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  1. Good that the fixes for the issues we are having on Switch with Nightwave and the textures will be fixed on this update. I hope that the issues with the fishes are fixed too. And since it was not mentioned, I believe that the load times issues, I mean the long time the game keeps on the black screen until it start loading, as well as the "pink" dots on plains of Eidolon, which happens until the game loads the texture properly, will be not adjusted on this update.
  2. This is happening with me too. Sometimes I need to do the the same mission two times in order to show as complete.
  3. This is happening since the last updated. The footprints are gone. The same goes to the fishes. They are not "shining" anymore after use a specific item. Which made fish a lot worse for me.
  4. I am having a lot problems with Nightwave missions. Every time the missions are updated, during my first login, the new missions appeared as complete, and when I start any mission, nothing I do, will count towards any mission. Just after one mission that the weekly challenges appeared. And the worst part is that, sometimes the mission resets. Like one mission I needed to kill 20 enemies with a head shot, when I was on the 14 mark, when I started another mission, it start counting from 0. And this is happening frequently, yesterday I saw that I need to "animate" 3 Ayatan statures. Since I had about 7, I decided to do the mission right away. So I put the "stars" on it, Nora greeted me for completing the task, the amount of points were credited, but it was showing that I did not do the mission. And them I did it again, she greeted me again, and the mission was marked as completed, the points for the second time was not credited as expected. And also noted that the game is not sending inbox messages properly. After I completed the last mission of the rebuild the relay properly and it took an awful lot for the message arrive on my inbox, and the same goes for all other missions. Also, this might be affecting other things, like the Stalker, yesterday I killed 5 6 bosses and the stalker did not threat me.
  5. Since the last update, I have been facing some delay on messages been delivered to the inbox. Every time I complete a quest, it is taking an awful lot to arrive the message, after I did the last part of the mission, which is to protect the relay from attackers, it took almost 5 minutes to be delivered. Even doing normal quests which required inbox to continue.
  6. I have played more last days, and I have a few more things to report. On the Dojo, now when you open the map, by pressing "-", it is open the legend in the bottom left corner, which is weird, because the legends is above the chat window. It is impossible to try to capture animals. It does not work properly, because the animal footprint is now showing, before the update this happened once in a while in very specifics places, but now, is not working at all. Which is making the "6 different perfect captures " almost impossible to complete, because you need to go after the spot to call the animals "blind", which is not fun at all. One thing that happen yesterday, was that I claimed one item from the foundry, and then when I checked my inventory, the item was not there, and when I checked the foundry the item was there waiting to be claimed again, and when I tried to do so, I was informed that I had no room for new weapons, and I was sure that I have one spot left. Also, now when syndicates are attacking, it is not possible to see the lights blinking, just the syndicate representative saying some stuff.
  7. Pink dots or something like on the plains, was happening for me, prior to this update. Just rush with the archwing, and this pop out.
  8. One thing I noted now is that, when trying to decorate the orbiter, the texts from the menu is incorrect. Showing something like : <Dojo_Selection_stuff> stuff Also, the same goes on the foundry, on the below part, where show the time it will take to build the item.
  9. After playing more today, I saw that the faces of other characters, during messages, like Darvo and the others are too dark.Like Nef Anyo in a index quest, was almost impossible to see. Also, my switch when playing in dock mode, is noisier. I mean, it is the first time that I play the game, and the console is doing a lot of noises, dissipating the heat. Any someone else noted this ?
  10. This happened for me, for a long time. The mining spot is there, but the dots never appeared, it was not something that happened frequently, but happened like 2 times in 30 attempts, both on the Plains and on the Orb Vallis. The same goes to animal captures on Orb Vallis, sometimes the hunt did not start after pressing Y, and sometimes after pressing Y, the tracks did no appear.
  11. It was kind of shocking when I saw the bald operator, yesterday. I hope this is easy to fix.
  12. Loading time increased since the last update, and with this one, I have the impressions that it is getting longer. Sometimes prior to or after a mission, the black screen stays there for more than one minute and after this the game start loading.
  13. This was happening before the update, on the plains and and orb vallis. On Orb Vallis also happens to an animal capture no start after pressing Y, and no options to press Y.
  14. I was about to complain about this. Using the mini map, is not showing the arrow indicating the player, the companion is there. And this is kind of frustrating, because I was so used to use that as a reference. Another thing that I note is that, there is some bugs on the textures. I was playing on Gabii on Ceres, and on the walls and floors have some issues, like a part of the wall / floor blinking. The bald operator. For some reason the operator is appearing bald, that was a horrible sign. It is a pity that, the black screen prior to start the loading screen is still there. It stays like that for more than 1 minute and them start loading. It could be my impression, but the game is looking prettier on Switch, need to play on Fortuna and Cetus, mainly Cetus on a high level mission in order to see if the performance is more stable there. Nonetheless I would like to thank you guys for the hardwork.
  15. I really thought that Gauss would play different. And hey the Twitch drop worked this time, 2 out 3 not bad. Only the stuff I need fails, like, I never got Ducats.
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