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  1. Ducats, drops never works for me. Let`s see if it works this time. Too much stuff to grind recently, no time to open relics. I mean, common relics. Killing the Lich, became something very, very frustrating and not fun for me. Doing Kuva Flood / Siphon, in order to get one relic, and them open those requiem relics on Kuva Fortress, with enemy taking ages to die, and anything killing me while my weapon reload, for a chance of getting the mode I need, and them figure out the correct order, is making me think, if I really want to do this. And I even do not know how the new mode, railjack works...
  2. Is it possible to include requiem relics, as a Syndicate reward ? Also is it possible to rearrange the void fissure mission ? I mean, it would be good if some survival ones appeared on Uranus. And since Arch wing is thing now, never considered void fissure missions to be played on Arch Wing ?
  3. Good for the ones who missed the drop of the Galaxion Vandal, and not good for the ones which already got one. And considering that mixer drops barely works, I putting my expectations very very low in getting one.
  4. I am very curious to see how, this update will run on Switch. The last update caused some weird things on the game, like an strange Purple glow on some surfaces, like the water on Void, Alad V eyes on Jupiter and some light bulb kind of thing else where. It is also having some performance issues, on places in which I did not remember having such issues. Like Mutalist Cernos is breaking the game. I was playing a survival mission o Phobos, with it, and the effects of the bow, was causing the frame rate to dip so bad, and when the time, to claim the relic arrived, it was not possible to choose the reward, nor select a relic, because the game was performing so bad, that was not accepting any command, and kept like that until left the mission. Selecting mode, and relics are also having some performance issues.
  5. I must say that, all this new content are not clicking for me...
  6. The pre-show just ended, The big show starts now.
  7. it is just started. You still may catch the special announcement, They announced like 3 awards.
  8. So, What I need to watch in order to have a chance of receive the Drop ?
  9. Greetings ! On the past I created this topic here : https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1105909-mixer-sync-mixer-link-expired-try-and-refresh-your-info/ In order to see if I found a solution for fixing the constant refreshing of the account linking. Time passed and since almost one month ago, I am not able to link my warframe account with the Mixer account. The process goes fine, and the page even says that the link was successful, but as soon as I refresh the page, it shows that there is no account linked. I opened a support ticket, but the guys there are not caring that much, but they always said, to delete cache, try another browser and so on, and barely read things I wrote. I have been trying to link my warframe account with my mixer account, on 8 different devices, 5 different browsers and it just not work. And I do believe that, something might be wrong with my warframe account. Because, on the very device which does not work the linking, I am able to link and unlink, my daughter's account without any issue. So, is someone else having this very same issue ? And on the meantime I am just losing goods from the streams....
  10. I am kind of disappointed. The previous intermissions were cool, because it was a "quick" event, and this made it different from the main season. It was a nice ideia put things from season one, for those who were not able to get it, but the fact that, this intermission and the missions are basically the same, it is not something I liked.
  11. Is there any other major update for the Nintendo Switch version, focusing on boosting performance and overall improvements ? Also, please, remove the Ivara Blue print drop from the same missions as the Neuroptics. Or change one for rotation B and other for C. I am playing this for like 600 hours, and I got 5 neuroptics and no blue print. This is so frustrating... Also, if possible, talk with Nintendo and allow the possibility to buy prime access, platinum and son from the Brazilian Nintendo web store, this one : https://store.nintendo.com.br/
  12. I watched the presentation as always. I always enjoy the show. But sorry for complain again, but every time that the drop is something nice, it never works for me. Nor for my account linked with twitch prime, which, by the way it did not work on the ducat drop on the previous presentation, nor on my other account linked with mixer, nor for my daughter account linked on mixer, and last drop, the ducat drop worked for both, I really don`t understand how this works.
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