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  1. Planet: Uranus Main Enemies: Infested & Wildlife Event Enemies: Grineer Lore: The Tenno are called to assist with a civilization to proud to ask for help to free themselves from the tyranny of Tyl Regor as he uses their people to mine and collect resources to further his projects. but during a mining operation it released a infestation that were asleep all these years. while the Grineer fought back against the infestation due to the area being their best massive operation on the planet the people, NAME PENDING, decided to uprise and quickly in the chaos began to fight back against the Grineer. while they lost most of their working areas to the infestation they were able to hold down the main area and turned it into a refugee/ staging camp. after fighting for weeks on end to regain their homes and lives they finally decided to ask for the assisstance of the Tenno to come and assist them in their plight. The Tenno would help them hunt down sea creatures in return for resources to help them build even more unique weaponry. at times they will have to come and disrupt Grineer attempts to purge the rebellion and regain control of the area. Free Roam Area's: The Depths outside of the semi dry sanctuary there is a large area filled with natural rock formations and coral reefs... but at the same time filled with wildlife from the size of a normal large fish from cetus... to that of a grineer dropship... and only a few species of fish are herbivores. Note: area is mainly done in archwing but can also be done with a special item that must be crafted that enhances your warframes endurance to the high depths underwater and help pull your warframe downwards as if you were in normal gravity in a open air world. The Infested Zones areas that are partially submerged in water while at the same time heavily infested with the Infestation that have devoured some of the slower wildlife to give them even more forms of devestation... although all only able to be used on Uranus. Side Note each zone has its own bounties and resources with small staging camps for the rebellion. look at Event to see side information. Possible Bounties: Defend the Inhalers a semi floating piece of machinery that was made to pull in a specific resource that is in the very water on the planet. the only downside is that when it is running the wildlife become aggresive towards the machinery as most of the wildlife is very territorial. Extract the Stranded due to the heavy infestation a group of salvagers is cut off from their path back into the camp and need the tenno to assist with leading them back to their safe haven at their own speed, not that of the tenno Retreive the supplies much needed resources were left behind in an attempt of preservation of the salvagers as the area was overrun by the infested. they need to retreive the large crates one at a time and move them slowly over to a teleporter pad while at the same time fighting off the infested. Events: Grineer Purging grineer have decided to go past the fact that they used all of the people for their own gain and have decided to wipe out the infested and the rebellion by setting chages to the sides of the peoples safe haven in attempts to weaken the armor to the point they will collapse and kill everyone inside... could also have a downside. while the grineer continue to attempt to destroy the main safe haven the other zones can be breached and will require a small event to have a team of the planets people repair the break in the zone but need a team of Tenno to defend them from the areas wildlife to do said repairs with what resources they have. Side Note if a zone is breached that zones bounties and resources are ungatherable until the zone is repaired and the water has been cycled back out into the ocean. ALL OF THIS IS STILL PENDING AND A WORK IN PROGRESS AND I WILL HAPPILY TAKE ADVICE AND TIPS
  2. kind of based it off of them a little bit but not all to much. main idea of it was for the mirrors to reach enemies in those hard to reach places and reflect damage back to enemies.
  3. Passive- still thinking of good passive first- Rebounding Mirror summon a mirror that bullets bounce off of once and can be cast multiple times and charged for longer duration second- Shatter Leave behind a body made of glass that explodes once it takes enough damage with slash and puncture status third- Return to Sender cover body in armor made of mirror that reflects an amount of the damage back at enemies with greater force but does still take damage only at a lesser extent. fourth- Body Double create a body double that does everything you do but in reverse. Has your own weapons without the mods and has a high health but will shatter once duration ends or it runs into a physical object lore still work in progress just like stats and abilities
  4. Identity: The Devourer Faction: Infested Ways to earn Death marks: Phorid, hive, killing set amount of juggernauts. If Tenno is beaten: mission will be a lost and Warframe will be taken and be unusable. to regain Warframe: doing the same mission as Warframe is turned into a infested version without the mods and must be defeated and purged of the infestation. abilities and lore still a work in progress
  5. Passive: with every piece of damage hitting Warframe it assists with filling up the Stability meter. Stability meter slowly fills up over time and will reset when certain abilities are used for more powerful abilities. first- Hail Mary first grenade- frag will explode 5 seconds after being thrown and can be charged for farther and stronger throws. Will pierce armor and shields. Second grenade- napalm Releases an amount of flammable material that sticks to all surfaces inflicting fire damage third grenade- shockwave when thrown will explode on contact knocking down enemies and can be charged for bigger area fourth grenade- proximety once thrown it will detonate once it’s sensor is tripped after several seconds second- transfer Throwing the building up unstable energy into a enemy when said enemy is killed it will explode and inflict damage depending on how much the Stability meter was filled third- blow back Focusing energy into arms will create a blast affected in a limited area in front of frame to damage armor and cripple shields for a small duration fourth- release releases energy from body with more deadly force than what occurs with transfer ability but will knock down allies should they be caught in the blast and will greatly disorient all enemies affected and make unaffected enemies accuracy drop should they shoot into the smoke filled area LORE: there are Warframes that are great at taking damage, giving it out, and causing chaos... so of course there’s one that destroys and reshapes the very environment to its own advantage. Experimental energy was put into its body and proved to become highly unstable the more it was pent up. note: valkyr was the creation of corpus so Thermis could possibly be the creation of the Grineer stats still a work in progress as are abilites and lore.
