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  1. In general, any art is useless and overpriced. Yet some people feel good looking at their zambukas in the orbiters or dojos, and some even feel good not because they "worked hard to get it" but simply because they like the looks. IDK, it is hard to explain. Some people like opera, other people watch football, there is nothing wrong with either, one can even do both. Warframe is a peculiar looter/shooter.
  2. Technically, IMHO, any non-prime frame can be "operated" by Helminth or Helminth-like entities, autonomous or even hive-linked, in older pre-Tenno versions on a very basic level to an extent of executing their powers without any actual purpose similar to specters. This mode might have been built into older pre-Tenno models to enable basic functions and preset goals aka junction specters. This design did show eventual lack of control according to Ballas. IDK what is the deal for necramechs, maybe some primitive cephalon interface.
  3. IMHO, OP misunderstand what the operator actually is. which is an operator of warframes and necramechs, which in turn can jump, dash, run, sprint, and kill everything in sight with a press of a button. The operator has exclusive and specific powers, includling invincibility, specific damage types, and is completely unique with optional and different parts of the game play. I am not sure it is appropriate to change this quite radically. However, adding some new powers and interesting interactions with frames or mechs might be of interest.
  4. There is nothing particularly wrong with Velocitus. Not every gun should be Brama, Karak, or Nukor. It has a very unique mechanic and does ridiculous amount of damage to the bosses if modded correctly. Consider it a huge and powerful spaceship Dread, and it all makes sense. Most importantly, Velocitus is different, requires change of pace, and has its own uses, which it does well. There is no need to change that.
  5. The best setup is Speedva and Octavia with maximum duration, and Saryn can be also added with some strength for higher levels. Maximum range disarm Loki (not irradiating) can be also added but it will ground ospreys. Anything that slows the flow/distracts/ragdolls should be avoided at all costs, especially Wisp with electric mote. This setup essentially doubles the clearing speed.
  6. Practically speaking, with Speedva, you can do it in about 20 minutes I think, also a nuker frame in the team will speed it up. However, yes, the map is too big and pathfinding for the AI is simply broken IMO, DE has to fix it at some point.
  7. Failing Glory node problem. I cleared 2 caches and most likely blew up at least one crewship. Now, the main objective stated to destroy two power nodes and kill two crewships. However, the maker for second crewship disappeared, so I was unable to enter the main defense objective ship and had to abort. I tired looking for it all over the map, but even if it remained somewhere, it is essentially impossible to find. I'm not sure what's the problem, maybe just spawn a new one after something like 3 minutes.
  8. All acolytes are vulnerable to Magus lockdown and temporal blast, so dealing with them is rather trivial, unless some heavy lag interferes.
  9. Yes, kind of. But it takes more clicking and a bit longer without prime reach. So, people are naturally lazy and want to maximize the output, which is again natural. Keep in mind that the number of enemies hit by a single blow is proportional to the area, and the area is proportional to squared radius. For example, Pennant at 3m base hits with a heavy attack essentially in a full circle of about 28 square meters, so may theoretically hit maybe 9 enemies in some tightly packed steel path survival mission. Fall off in this case is inconsequential because forced slash procs will be sufficient to
  10. Prime seems to refer to quality of the frame/weapon and not to specific time when they were designed/manufactured en masse., IMO. Sometimes, the frames were originally designed with the assistance of tenno (Nezha, Volt, etc.) and then enhanced after collapse of the empire. Some other frames were designed by Orokin (Rhino) and could have been enhanced during the empire or maybe after the collapse, hard to tell and is of no particular importance. Some frames could have been originally designed as enhanced (Umbra, although not technically a frame 100%) and then somehow simplified (Excalibur and l
  11. You can more or less use Gokstad officers to approximate, although not very accurately.
  12. Sorry, I should have been more specific. The following nodes on kuva fortress map are not marked as archwing: Taveuni and Garus. On Uranus, non-archwing nodes are : Ur, Stephano, Umbriel, and Assur. All other nodes are marked as archwing and therefore cannot spawn acolytes.
  13. Technically, Uranus and Kuva Fortress are archwing maps, so the acolytes do not spawn on missions on these planets.
  14. Like all other acolytes, magus lockdown and temporal blast right after it spawns, followed by 3-4-5 heavy attacks with Pennant or any scythe should be sufficient.
  15. Most combos will also auto-apply some status effects occasionally. Moreover, depending on the damage type, your combination may yield two instances of the same status for two procs, for example, or two different instances for different procs, which will also have some influence, so you really cannot use simple binomial approximation. I think, you underestimate the average by a large margin, depending on weapon, stance, and damage types. Another issue with the model is that it should be time-dependent due to duration of status effects. So, overall, the math is considerably more complex. Binomi
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