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  1. Oh my god, no. Please, I'm not even the only one who's explained this. "Number of DoTs" is literally meaningless. You can't not understand that. You could, however, easily misunderstand my post and be arguing with me for that reason. But I'm guessing that the reason you're arguing is also not related to the original reason for raising the distinction, so....
  2. I guess it's possible that you haven't had it explained to you at some point, but I'm skeptical.... If you have one piece of gear that so wildly outperforms everything else that using it seems mandatory, you can only do one of two things - build all the content to work around that thing, or ignore it and let players who use it blow through everything. If you make that the expected level of performance, you're going to have to adjust every other thing in the game to suit, which is a hell of a lot of work to avoid pissing off its fanboys - and then you need to decide whether you want the game to be similarly difficult and you need to buff all the enemies, too, and how to do that. If seventeen of these things are "5" and one is "41", making the seventeen things "41" is not better. Why would you even think that?
  3. Obviously it's very hard to tell how much armor stripping you're actually doing until the health bars turn red and Hildryn is a percent strip that never gets there, but I've generally found Ember to be the more useful of the two. Possibly that's because she does, unlike Hildryn, also have other abilities, and not a result of her armor strip actually being better - I guess the right build on Hildryn would make for an easier, quicker armor strip than Ember's could be at its best. I mean, based on "I never notice anybody using Ember" as the grounds for assuming no one is using her, sure. = .
  4. Okay, if a new game mode isn't "new content" because it's still a variation of the same game and the Ropalolyst isn't new content despite having quest narrative content, then I definitely think it's a useless definition of "new content" and I could be perfectly happy with Warframe never receiving any new content. Like, I'm actually surprised that a new frame would qualify for you under that rubric. Under sensible definitions, JC was a content drop, and a good one. But I really deeply don't care about the semantic game, because JC was new stuff to do combined with general improvements, and made the game a little bit bigger while making it a little bit better besides. (And it's not that I'd never want to see Warframe take any risks, because I think PoE, even if the parts having to do with actual Eidolons are mostly garbo, eventually fit into the rest of the game and paid off to some extent. But adding an open world area to a game that was a series of dungeons was also always a much safer bet than throwing spaceship combat at it.)
  5. Are you saying that those things aren't content, or that other people are claiming that they're not content? The Gas City tileset rework dropped in a set with Wisp, the Roplalolyst, and the first Disruption node, and the Ropalolyst is a part of the main quest storyline. Like, the "content" vs. "not content" argument is genuinely meaningless anyway, but Jovian Concord was absolutely "new content" in every possible sense. But yeah, no, I don't think "the community" knows what it wants 99% of the time, and that's with the understanding that I really mean that the individuals who make up the community, who only agree with each other under influence from watching the same Partner channels, do not as individuals know what they each want, before even beginning to ask whether they're right. Which is fine, I just wish that when DE ignored the forums and did their own thing it looked less like Railjack and more like Revised, and that when they listened to community sentiment it looked absolutely nothing at all like the recent Khora nonsense.
  6. If you want Heat procs, use Nezha, because his 1 and 2 are far more efficient than Ember's 3. I think you're either underestimating her 3 or overestimating Hildryn's 2, though, because Ember's ability to strip 100% of armor with a little work over a fairly large area with the caveat of LoS seems about comparable with Hildryn's need to repeatedly cast a fairly inconvenient ability (which, I mean, you're doing anyway to stay alive, but that doesn't make it less inconvenient) or Vauban's slow and steady strip of enemies in his Bastille. Hell, Mag can come pretty close to Hildryn's armor strip with her 4 augment.
  7. Well, no, but only Corrosive, Radiation, and Puncture have any armor-ignoring advantage and Corrosive and Radiation each do 75% of one of the two types of armor but nothing for the other. Of course, one of the main perks of being Ember is doing 100% armor strip anyway, and now that Viral is viable you can have weapons that actually work against armored and unarmored enemies, so that's nice.... Also keep in mind that armor values are so low now that ignoring 75% of an enemy's armor actually isn't quite equivalent to ignoring 75% of their health anymore. The comparison between Viral and Corrosive right now is also somewhat complicated by the fact that Viral has a status proc that does the same thing Corrosive's does but massively frontloaded and applicable to everything, so it's true that Corrosive does massively more damage than Viral against a high level CHG as a damage type, but it's going to seem less extreme in practice because of Viral's just-better status. So yeah, the fact that Viral and Heat have some damage bonus on Grineer is entirely applicable and doesn't get any more or less applicable as they're armor stripped, it's the same proportion. It's just that until recently it's been crazy to even try using anything other than Corrosive because Corrosive was getting a nearly 4x modifier at all times against the most common tanky enemies, and that's only a little less true now. Anyway, I wouldn't expect Heat to compete with Corrosive and Viral because the latter two are just broken and should not have launched in their present state. Obviously you didjn't put Heat on weapons before Revised, which is one of the many reasons old Ember was a terrible idea, with the ability to enhance all that heat damage no one was ever going to even think about using. But now, it's actually very good for free alongside Viral via Fireball Frenzy, since Heat and Viral neatly support one another, and although Ember's less good than Nezha at splashing around heat procs, you can still get quite a lot of them going with her 3, and then use Condition Overload on your melee with the expectation that everyone's going to have a first status effect for your first 120% damage and 50% armor reduction besides. Anyway, big picture, I think arguing that Ember is too similar to Mesa is a pretty weak criticism. She obviously has two abilities that are functionally very similar in the form of a DR and a conical nuke, one that is similarly nonfunctional by way of being a single target attack that does nothing, and one that has nothing in common with Mesa's counterpart except for being radial and having a defensive element. They play wildly differently, with Mesa relying heavily on her 4 all of the time (and having no useful augments, while Ember has like three good options) and having no real "cycle", while Ember is stuck forever in that 3-4-4-kill-kill-3-4-4-kill-kill-3-4-4-kill-kill, and gets her radial armor strip at the cost of a less effective nuke. You might even be using weapons much of the time with Ember - that only comes up with Mesa when you're doing an Infested mission and there's a parasitic eximus. It's a good thing to have more than one frame in the "DPS but with a little bit of defense" category with different play styles and aesthetics. It would be a bad thing not to. I don't feel like this is a controversial opinion. No one's using either of them in ESO because ESO hates frames that rely heavily on their 4s, and they are both that, and also because Saryn and Khora are better at it regardless, but!