  6. Forgot about that... thank you for reminding me
  7. Passive- Absorb the bodies of fallen hatchlings to grant increased armor- much like rhinos iron skin First- Broodmother Launch a collection of eggs that can be charged to release even more that hatch after a few seconds. Every hatchling alive drains energy by 0.2 every second Second- pheromone Causes all live hatchlings to target specific enemy for a amount of time with increased damage Third- Insect Evolution Depending on energy color can can in a area to give affected hatchlings status affects depending on energy color and will explode when killed inflicting said status on nearby enemies Fourth- Nest Create a area that strengthens allies and hatchlings with enhanced health and health regen lore, stats, and abilities all still a work in progress
  8. Fused with the energy of the void itself it is a animal to be reckoned with. Precepts: Void Leap teleport to a enemy to deliver a stunning blow at a set distance away Void Burst release built up energy into a explosion that sends surrounding foes flying stats still pending as are lore and abilities
  9. Just popped in my head so it was just thought up as nyx was on mind at the moment
  10. Passive- first- crystal wall Slam fist down to create a temporary wall to either relieve enemy fire or cover retreats, has duration and health second- shard scatter Send a blast of crystals from arm in a area of damage that causes status depending on energy third- Name pending Turns herself into a decent size boulder of crystal to knock down and run over enemies and does status depending on energy color Fourth- gem deposit Create random pillars of crystal that give off a aura of status depending on energy color and can be changed by frame by shooting it. Once duration ends they explode sending shards flying into nearby enemies with a chance to proc status depending on crystal still working on lore and stats as well as a few of the abilities
  11. Passive- melee attacks have a chance of causing no damage first- metal guard Right arm extends out words into a large greatshield that absorbs damage and can move around with it held in front of him with severally decreased speed. Once ended he expels all energy built up in the shield in front of him in a radius causing damage. Drains energy over use and becomes greater the more it builds up second- metal spike Launches a metal spear that impales enemies to walls and leaving them stuck there as they pull themselves free. Only affects one at a time but each enemy hit by flying enemy causes damage depending on size of the affected. third- proper blend Will enter a duration of invulnerability to increase resistance to damage types currently hitting Warframe with the cost of lowering other resistances fourth- titanium gauntlets enters a melee only stance and cause massive impact damage in a area of effect LORE was built to endure everything that was thrown at it while at the same time making a versatile fighter that is hard to put down. Shields are lower with high armor and health with a low speed as well. stats work in progress as well as full lore and abilities.
  12. Kavat was bred to cause chaos among the enemy. precepts: Turning bite enemy bitten by Kavat will turn against its own allies for a small amount of time Dust devil will disappear to escape damaged while at the same time leaving behind a small cloud of radiation stats still a work in progress as is the name and lore
  13. This idea is purely made to be used outside of solo play Passive- ability’s fill a meter depending on how abilities are used for fourths use first- endure & weaken cast on ally to give them armor and small damage buff- gives 5 light cast of enemy to give them lower armor and small damage debuff- gives 5 dark second- favor & fear Ally is given increased health and shields for a small duration- gives 10 light enemy is given decreased health, armor, or shields depending on faction-gives 10dRk third- outburst Cast on ally to give random buff and charge to increase buff at the cost of Light in the meter cast of enemy to give random debuff and charge to increase buff at the cost of Dark in the meter fourth- Controlled Attonement depending on meter from ability use if the dark overpowers the light depending on how much gives a damage buff to all allies and self for a set duration and weakens enemies resistances if they are in the area if the light side overpowers the dark creates a area of healing and strengthens armor should they stay in the area depending on how much it overpowers the dark should both be equal Balance forces the energy from his frame to give a small heal to his allies and self while damaging all enemies in its radius meter must be filled to 100 percent to be used no Idea for lore or stats and still a work in progress
  14. Created purely for distraction and non lethal crowd control Echo uses a small sound cannon to disorient or blow back enemies over killing them. precept mods: sound cannon Fires a large blast of sound that blows back enemies disorient targets a single enemy and stuns them for a long duration as they take damage from enemy allies Shush will make all Warframe abilities and weapons silent for a set amount of time every now and then still pondering stats
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