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  1. Thank you DE for the Nightwave intermission, season one made me feel a little burnt out by the end but after a while without it I realised I missed it when it wasn't there. And I have to say adding a colour palette into the rewards got me super excited, more so than the aura forma.
  2. I would appreciate a larger than average wad of ducats for the twitch drop as its not long now until tennocon when baro opens wide his back catalog of treasure for us all to decimate. I'm farming like mad but I need several thousand more to make best use of the opportunity.
  3. An update on progress and timelines with regard to railjack would be nice since I know some people were extremely excited by the concept but are struggling to maintain the enthusiasm over an extended period without regular demonstrations of progress and/or discussion. (I can understand that you guys may be holding back for a big reveal at tennocon and I am excited for that possibility but please be aware that if that's not the plan and there is no railjack at tennocon, then for me and perhaps for others that disappointment is likely to outweigh the excitement on the day and sour the experience.) Thank you for all your continuing efforts as a team, your love for the game shows through in what you are creating.
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