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  1. Straight after maturing it. Breeding pets is very bugged since a couple of updates btw. How many more nightmare abominations will it take before it will get looked at?
  2. There is a clear light cut-off, when standing any further out on the rocks. vs.
  3. The standards to work in the Balance department must be low.
  4. The mod description could be clearer, however, it's not a bug per se. Your calculation is still wrong, because the shield amount is calculated based on unranked stats, in your case 150 x 4.
  5. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Redirection It's calculated from unranked stats.
  6. Casting it doesn't use up any stacks, just the energy. The problem is that it is "locked" unless you have 3 stacks or more just like Ravenous. I think they didn't change the requirements for the 3rd and 4th ability on Nidus, when they get subsumed.
  7. Subsumed Nidus' 4th ability with Warcry, however, it can't be casted unless Nidus has at least 3 mutation stacks (same as Ravenous). I'm centrally not the first to report this bug, but unless they fix it while it's "fresh", it will be years.
  8. DE is again too slow to get NW updated and has learnt ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from last time. Even casually doing the missions gets you to the current cap at 60, while the season hasn't even ended nor are all challenges completed. How can you be so stupid to feed us these challenges and cap the tiers at maybe 3/4 of the max. points? All while no date was given when this NW will even see it's last chapter. Remove the cap from this glorified "content void"-filler.
  9. Except that even ESC doesn't work every time. :) I notice it most often in Eidolon hunts, not sure if they fixed it for Conclave, where you couldn't leave the game because of that.
  10. I salute you for your effort to get this fixed. I almost have the instructions on how to get out of RJ in copy/paste every time I do a trade, because it happens so damn often. Not to mention the rest of trade-related bugs like false MR8-locked riven trading, not loading into certain Dojos, unknowingly disconnecting from chat (so no one can DM you), Mod count displayed wrong, doubles of sold mods being uninstalled from builds etc. Given the current state of bugs in the game, I lost hope for a fix this year, as things are falling apart on all ends. Can anyone even name a part of the game th
  11. The whole look linking to determine what colors our pets have is a mediocre solution on it's own, but now even that is gone. I want to believe it was unintentional and maybe it will bring attention to the numerous bugs regarding pets. If nothing gets done about this soon, I suggest we flood support.
  12. How much does it take to make a (regular) change to the relic pool? Covid seems to be now an excuse for all and everything.
  13. I was lucky enough to get a Mod drop chance booster from sortie and run around 10 Isolation vaults so far with it, but no rare mods ever dropped. Given the excruciating pain of waiting around for timers to tick down in order to progress to the vaults and extremely slim drop chances, it's hands down the worst mission type. Not to mention the same exact monologues one gets at least 3x consecutively (3 Iso vault stages - yes, I know you can skip with NW, but c'mon). And the longer you wait with another batch of changes to drop locations and chances, the worse it will get, because some will die tr
  14. Sounds like a step in the right direction, but still ... meh. Still just as bad as the first community frame Nezha.
  15. What were you smoking when you decided to make a fish trophy the only reward for reaching Entrati max. standing? Doesn't get much more useless than that.
  16. TYPE: In-Game, Isolation Vaults DESCRIPTION: After killing 2 Necramech in Isolation Vault, I switched between operator and frame what got me stuck in my frame with all abilities deactivated (like being in a Nullifiers bubble). I had to die to regain the ability to cast, however, as soon as I switched to operator I couldn't go back to frame unless i got damaged enough to throw me back into my frame. After I had to exit my frame to do the last door puzzle in the isolation vault, I went in the vault to collect the loot, but the mission didn't update and I didn't get any rewards for completi
  17. Can't imagine jumping into threads to complain and argue with people about what complaints they should be making instead. But here you are (and in many other users topics too). Ridiculing a fair complaint just because you allegedly don't care (yet still persisting in this convo?). Must be a sad life you are living. Anyway, the new standing cap is still wrong either way and should be revised.
  18. The point is, that the numbers aren't in line with the new standing acquisition (100, 500, 1000, 1500 ...) as standing caps can end with 250, 750, so introducing these two things simultaneous is foolish and could be avoided. This way, some players (i.e. MR13 18250) theoretically waste half a token each day to gain max standing, as in comparison to others (i.e. MR14 19000). It's just interesting to watch how invested some are in defending such garbage decisions and bolster themselves as smart.
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