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  1. Thanks for the tips and I’ll get right on it when I have time!
  2. Basic summary of usage taking fire from allies and boosting his own defenses in the progress to allow others the chance to wreck havoc on the enemy without worry of death Appearance work in progress Passive Gain 5 energy for every 20 health lost to enemy damaging Body Charge Using a enemy as a catalyst he charges into the enemy and continues to charge knocking over other enemy units and dealing damage to the enemy caught as his body shield in the charge. Bastion using himself as a catalyst he connects himself to all allies within range to take a percentage of damage they would take while also gaining armor and health for every ally affected Taunting Yell giving a loud yell in front of him all enemies turn their anger to him and will continue to follow him to try and kill him until duration ends or they are killed. Every enemy affected grants Legion 10 more armor but loses said armor as they die Shield of War when activated he generates a large tower shield in his left gauntlet and is restricted to one handed weapons while at the same time changing his first three abilities as long as this is active damage blocked with the shield is built up and released during ground pounds New first: Shield Charge Forcing energy into the front of his shield he proceeds to charge forwards knocking enemies out of the way for half the range of Body Charge and sends out a large blast in front of the shield at end of range sending enemies flying. New Second: Forward Cover Pushing energy into his shield he extends it out the sides to create a large wall that enemies are unable to pass through and shoot through. Legion can also move around slowly with this ability active but can’t do anything else. Allies are able to shoot through the wall and gained elemental damage depending on Legions energy color. Mixed energy color creates the elemental combinations and the shield takes energy when damaged to keep itself up. New Third: Dishonor banging on the front of his shield while releasing small waves of energy to manipulate enemy anger all enemies affected target Legion as he gains damage resistance the longer he taunts them and also increases duration in the progress LORE WORK IN PROGRESS STATS WORK IN PROGRESS ABILITIES ALWAYS WORK IN PROGRESS TIPS ALWAYS WELCOMED
  3. His passive only increases drop rates of energy if they die to elemental damage. but thanks for the tips and I’ll get right on them!
  4. You know just posted my own galaxy themed Warframe... didn’t even notice this one was posted... I will have to look through my own to make sure there are no similarities! Great job on the design!
  5. Appearance work in progress Passive Enemies killed to elemental damage in Cosmos affinity range have slightly higher chances of dropping energy Comet Dash Cosmos dashes through enemies knocking them aside to knock down even more enemies while inflicting cold damage. Orbit when activated enemy bullets that miss at instead caught in a orbit around Cosmos. Said bullets are sent flying outwards once ability is ended at fast speeds with minor punch through. Tip: Cosmos can approach enemies and cause bullets trapped in orbit to collide with enemies while at the same time using them up Sun’s Rebirth hold to turn energy into a gauge for a instant revive. When gauge is filled and death occurs be revived instantly while also exploding in a explosion of heat damage. Tip: for every revive more and more energy is needed to fill the gauge Supernova Hold to spend energy to create a large explosion and shockwave that increases in range and intensity for every 100 energy consumed and increases damage every 50 energy consumed. Also inflicts heat damage that destroys armor. LORE the Known Galaxy has had many watching over it as well as living in it... peace was always back in the days of old... but now... Grineer are tearing planets apart and terraforming then to their own needs... Corpus are taking over all for the sake of their own greed... Infested once again threaten to take over all known life... despite the Tenno being reawakened all of these problems still exist... guess its time for the Galaxies Janitor to clean up the mess again... only this time... It has help... Stats: work in progress abilities always work in progress
  6. Tried my luck with the numbers and decided to try appearance to get some practice in! Thanks again for the tips!
  7. Thanks for the tips! I do try and work numbers the only problem is numbers are my greatest enemies! I’ll try and update my formatting to make things easier and try my best with the numbers!
  8. You took the idea and completely made it into something I would never be able to think about... would you allow me to put this onto the page with a note about you creating the abilities?
  9. Will gladly take any tips for Appearance Appearance Standing just slightly taller then Hydroid he stands with a small slouch as the only noise heard is that of the gears and clocks that assissted in his creation. On the center of his chest was a clock face that ticked forwards with gears behind said clock spanning outwards and inwards. surrounding the clock was bronze armor strengthened by that of the void with steam coming around out the splits armor. Two pistons on his shoulders pulsing outwards every few seconds while tubing runs along his arms and down his sides to his legs. said tubes connecting to smaller clocks on the backs of his hands as they ticked in tune with the clock on his chest. Said tubes were also connected to pistons lining the back of his upper forearms. His helmet also connected to the tubs along the sides was that of a bronze bell... with another clock in the center of it. Passive When enemies are affected by abilities build up a charge in a Clock for final ability Forward & Rewind Forward- all allied units gain haste if affected and within radius of cast Rewind- all enemies affected rewind their movements but not bullets Revert Cast and area surrounding self that hits all allies to revert all the damage they took in the last few seconds and potentially remove status affects Clockwork create areas with pillars that slow down enemy units that pass through the massively Final Strike using the power built up in his clock he releases a large area of affect that stop all projectiles of those not of Warframes as well as the enemies themselves. Enemies affected take increased damage but do not die until abilities has run out. Health will show its damaged Fire, Ice, Portals, life, death... Orokin proved they could build each aspect and more... but despite their abilities to control life and death... they couldn’t fully control time... everything dies in Time. All Numbers are for Max Rank and will gladly take tips as this is my first time actually posting numbers! Armor: 180 Health: 400 Shield: 300 Energy: 250 Sprint Speed: 0.9 Primary Purpose: Tank/Support abilities always in a work in progress and will be working on stats for abilities at some point! Thank you to those in the replies for tips!
  10. Passive- when Frag doesn’t take damage for a small amount of time he regenerates energy First- Glitch energy causes self to teleport to a area randomly while also releasing energy upon arrival to knockdown surrounding enemies Second- Fragmentation release a small amount of clones that run around rapidly drawing enemy fire before exploding in a burst of electricity third- malfunction send out a pulse of energy that causes enemy weapons to malfunction and shot around randomly and rapidly and do increased damage to enemies before exploding doing small blast damage fourth- ANY IDEAS AS I HAVE NONE The Orokin created the Warframes... for what purpose? Many... it was only time before those who disagreed with their ways made one themselves... for what purpose? Revolution... or to just plainly screw things up stats work in progress abilities always work in progress
  11. Thanks for the tip and I’ll try and focus on how it would be played!
  12. WARNING ACCIDENTALLY POSTED THIS TWICE AND CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET RID OF THE SECOND ONE! Passive- enemies killed within affinity range generate a small amount of energy first- Serrated Edge grant allies and self increased melee damage for a time which durations increases for every melee kill you make with melee second- Marked for Death throw a ball of energy that marks surrounding enemies. Marked enemies generate energy upon deaths and grant increased damage for a short time to their killers third- judgement When active build up strength by killing enemies with a energy drain and trigger again to release a massive wave of energy that inflicts damage depending on what’s accumulated fourth- Death’s Cleaver summon a massive two banded weapon that does radiation damage and slash stats work in progress lore work in progress Abilities will as always be a work in progress... WARNING::: Just popped in my head
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