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  1. While I do enjoy having the "flow of battle" update, and it's seamless application to switch between weapons is quite an interesting thing, I am indifferent from it as It's led me to have to re-learn my comfortable playstyle. I do have to give my regards as far as updates are concerned and how nice they are along with fixes. It's good to see a game with prompt things. Here's some things... Using any Melee stance combo involving a RMB (Right mouse button) Causes me to pull out my primary when I stop attacking. I use LMB to attack with my melee while it's drawn. So I then start shooting things point blank when I want to melee instead. I have to get accustomed to either not using a combo, not bringing a primary or secondary, or use the actual melee button instead of LMB. Aim gliding with melee out, draws primary, which then must use melee button to slam down instead of the old "Locked into melee" LMB. I am displeased with Channeling having to be toggled. Used to press and hold for a charge attack, and released when the attack hit. Simple. But it being on a toggle, it's response isn't the best (albeit connection, client, or hardware) it doesn't want to turn off when I try to turn it off sometimes. I think it's off, and I've been chewing through energy like a bag of candy coated tootsie's. Not bringing any primary or secondary and running melee only is the only way to use stances incorporating a RMB combo, but this brings bugs: Was running orokin derelict and scanning Kavats. Melee'd with the melee button, and bugged my RMB to scope with the Codex and could NOT put the codex away, resulting in Zooming in with Codex when I wanted to block, as well as seize up and not scan when using LMB to attack. Forcing you to scan directly from LMB, and not be able to Right click, then hold Left click to scan. Bringing only Melee and Using LMB to attack, made using the sunpoint plasma drill in Orb Vallis not mine with a simple click while scoped in on a deposit. You'd have to shoot the laser, then scope in to the deposit if you want to mine. Unconfirmed if the setting to LMB melee attack is the cause. Also bringing melee only, means I can block manually, but manual block wasn't dropping when I released the RMB, leading me to have to attack if I wanted to stop Aim-gliding. I've eagerly awaited some changes before posting my viewpoint. Curious if there may be a fix for current bugs and if I'm in the minority on it. A "Legacy Combat" mode would be a nice addition. Toggleable in the options. If you think about it, why have holster speed mods now? there's literally no holstering time to switch weps. And Yes, I am aware that using a Macro to slide attack with a Venka all over the place is more efficient. But that's more boring than Guild wars 2's combat system.
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