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  1. Octavia with half-decent range and immortal panzer vulpaphyla is very pleased without your concern, OP. :)
  2. Interestingly, the Guardians sometimes make some unclear reference in singular regarding the larving: "Sukjekkt found. In her name." "Soldier, you have been nominated. Your glory awaits in her fortress." It might refer to one of the Queens or maybe to kuva, it is somewhat unclear what they mean specifically. So, maybe, the Guardians (and apparently liches) are aware that there is only a single active Queen.
  3. From an abstract evolutionary perspective, any sizeable community can be described according to a Gaia concept (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaia_hypothesis ), which is essential for anything related to climate change and terraforming. For example, the primordial Earth was uninhabitable for the majority of modern species, and was terraformed by earliest forms of life to harbor subsequent lifeforms. The process is ongoing and more or less spontaneous even now on Earth, and in WF universe, it is continuous in the whole Sol system (gigantic interplanetary Gaia?) and maybe Tau system. Also, the spacetime itself is being manipulated and gradually transformed in a sort of evolutionary manner. So, "maintenance of the balance" can be used to describe survival of sentient races (humanoids, AIs/robots, and even sentients themselves in WF sense) as an ultimate goal/purpose. through peaceful competition (corpus style), warfare as a form of active process (more grineer style), and scientific/technological progress. For example, current climate change (one can use the term "global warming") can be stopped by restricting/suppressing all human activities, so from that point of view, simply starving/killing most of population would suffice. On the other hand, one can embrace the process, adapt, and try to survive in the outcome. Most likely, the balanced approach is ... well, the balance between these two because the first approach does not guarantee survival of current human race as we know it, and the second approach leads to someting unknown which might come too fast for human race to be able to adapt and survive. So, the balance will be to couple limiting strategies with some acceptance of inevitability of changes, provided that there is enough time to adjust and adapt to ensure survival. That's a bit of oversimplification but can be considered as an example. Morality is only one of multiple aspects that may or may not contribute, depending on actual situation.
  4. Sure thing, this is one of the examples why DE's lore is so inconsistent and patchy. You can find a contrary to almost any statement purely inside the lore itself. They try to hide the lack of cohesion with obscurity which enables subsequent twisting and bending depending on the "current vision". Older stuff gets in clear conflict with simple reasoning and later stuff. A large part of the lore is purely metaphysical and makes no sense whatsoever from a rational point of view, which is apparently done on purpose to please all fans. DE really may consider putting their act together at some point and either hire a decent writer themselves or allow somebody else to write it up in a cohesive manner.
  5. That's highly unlikely IMHO. If we follow this logic, sentients should have been all over the system. Yet, based on what we know, they have been completely repelled without any trace, including some last battles already fought after the creation of Lotus and rebellion. Gara sacrificed itself and probably the operator to protect the Unum when Lotus should have been already at the pinnacle of power due to elimination of any opposition. Moreover, Tenno do not have to follow any orders from anybody unless there is a full consent with the purpose and manner of execution, which we can clearly see in the case of relationships with Ballas and other surviving Orokin. Even Olemedi is not showing up probably out of spite or fear. Moreover, Lotus is waking the Tenno en masse anticipating some New War developments, which probably suggests that the Lotus (Natah/Margulis hybrid) is clearly completely out of whack or acting up as a double-triple-crossing agent out of spite or for personal reasons. IMHO, Lotus is more likely to follow her personal logic trying to allow some form of free evolution for the Tenno without her interference to make sure the Sol system is prepared for what is coming and that the Tenno do not try to grab power for themselves and are only interested in maintaining the balance. So, while Lotus could have at some earlier point eliminated the Tenno by "butchering" (although it is unlikely that this is possible considering how the system works), her actual leaving enabled the Tenno to unlock new powers (transference and other stuff) that were previously "locked" apparently by force. Also, there was no interested party in any of that stuff. Whereas, the free evolution concept actualized through wars or other types of rivalry is consistent with Margulis' point of view. I mean the real Margulis prototype, which DE considered. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynn_Margulis)
  6. I'd like to offer a different perspective. I was always wondering why Tenno quietly retired to their cryopods after defeating Orokin in the glorious betrayal and eliminating all sentients from the Sol system by the end of Old War? Let me suggest one of the explanations. The Empire was a pinnacle of order, stability, and progress, including amazing scientific achievements and brilliant attempts to conquer the forces of the Universe, including interstellar travel. Yet, for some reason, these same achievements led to stagnation of the society, lawlessness, caste system, and rule with an iron fist, like all empires do eventually. Eventually, all empires die because of inevitable stagnation and lack of evolution. The sentients backfired, the somehow controlled infestation spread out, the forces of unknown got out of control and eventually generated some sort of abominations in the form of sleeping murderous projections of dead children. This was all created by the Empire to maintain the order and prosperity to keep their power and spread it. This is not a natural evolution. Natural evolution involves competition and fighting between the species, not some petty political squabbles within the ruling caste with full monopoly on superiority. Then, the Empire collapses, and the most dominant and powerful force that actually saved the Sol system from total elimination decided to retreat and remove itself from the picture instead of giving the system another iron hand to keep the order and help rebuild and reorganize. So, why not? Because that dominant Tenno force decided to let the natural evolution, chaos, and competition actually do the job of selecting what is the best. Metaphorically speaking, instead of preserving some form of purity, give the system a chance for progressing by its own means to build something stable or inherently unstable in a natural way. Then, a new threat, currently unknown with unknown motives, comes, and the Tenno have been awaken from their cryopods to help the system repel this threat. Before the threat actually comes, before the New War begins, the main goal is to maintain the balance and let the system evolve naturally. After the New War, the threat is more obvious, and the Sol system needs the help in order to survive and continue the evolution. So, here come the Tenno, protecting Ostron, Solaris, colonists, but also the Grinner, Corpus, and even Infested to let them continue some natural process, to help them get rid of some immense alien threat. Or is it even a threat or a new direction of some natural evolution that incorporates the sentients as well? Sorry, got a bit carried away. What I wanted to say is that this new quest gives us a perspective of who is fighting with whom and what are we fighting for.
