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  1. I saw that too. At first I thought that I did something wrong, but it is happening constantly. The first trap works, the other have no effect.
  2. It is so damn bad when you playing survival, in a good room, where you can keep up with the killing, and the someone join, and start exploring, and breaks the flow.
  3. I agree. The amount of Kuva should be higher, in order to make the grind less painful. Also, on Kuva survival, I am in, for got some requiem relics there too.
  4. Me too. Thats the "cool" part, you hold the trigger a little longer, the radius will knock you back, and two hits and gone. I mean one shot for the shield, and the other kill you the same way. So technically, I am just killing myself ... And the infested ? Man, I lost the count of how many times I was killed with just one punch.
  5. What they have done to Staticor... All the fun that the weapon has the offer is gone. Like, I still able to shot my foot with the arca plasmor, pox and others, but Staticor is barely playable now.
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