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  1. Railjack UI screw from an electrical emergency persists when leaving the railjack, TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: On leaving the railjack while an electrical emergency was underway, the UI screw persisted and remained for the rest of the mission, including Operator mode, Archwing, etc. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: It's unclear because it's inconsistent. I've left my railjack under the same circumstances before without the same result. I believe I left using the archwing catapult during the electrical emergency, rather than using the airlock. EXPECTED RESULT: UI screw aff
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: During the ground portions of Railjack missions, my camera arc becomes misaligned so that instead of ranging from 90° upward to 90° downward from horizontal, it ranges from a few degrees above vertical to directly backward, making aiming and bullet jumping upward impossible. Operator mode is unaffected, and switching to operator mode gives me a normal vertical aiming arc for my amp, but returning to my frame returns me to the broken state. VISUAL: This is the highest point of my aiming arc, at which the camera stops as if I'm looking straight up.
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