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  1. You are most certainly confused. Initial vision of WF, which is still, fortunately, more or less intact, has been created by a small team of inspired enthusiasts. There is no inspiration in big corporations, only constant pressure to make money and please the shareholders. You want WF go to "corpus" so that they make it less messy, give more "rewards" and allow people to "have fun". But I don't want that type of the game. I like messy. Fooling around and doing what I want is fun for me. And WF has a reasonable level of polish most of the time while having no real restrictions on anything. It is a free game for free people. IDK if it can remain that way financially, we'll have to see how it goes.
  2. I hope it is a joke and Sony is not serous about it. They'll surely mess it up if they try to interfere. WF is a fragile and sensitive creation of a small team which has to be loved and cherished. Big corporations do not know how to do that nor they are willing to learn since it is not their purpose. I'd take some shrimp farm or even oil rig enterprise over Sony. They might be subtle in the initial part but they'll surely try to take over eventually and mess it all up they will. If I want to play a Sony game, there is a plenty of these already, no need for no more. Just look at what EA did to Bioware by turning Mass Effect into Anthem, a masterpiece degraded into some monstrosity in a blink of an eye.
  3. IMHO, any well built frame with almost any properly modded weapons should be able to do it. Some may be more slow, others may be faster but it should be playable for all, especially in a group and most likely solo as well although some missions might get messy solo. Hopefully, it is going to be fun.
  4. Cannot call Xoris awful, just a bit inferior. After putting 6 forma into Xoris, yes, Glaive prime with only 2 forma is a bit better although they come pretty close mostly due to combo counter. Keep in mind, you have to try and aim for the head and equip the right mods depending on the fraction. I don't have particular issues with Astral twilight but I understand it can be personal like-dislike.
  5. There is a pretty wide range of XPS 13 models. So, I guess mileage will vary depending on what you are willing to pay for it. When traveling, I run WF on an inexpensive Inspiron 2-in-1 laptop with Intel graphics. It works on the lowest settings without major lag or hiccups at about 30-40 fps including PoE and Orb. It does not look fancy but it is OK I guess.
  6. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  7. Sorry, yes, you are right, I was implying the area of potentially livable "continents" on Venus which are only 2, Ishtar Terra (7-8 million sq km) and Aphrodite Terra (about 30 million sq km). All the rest could have been, most likely, covered with liquid but really idk how terraforming works in the Warframe universe. It is a power fantasy, does not have to be logical or reasonable. The name "coolant" for the liquid on Venus used in WF technically should imply that it is liquid CO2, which is now used as a coolant, so there is some rational science there. Although liquid CO2 requires pressure of about 5 atm. Again, idk how it works specifically.
  8. Your title is wrong, ftfy: Many Kuva weapons are just not worth it. For me.
  9. How big is Cetus and Plains of Eidolon? We can see only about 50-100 npcs and a few Tenno there. Does not mean there are no more. PoE is about 5 sq km area. Earth, considering that most of geographic features did not change too much, has very roughly about 10 million sq km area (the rest is uninhabitable, occupied by grineer or settled by Steel Meridian) that can be used as PoE, this gives about 2 million villages with 100 million Tenno (50 per village) provided that maximal occupancy has been reached. There is also Fortuna. Although Venus is about 3x smaller than Earth, it might have more usable surface. maybe same 10 or 20 million sq km. It can very well be one huge city as well. And keep in mind that the majority of Tenno spend their time in missions or their Orbiter. With regard to the actual crew/size of 10-0, consider that Tenno is more of an entity than an actual physical being. A sufficiently powerful communal entity might not have specific limits of its manifestations.
  10. It is more "healthy" to consider these things as reading a book, or watching a movie, or playing a game, or maybe reliving some common interactive memory as a path to the development of your powers. Consider it a school of some sorts, simple and effective. Ordis is a bit more complex than that, might be just a single Ordis out there watching out for all at once, very possible. There is no need for multiple copies, one copy is more than sufficient. Again same thing about watching a movie or reading a book. DE could have replaced Sargas, or Alad, or any other boss with some generic General, Officer, Hydrolyst, etc but then, it would lack immersion and personality. Anyhow, either Grineer or Corpus can easily clone/replicate and infected can grow anew, while sentients simply appear/disappear
  11. It depends on the enemies. For example, Exo Gokstad Officer may be potentially very tanky at, let's say, level 80, which is normal level for most of Railjack veil missions. About 80K health and over 10K armor gives essentially 97% damage reduction and slightly less than 3 million effective hit points, equal to about level 150-160 Corrupted Heavy gunner (according to wiki, not sure how accurate the info is but seems more or less accurate based on testing and my own experience). Still pretty formidable IMHO and generally, corrosive alone is clearly insufficient to take these down expediently. So, OP clearly needs to prepare at some point as a Soma prime with zero forma won't do. 🙂
  12. You might want to see for yourself how things work in slow motion. Just go into similacrum and try out some weapons to see the effects. It is basically damage over time.
  13. Slash procs will one-hit kill any armored enemy you might poteitally encounter if used on a heavy attack melee with forced procs like Reaper prime, Hate, Pennant, etc., including high level veil railjack and anything in lich hunting level 5. Some eximus enemies might be resistant but these are very few, and Nox might take a few strikes, typically no more than 3-5 at level 140. It is necessary to invest 3-4 forma and a lot of endo/credits into upgrading the weapon mods for maximal damage output. Toxin procs will kill any non-immune corpus very efficiently as they bypass the shields. Mutalist Cernos, Pox, Torid and Acrid essentially provide more or less forced procs with many other weapons having a very high chance for a proc, although forcing-proc weapons require a lot of investment to work well. All other procs are also useful sometimes as a direct means of powerful damage and sometimes for weakening the enemies as others mentioned.
  14. A 2 ppl crew is optimal for Giant Point at about 3-4 minutes per run (gunner 5 + pilot) with properly geared RJ. More is not needed and can be even detrimental if they do something silly. There is no need for any archwing there as well. During this affinity booster event, you can level frames (3-4 runs with booster) and weapons (single run) very efficiently. Doing something silly in my limited experience usually means: 1. Side turrets shooting tether or blowing it up for no damage. That is why it might be a good idea to equip cryphon on the side and point the tether into out of range distance for the cryophon. 2. Shooting off the CS engine that the gunner is targeting. Should still blow it up but sometimes it glitches out and a few hit points remain which means another shot might be needed. 3. Going into archwing and blowing up reactors without killing the CS crew. Which results in an annoying silent one-grineer boarding party and a mandatory fire without any prior warning. Considering that people take level 1 frames with ether daggers without potato to level them up, this might be very unpleasant and time-consuming, borderline trolling for no reason. IDK what else can be done to mess it up as it is a pretty straightforward and speedy mission.
  15. IMHO, just shelve it and wait 6 or 9 or 12 months for riven disposition to get to the max. As of right now, Tombfinger seems to be essentially unusable in its current state. Rattleguts and Gaze primaries are more or less serviceable and Catchmoon remains a complete waste despite an increase in range.
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