Corpus RJ-tiles could be done just the same without Railjack. And how long before you fix players spawning in Railjack instead of dojo? Before or after Railjack 10.0?
  19. Can only confirm what OP said. Pets have been neglected for the longest time now and they have reached an abysmal stage.
  20. Just out of curiosity: how many more Railjack updates will it take before players stop spawning in RJ instead of Dojo?
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