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  1. I very much agree. I'm terrible for staying up late and the few times I have enough willpower to pull myself away I feel so much better the next day. Perhaps having the daily reset occur at 6pm local time would allow players to get more value from the boosters but avoid encouraging unhealthy sleep patterns. That having been said I can imagine there being real problems with staggered reset times on DE's side and there is probably a good reason why they don't do it.
  2. Same here, only elite I hit was 1500 enemies and 100 eximus, I play solo so I had to grind everything I could reach right from week one to get this far. Looking forward to season 2 being a little less intense.
  3. I see your point. I often imagine people to have the best intentions in mind or see people's charitable actions as without motive but I think I am a little naive sometimes. Your interpretation makes more sense from a business perspective and DE are first and foremost a business. I think it's easy to forget that sometimes when you watch prime time or devstreams and the company has a very human face.
  4. I do. But worse than that I'm less than half a level from getting my umbral forma from Nightwave and there is only a day or two left. Hope it gets sorted fast!
  5. As the admitted beginner in this discussion I see a lot of the talk swaying back and forth between older and newer players needs. This seems like a reasonable way to try and find that balance of endgame material for advanced play but I can't see it functioning easily within warframe because of all the points made above about making things accessible to new players. I see a lot of newer players getting very vocal about all the things they CAN'T have for free and can't get to easily and DE seems to listen because they are the potential future veterans of the game and they are more numerous and NOISY! From a financial standpoint this seems to make some sense and it's hard to ignore financial incentives especially when you still have big plans for the game and need the finances to get there. I think if this were modified to be a separate downloadable sandbox with all frames and mods available that was invite only it would be fantastic. Every level you played there was a mandatory feedback box to fill in and more direct contact with devs. Perhaps something for partners and 1000 day plus veterans. This could be a legitimate development tool to improve the game with pre-emptive feedback rather than reactive. An interesting thought experiment either way, I'd certainly enjoy watching videos of professionals dealing with that level of content even if I can't handle it myself.
  6. I don't think many games would give those kind of boosters away for free on a regular basis (correct me if I'm wrong). So at least give DE props for that. But to give you the choice to use it when you want? I know that sounds like an improvement they should make but bear in mind the platinum sales are what allows DE to keep going. If you want a booster that you can use at your own convenience when it suits you then a 3 day one costs 20 plat from the store, bargain! I used to think the same as you but I came to realise that they have got a tightrope to walk, trying to do as much as possible to keep players happy and entertained without doing anything that damages their bottom line, since expansions like fortuna and POE are all dependent on that bottom line remaining stable or growing. So spend the plat if you want the convenience please. PS I know this is possibly controversial to some people, just try to see both sides of it.
  7. A tool tip when on your relic screen that shows which items from within the table of possibilities you already own. It would make it FAR easier to figure out which ones to radiant and which ones you want the commons from. If you could highlight, say, The akbronco barrel and it showed you which components for that weapon you already owned and which you still needed. Edit: I think this may be coming as DE is revamping the relic screen apparently.
  8. Took me 5 minutes on base lvl 30 run because my friends and I are not yet all that good at the game but we were lucky and got the mask after 7 missions. Did not know what it was when I got it, I was after the sledge motor!
  9. I modded my soma to do cold and corrosive and did both challenges in tandem for efficiency, worth trying to be efficient since season 1 has been quite a grind. Looking forward to easier challenges in season 2
  10. An update on progress and timelines with regard to railjack would be nice since I know some people were extremely excited by the concept but are struggling to maintain the enthusiasm over an extended period without regular demonstrations of progress and/or discussion. (I can understand that you guys may be holding back for a big reveal at tennocon and I am excited for that possibility but please be aware that if that's not the plan and there is no railjack at tennocon, then for me and perhaps for others that disappointment is likely to outweigh the excitement on the day and sour the experience.) Thank you for all your continuing efforts as a team, your love for the game shows through in what you are creating.
  11. If you want to get valkyr to try her out why not go into chat and ask for a taxi to the boss fight to Farm her. It's worth watching YouTube videos on the fight before hand so you understand what the fight entails and how you can help in speeding up the mission (even if it's just distracting alad v while the others finish off zanuka) Ill be onto farming her in a few days once I get my next warframe slot so if you're still needing help message me, *scrobledublezip*
  12. Hi mate You are likely to get more replies if you are more specific about your situation and needs. Your mastery rank is useful to know as some people have minimum requirements. Best bet is to head over to the clans page, have a browse of the clans there and see which ones are xbox1 and open to new members. Send a few messages out and see what comes back. https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/ Some of the small ghost clans with a handful of members might be fun if you want to help develop the clan whereas a larger more established clan might be better if you want to have access to completed research trees and several higher ability players online that can teach you or help you with missions. I've started my own clan and gone solo for the enjoyment of completing the challenge myself but I must admit, doing it again I'd probably join a clan for the help in completing some of the more annoying missions (interceptions and boss fights in particular) which have limited my progression through the map and having access to people outside of missions to chat with about my blind spots. Good luck
  13. I've been on the wiki quite a lot already, guess I just haven't found the right pages yet. It is a truly massive resource to have available and testament to the level of dedication to the game that the community has. Well so long as I'm already in the right place I'll keep plugging away at the pages and absorbing the info, the builder is a new one for me though so I'll have fun playing with that. Thank you everyone for the info.
  14. Hi there Been playing 3 months now, taking it slow and learning the controls, mod system etc. Got me a rhino and stuck with it until now. But I'm starting to expand into the new frames that I'm farming and I wanted to learn more about the different warframe abilities and synergies and playstyles. Unfortunately I'm struggling to find detailed information about how warframe abilities synergise and what playstyles that opens up, I just tend to find "my mod setup" type info which just doesn't give me the overview I need to know what is possible. I'm about to resign myself to spending a few days doing nothing but simulacrum with each frame to try and notice when synergies occur but I know I'm going to miss most of the finer points. Does anyone know of a GOOD resource to learn these kind of details?
  15. What time zone you in and what hours do you usually play? Useful info for anyone considering joining you.
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