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  1. IMHO, working as intended against the acolytes. and SP Stalker. If transference is timed right and there is Magus Repair, usually not an issue with Inaros. Acolytes die very fast, around 5-10 seconds, and Stalker can be kited if needed.
  2. +1, the content there is also pretty solid. A lot of so-called guides involve ridiculous amount of bs, wrong builds, silly advices, essentially poor content quality. Sometimes people will openly admit that they don't know what they are talking about. IMHO, if a creator cannot be bothered to read a wiki and check the things in-game, there is no point in watching despite possibly being entertaining. Grind Hard Squad, Knightmare frame, and Nash Prime are kind of OK for the most part IMO. Brozime and iFlynn have been unsubscribed and never watched for the past year just because there is a lot of w
  3. I always use Peculiar bloom on Inaros in the exilus slot. Because there is no reason not to.
  4. There was a similar thread previously. ^^ IMO, the whole thing should not be too complex. Duviri most likely stands for du-viri, which may roughly mean "two men". I think, it will be similar to Second Dream and will involve some sort of search and rescue /waking up of material operator by its void projection (current operator) with or without waframe. IDK what DE has in mind specifically, hard to say. It might or might not involve New War battles or some acquisition or re-acquisition of new/lost sentient/orokin/alien/spiritual technology from Natah/Ballas/Erra, can go either way. Hopeful
  5. Sorry, never heard of any of these. I generally avoid any game that does not have a viable solo option or forces some sort of cooperation by removing, severely restricting, or limiting solo options. OK, whatever you think. I simply try to stick to games with substantial freedom of what to do and that have multiple means to achieve a goal. I don't like when something is openly enforced in a game. For example, Anthem, which is pretty much trash IMHO, does not have a solo open roam mode basically forcing a player in a squad with three other people. Did it do Anthem any good? No, Now, esse
  6. It might be interesting. However, RJ does not have a transference facility. It is a combat vehicle that can be accessed by the enemies, unlike the orbiter, which makes hosting the transference equipment very risky. Also, not sure if Cy can actually manage that without Ordis.
  7. It very well can be with a good team even with randoms in public games. I've had multiple instances of very smooth runs with excellent gunners, very thorough engineers, and efficient frontrunners, all working together for a few speedy runs. If people actually know what they are doing and have reasonable equipment, it is a very smooth and fluid experience, very enjoyable, and no chat actually needed. It is not forced though, which is a plus IMO. Any type of cooperation that is forced is not a real cooperation but rather a coercion if used without recruitment chat.
  8. Not sure, in 99% cases, I run either Carrier or Helios just fine, although I usually use status-immune frame (Nezha, Inaros) for corpus ship, something cheesy like Nova or Octavia, slealthy Loki/Ivara, or crazy mobility setups with Rush. In general the enemies there dish out considerable damage on higher levels, including a bit of small AoE, similar to some Orb Valis counterparts. Also, Helios always has Deconstructor equipped. Carrier is usually in non-aggressive mode. They both survive mostly OK.
  9. Warframe has become a bit more immersive since a couple of recent updates, at least this is my impression. So, previously I did not have any issues, but now in some rare situations, I do get a little bit of tickle, which passes briefly after I either stop moving or change direction or view. I'm still trying to identify what specifically causes it, so not sure. Initially, I had to turn off screen shake, depth of field, blur, bloom, and play around with FoV slider to get a comfortable setting. Also, it never happens on RJ or Awing despite crazy turning upside down. It does happen in some open sp
  10. I named mine Persephone although mine has less gold in her.
  11. I would also add convenience to this list. After recently looking at my own profile, I discovered that Loki-prime is my most used frame. And then, for some time I contemplated why I pick up Loki over other frames for various missions. I did 80% of Steel Path solo with Loki, use him for all kuva siphons/floods, most of rescues and spies, all exterminations and sabotages, most of syndicate missions with medallion hunting, all mining/fishing, a lot of assassinations, lich hunting, all railjack, basically 80% of things. Loki can pretty comfortably solo Steel path interceptions, except new convolut
  12. It is pretty hard to rationalize as anything that is related to void and void transition in general should have a considerable spiritual/pure energy component. However, if we might draw some analogy with physics, it might be possible to hypothesize that kuva is a type of energy generated by movement of an entity through void transition. It may be something like magnetic field generated by moving charges or Cherenkov radiation generated by moving of a particle through space/border with different speed, although it might be bit different in some aspects. Since Queens' siphon can harvest kuva onl
  13. This is not true. If you actually bother to put 5-6 forma and make an effort, both kubrows and kavats are a very decent source of extra damage while having excellent survivability unless there is some massive AoE attacks. New immortal Deimos pets can survive through that without issues. Some sentinel weapons are really very powerful, especially Deconstructor-P, Sweeper-P, Vulklok, and DMR-P, but most of others are not bad as well. They don't scale too well with SP or higher level RJ, although are usable, but are pretty decent at sortie III unless they get stuck somewhere, which happens quite o
  14. IMHO, Void does not have a pure physical definition like another dimension or parallel universe as it obviously has a spiritual/pure energy component. It can be projected into a normal material spatiotemporal continuum by some natural fluctuations that destabilize either material or void systems or by specific devices like void drive, transference, etc. There might be multiple ways to rationalize it or simply accept as space fantasy mumbo-jumbo and forget about it. However, railjack veil location, void nodes on starchart, and some communications systems are fairly accessible by grineer, c
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