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  1. Generally, anything below 100 is good and anything over 250 is unplayable. However, apart from ping, there are also lost packets when abilities don't work, doors won't open and enemies are rubberbanding all over the place.
  2. This is exactly what happened to me yesterday at 2 am. I wanted Kuva Nukor but it was Chakkhurr, so I decided to skip it. Well, accidents happen, and that trooper was apparently too close, so it counted as lich finisher. It turned out to be 50% toxin with ephemera (!) and a gorgeous face mask. Now, I'm wondering should I get my Chakkhurr to 60%, capture her to use as a summon (she's really imposing with the mask, also maybe possible to use in RJ), or capture and try to sell. Prices for ephemeras have dropped but I still can get maybe 75-100p. Big decision time all thanks to some serendipitous X.
  3. I had a similar lich immune to corrosive but without any weaknesses with Iron skin. It was a major pita to deal with. The problem is that armor cannot be stripped and it blocks impact, so there is no point in using impact in your case. At level 3, when the problem started to show up, I decided to scan my lich to actually find out what is going on and it showed what others have already told that puncture is the way to go but it is better to have a high critical, hard hitting and fast melee with BR and raw damage/combo/speed mods (Auger strike plus Sundering strike), use Loki/Ash/Ivara, and Zenurik with Temporal blast just in case you get carried away and pop out of invisibility. There are a few weapons that should fit. I used Vaykor Sydon which worked just fine. It still took some time but no longer than a single Loki invisibility cycle (30-35 seconds) for each bar.
  4. You are being somewhat unlucky in getting what you want. The chance of Quartakk not spawning in 72 runs is 0.00959, slightly below 1%, assuming that all these runs have been independent, which does not have to be true. I can try and run some independence test on your data to see if they are really independent. The sample is small but may be sufficient to get some conclusion. Optionally, for an independence test, it will be nice to know the sequence of spawns. Although it might work without it. It is barely working due to insufficient sample size. I was able to do two tests: 1) a simple Chi squared independence, which passed the Pearson's test (P=0.003) but did not pass the optional more powerful maximal likelihood test (not enough data) and 2) a normality test, which again marginally passed at P=0.07 (P>0.05). So, from statistical point of view, your result look more or less reasonable, nothing that is standing out or suggesting a conspiracy, just a run of bad luck.
  5. I can understand that energizing dash may seem like some absurdity early in the game when people struggle with simple tasks of casting abilities. However, later in the game, it becomes largely redundant due to alternatives means to generate energy, which are way faster and better. Early in the game, people cannot even max vitality and armor to get enough effective hit points to make use of Rage or Hunter adrenaline, don't have access to Arcane energize for obvious reasons and cannot afford crafting energy pads en masse due to lack of resources. So, from that point of view, up to a certain mark, yes, energizing dash seems like something out of the ordinary. It just shows lack of experience, resources, or desire to learn, basically, a typical characteristic of a relatively new player IMHO. There is no pun intended, there is nothing wrong with being a new player who wants to learn. The problem is being a new player who does not want to learn, progress or listen to absorb slightly more advanced approaches. However, energizing dash is actually a very slow and sometimes unreliable way to get energy, not really suitable for fast pacing of advanced missions. Vazarin plus Arcane grace/Magus repair/elevate plus Rage/HA, Healing return/Life strike/Exodia might is 10x faster and more reliable while granting some additional bonuses. Energizing dash does not generally allow to drop efficiency in favor or strength/duration/range and does not serve any particular purpose apart from saving some minor amount of resources to craft energy pads IMHO.
  6. We got what we needed, so lets head home! No problem at all, working as intended.
  7. You should really try Mag prime high range build against corpus. That is really overpowered. 😉
  8. Saryn's 4 is not that good for high level content IMHO; 1+3 are really sufficient, 4 is just icing on the cake, not really needed. For high power and range builds, 1+3 thins the crowd enough for 4 to be less effective. The best use of 4 is to speed the mission up by reaching some remote spawns where the spores cannot get easily without moving to these areas directly with the frame. Also, 4 may speed up the cleaning of an active area and thus reduces the count on the spores. Without using 4, spore count can reach pretty high numbers, which is very beneficial. So, 4 IMO is very situational and should not be used frequently. It all depends on the playstyle though.