  8. This is a good point I hadn't considered - the Gas City rework, like Revised, was another effort to go back and do the less glamorous fixing and fussing and improving the basic gameplay. Disruption is new "content" but kinda is a part of that scheme too - changing something on the star map instead of adding some other new thing on top. And we got the melee changes dribbled out over a long period to finally hit with the bulk of the changes shipping with the Old Blood. It honestly just makes it more baffling to me though. The Gas City rework was successfully pitched as new content because it came with a new game mode and a new frame (coincidentally one of the best new frames we've got in quite some time.) I kinda feel like they could be doing that across the board and fixing problems, rather than giving us new ones with liches and Railjack and so on, while still giving them something to sell.
  9. Revised happened, and while quite a lot of people are very upset about individual changes, I think it certainly represents positive change overall and attention to making the core gameplay work. Those changes are going to be divisive no matter what, because players invested in the game will always be attached to different parts of it and it will always take time to adjust regardless. Since DE had to expect that, I also think it's a good sign that they chose to go forward with a set of changes like that anyway; we certainly don't want them to be building their game according to whoever complains the loudest with no vision of their own for how all the parts actually fit together. Liches and Railjack baffle me though. I just don't understand what was the purpose of so much investment in things that seemed to add so little.
  10. She has a high sprint speed and a mobility ability that also has a sprint buff augment, and her most useful ability is an enemy speed debuff. A speed boost would be entirely on brand for her. "Antimatter" (but really just plasma, but called "antimatter"*) is her aesthetic theme, but it doesn't really have much to do with what she does in game mechanics terms. You'd expect her to be DPS rather than a debuffer, to start with.... Anyway, I see exactly zero chance of a frame getting a damage buff to weapons in any form as a passive. An AoEifier of some kind could be a good replacement for her clunky and mostly impractical 2, since turning damage into an AoE attack is what her 2 is intended to do, but then you have the problem of creating blast cones or raytrace spheres or whatever else for individual projectiles from a Supra or something and melting all the PCs. * Or rather, the plasma part seems to be the "antimatter" part. I'd say her aesthetic overall is more like "classic space", rocketships and nebulae and space suits.
  11. I didn't know that ability efficiency was scaled the way it is (as a direct cost reduction) until I'd played quite a bit of Warframe's content, and I'd been playing Mesa through a fairly large fraction of that. With a shield, a defensive stun, and an occasional ult for destroying a room or boss, she was pretty fun. Once I had a full-efficiency build and could simply use my Regulators on everything, she became a lot less fun. And she's even intended to be either stationary or moving at greatly reduced speed while using them, which I avoid by using a lot of bullet jumping and toggling the ability a lot. I imagine she'd only be even more dull otherwise. So yeah, I'd say full rework with some chance of heavy nerfing. Find some other way to limit Peacemaker than energy and mobility, probably involving a meter. Her 1 is unusually bad but she's really a 4 with a couple of accessories and doesn't really need to be built for anything in particular past duration. She's like the third most lethal frame after Saryn and Khora but just so very boring....
  12. Eh, Corrosive's massive superiority to Magnetic is not just because a few Corpus have armor while no non-boss Grineer have shields, so that technically a few more units have armor than shields. It's because it's a massively more effective damage type. I mean, they're both getting +75% against the thing they're good at, but Corrosive is also ignoring 75% of armor which approaches a further 4x multiplier in the extremes, and shields are never the entirety of an enemy's eHP, while armored health generally is, so a weapon that's good at shields ends up lagging at damaging the thing under them. And, of course, shields are much easier to ignore than armor, too. Magnetic hates Tenno. The damage type has disadvantage to common health types that matter, the proc means that you can build to fight your way through shields slightly faster instead of just ignoring them with Toxin, and then the proc on us is an interface screw and energy drain that is one of the most debilitating status conditions in the game and basically means waiting around for it to wear off and our energy to regenerate.
  13. Ehhh, the Khora nerf didn't happen, for one, and everyone who can heal animate non-Tenno allies got Khora's heal instead, so there's, you know, that's one. Also, melee in The Old Blood, Viral in Revised. I don't know where you want to count the massive nerf to enemy armor, since that does in fact make all of our weapons stronger. Endgame builds have never been this lethal. The game is a world of paper.
  14. The thing about Nullifiers is that unlike Amalgams, I actually notice them before I've killed them. I definitely appreciate them mechanically / hate them in the good way.
  15. CopperBezel


    I just want a guard combo for Bleeding Willow. That's one of the two slashy polearm stances, though - Twirling Spire is the spear one. (And perfect.)
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