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  1. Nobody's even addressed the very obvious reason for the Scarlet Spear nerf on Limbo: DE was terrified he'd broken their event and it'd be nothing but Limbos making defending Murex-side oplinks a one-button affair. They nerfed Khora for much less in her counterpart role on the ground side of the same missions, where Sentients didn't attack the oplinks and all you needed was a means of slowly regenerating them while the Grineer weren't around. This was a rare case of a big event embedded in the main questline, where the rewards are the single most valuable piece of equipment DE could have offere
  2. The ability as an a la carte item to be installed on any warframe entirely was a new thing. Like, you could say that the Helminth system "nerfs" the ability relative to the frame you fed it in the way that a Hobbled Dragon Key "nerfs" your movement speed when equipped, but we'd actually call that a "debuff". Calling it a "nerf" in this case is pretending it's the same scenario as all of these weapons that got hit with the nerf bat a month after they were released, which is either disingenuous or something you're picking up from other people who are, because the word "nerf" is being used in two
  3. This is where you're falling into the tropes of all those people we've established you don't agree with or represent. Like, even calling the changed abilities in the Helminth "nerfs", "preemptive" or otherwise, is based on a fiction - you can't nerf a thing that doesn't yet exist. And power and popularity are related values that both have effects on the game. In the case of the Helminth ability changes, DE was extremely explicitly clear in saying that there were six abilities they found were the overwhelming choices (popularity) in their own testing, which they took as a metric of their effect
  4. Put Molt on a frame with high range and strength and low duration, then? I honestly think you're better off with Breach Surge. And either way, there are exactly as many S#&$ty nukes as there are S#&$ty tanking abilities. (I say this while still wanting Null Star, a garbage tanking ability, to be replaced with Antimatter Drop, a moderate nuking ability. Because again, I see no inconsistency in that the Helminth gives us damage mediation and damage dealing but not true tanking or nuking, but actually don't think it would have broken anything to include a baby nu
  5. I do apologize then. You're not part of that problem and didn't deserve the vitriol. I agree with most of that. MfD and the Xoris involved oversights that should have been obvious, and this is a game that explicitly encourages us to go and find those kinds of synergies and figure out what works as part of the fun of the game. I'm less convinced on the "established community" vs. "new players" front, because first, that's a balance that's always going to have to be weighed and I just really don't feel that it's in an unfair place right now, and second, I don't think big experiments like
  6. Cloud Walker's speed nerf as well, although that one was complicated, since the patch notes presented it as a fix for something that didn't even accurately describe the change that had actually been made in practice, and could only really be explained as an internal miscommunication. M4D does look more like a fix than others do, because a) the change to the damage cap came alongside changes to interactions with mods and arcanes that were definitely bugs, and b) it's completely plausible that they really did intend for M4D to be quite limited. With the changes that were made, you really c
  7. You're not getting it. If the sole thing makes the game good or fun for you is that single particular item that the YouTube crowd are on about this week, you are already "falling for it". And I'm actually pretty certain that's more their business model than DE's. All of that is completely independent of power creep being both inevitable and lucrative, because they're not routinely nerfing the whole batch of new weapons, mods, and whatever else they roll out in a given update, The most obvious example would be the Kuva weapon series, where the content drop was a whole slate of weapons that were
  8. This kind of thing is great to see, because I've gone completely the other way, focusing on making my Nova a mobile nuker with a Fire Walker and a Pillage build, both replacing Null Star, keeping decent range and Escape Velocity for maximum bip, and the Fire Walker one depending entirely on mods and arcanes for survivability. But yeah, subsumed abilities are the real show here, with the fairly weak Helminth abilities and the consistently oversufficient subsume slots just kind of creating a vague and somewhat illusory sense of progression in the Helminth. I do think Infested Mobility and
  9. Oh, well thank you for clarifying, then, it's all a grand conspiracy and they only pretend to be incompetent in an unsuccessful attempt to trick you into thinking they're doing a S#&$ty job at balancing their game, but in reality, they're deliberately releasing things in an OP state just long enough to sell it and then nerfing it according to a set schedule, pretending all along that this particular item was never meant to dominate the game for three months before that devastating 10% nerf. What the hell ever, man. I don't know if you've noticed, but they do in fact hype
  10. Zenurik is still far and away the most popular focus school, and Khora certainly benefits from being able to generate energy faster than she can spend it continuously casting Whipclaw. Which I don't have to explain, obviously, because you know the ground you're building your case on, and even getting into these balance minutiae is accepting your wrong premise that there's some kind of unstated contract at the time of release of any feature that having this option you've been presented with is your right, as soon as the code is live. At least the Xoris got that far, considering that people had
  11. Null Star is garbage. Just ... Decoy tier trash. There's no other frame that requires duration approaching 300%, and all you get out of it is a 90% DR that decays by 5% every second and has to be refreshed using an augment mod. Nova doesn't have to worry about this, because she gets her 4 augment instead of her 1 augment and gets stars back for kills. For everyone else, it's 25e and a vulnerable casting time to refresh. I used to lightly defend it in the narrow case of how it fit into Nova's kit, with the caveat that the way its strength builds on duration and its duration builds on inverse ra
  12. selig_fay, please spell "nuke" correctly in a thread about nukes, I've seen your personal preferred spelling before but I can't handle it every other post. If you wanted a less time consuming game, you'd want ceilings and caps and a reasonable amount of grind with a defined endpoint. You don't, you just think bigger numbers are better. I don't doubt you'll get bored with the game and move on more quickly once you have everything you demand, because if players got everything they felt entitled enough to sling insults at DE about and threaten to ragequit over (but never do) there'd be ve
  13. Yeah, totally fair. And I've probably been sloppy referring to it as "game breaking" - even I don't think it was wildly overpowered, so much as a dumb loophole that was rightly closed.
  14. Well, we'll see what M4D looks like after they nerf the nerfs in the next round of switch flipping. I think it's poorly designed in concept and is going to be annoying at best to use as long as it remains an effect on the next tick of damage instead of an effect with a duration, and no one's said anything about changing that, so my hopes are thin. In principle, I like the idea of needing to grab a heavy to turn into a bomb, something that's more mechanically interesting than I expect from a nuke ability, but I just don't see it panning out as something that's usable enough to be more efficient
  15. I definitely addressed this. As fast as the topic is moving, I have to assume we're all working on a delay at this point, but. It is absolutely the case with every specialty DE has in mind to limit that the Helminth does not change who the top performers are. Even when that specialty is "being Rhino", so Roar got its value limited in subsumed form.
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