  9. This is really low level content build which is far from optimal even for ESO beyond wave 6-8. Saryn does not need efficiency, it is a waste of mod space that gimps the damage output IMHO. There are always ways to generate energy rapidly. Most people use Hunter adrenaline plus Arcane grace/energize and Magus repair. You should not be downed if playing attention up to ESO waves 14-16. Energizing dash is too slow and while still can be useful, if used alone without any other energy supply, will lower the dps considerably. Regenerative molt is also a waste of mod space IMHO. Saryn is optimal when built purely for dps. You can safely use Duration 100%, Efficiency 45%, Range 280%, and Strength 194% with Umbral vitality and intensify for 1K health. Her armor is 300 which gives about 50% damage reduction for a total of about 1.5-2K effective health. That should be sufficient unless you really want to go afk and watch a movie. If going melee, Magus lockdown is highly recommended (optionally with Void singularity, Temporal blast and Void static+Voltaic blast+Lightning dash to disable the enemies) to ensure survival in 100+ level content. Otherwise, it is safer to use medium range guns (blast for squad with 2-3 CPs or corrosive otherwise, or both with Redeemer) and stay on the move. Also, a dozen+ other frames can nuke low level content, such as Hydron, even more efficiently than Saryn. She only shines is some ESO teams (Mirage is still better to clear first 8 waves), kuva requiem defense and survivals if somebody can expediently dispose of nullifiers, and levels 4-5 lich defense, survival and excavations. A number of other frames can also do the job, especially with some minimal team coordination, but Saryn is usually faster and easier. It is really a niche frame IMO.
  10. I'm in NA on PC, which may be one of the most populated regions and sometimes, when traveling, I used Europe. My experience is quite similar to what you are describing. Mostly, there are no issues, people are selling and buying, all is reasonable. There are occasionally some strange offers, like buying Bullet dance for 3p or selling some unrolled Karak riven with bad stats for 1000p, which I presume is normal. These people don't have plat, don't know about market, have no idea what they want, or simply are fishing for some bargains. The market is not regulated by the slightest, so, all this is expected along with riven dealers. IMHO, overwhelming majority of the trades I do and other people in the clan do are within some reasonable market margin, nothing out of the ordinary. Prices in Europe and NA are quite similar. Everyone is polite and I don't remember a single trade without parting ty and gl on either side.
  11. 6. Most of rare and semi-rare archwing mods 7. Most of 60/60 mods, especially of course electricity mods. Non-electric mods are cheap but still sellable on a regular basis 8. Medi-ray, link health/armor, some other companion mods. 9. Lethal torrent, Berserker, etc. This is all on case-by-case basis, from 5 to 10 platinum on PC. This all is not exactly hot but you call sell all kinds of things, you never know.
  12. Nikana prime (combo build), Gram prime (heavy attack), Twin Basolk (pure status build) or Redeemer prime (combo) since I put 3-4 forma into each and am too lazy to forma the other weapons. All these work perfectly fine, no need for rivens or any special mods. I have tested about half a dozen melee weapons without any forma investment (only potato) and they all are very decent.
  13. There is quiet a few full auto assault rifles which are perfect for the content at level 80-100 and can easily outdamage any other weapon class. To name a few: Prisma Grakata, Prisma Gorgon, Stradavar-p, Braton-p, Kuva Karak, Panthera, Supra Vandal, etc. They do greatly benefit from rivens IMHO and require considerable forma investment. They all require and reward good aiming and some recoil control and once fully built really destroy everything. IMO, buffing them is absolutely unnecessary at this point. There is simply no content that requires their buffing or tweaking. Their main purpose is to keep reasonable distance between you and the enemies, which makes them perfect weapons for medium range combat using less tanky frames.
  14. Why you casting your larva on top of my Magus lockdown with Void singularity, oh why... Wait, somebody is certainly confused here. The question is who.
  15. It may happen in the case of level 5 lich on a regular basis. It can be a grenade from a thrall or Smite/Miasma ability of the lich with or without Ogris or Tonkor AoE damage. Some grapple attacks from the lich can do very high damage sometimes as well. All this individually or in combination can do up to 60K per hit damage to a frame, should be plenty enough to down your Inaros.
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