  7. It's similar to real world. Sometimes, you would like to take a walk in the park to pick up and smell the flowers. Other times, you just hop into the car and rush to do something you need. You can do either in warframe.
  8. Might very well be possible. I came home from work at around 4.15, and by the time I heated up some food, started PC, managed to login to twitch, which might have taken probably a dozen of tries, and finally settled to watch, it could have been, let's say, 4.31 or 4.32, or even 4.35 considering some twitch commercials. :) Which apparently takes me out of the 30 min mark, IDK. :)
  9. Was unable to claim, it never showed up. always unavailable. Got Loki prime though.
  10. IMHO, Albrecht Entrati created the "void mirror" technology, which connects the actual 3D entities with their "void reflections", which fits pretty well with modern views of the field/string theory and holographic universe. The same is true about "somatic link", "transference", and all other tenno- and orokin-dependent transformations. A holographic projection requires a source and a reference point together with a destination point. Apparently, the source is located somewhere at the veil region at infinite distance, and Deimos is the reference point, which captures a 3D structure or a 4D spacetime and projects it into A reality. It sounds a bit counter-intuitive but something similar is actually considered by modern physics as one of theories that can explain quantum gravity. In this sense, Entrati is the inventor of the technology that functions through the Deimos facility. So, "corruption" is a replacement of the actual 3D object with its holographic projection, which is completely real, and the projection is modified on the way by "neural sentry" to protect the tower or whatever is deemed necessary. Something similar may happen in void fissures, just in a more spontaneous process.
  11. One might consider these traps and obstacles as security measures implemented by the towers after sentient invasion, which is probably exacerbated by the lack of regular orokin maintenance protocols, for obvious reasons. The towers themselves are self-supporting structures aka the Unum, which is probably more advances than regular towers, and the only thing that can take them head-on are infested. Apparently, tenno do not possess the maintenance technology or simply do not want to maintain the structural integrity, clearly preferring to socialize and perform other activities in the relays.
  12. You are not the only one. The controls are very cumbersome indeed, and there are no alternative schemes like for archwing. Sometimes, the player needs to press 4 buttons simultaneously to actually do anything, which may be really difficult, and the movement system does not function correctly very frequently. Most of the quest requires fully modded drive and almost maxed standings to be reasonable. Developers themselves clearly acknowledged in home streams that it is next to impossible with insufficient standings (Reb's stream on July 6 and Helen's stream on July 7, where they both failed to do most of the challenges rather miserably). Hopefully, some fix is planned, maybe even including some improvements aka comfortable control system and glitch fixes.
  13. You should also include a lack of primed mods (too much endo and credits to level them up, too much grid for ducats, and Baro comes too rarely to catch them), warframe buffs (for example, Mirage can clear any SP mission with essentially any reasonable weapon, prisma Gorgon is high recommended for extra dakka), and potatoes (these are so hard to obtain). Or, you might consider getting an Acrid riven for 5 plat and actually modding the Acrid and trying it in a corpus SP survival. And yes, it does work without warframe buffs. You won't kill 500 enemies in 5 minutes but you won't run out of life support either for at least 10 minutes (I did not have enough patients to stay longer). If Acrid can do it, almost any weapon should work.
  14. IDK, it is not black and white with the Orokin. Margulis/Lotus is also Orokin, as well as Silvana and many other people mentioned in the lore. IMHO, Ballas is not exactly sympathetic but he is not clearly evil. It is him who created warframes and tenno as they are and actually sent the Tau expedition probably trying to save everyone from impending doom. Javi was Orokin, Myrmidon was some evil Orokin who hunted warframes but he was actually executed by the Council of Seven after his defeat by Ivara. So, even the Council is not inherently evil. Tuvul, Davis, and Provis are most likely top tier Orokin. The Queens are not particularly evil either, they simply lead one of the races to ensure the survival of this race. Upper corpus leadership is most likely Orokin in one form or another. Finally, tenno themselves and their families have been loyal citizens of the Empire sent on an important mission. The Unum is either Orokin creator or creature, which is totally neutral and probably the most important non-hostile remnant of the Empire together with Cetus. In general, at least based on the descriptions, the Empire was more peaceful and certainly more appealing than the current situation or pure chaos and endless war with no purpose and no sign of hope fueled by tenno who "strive to keep the balance". Which means even more war in the end. Some anthropologists claim that war is a form of accelerated evolution, an adaptive response, and not an alternative to peace.
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