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  1. I don't care about operator mode or focus, I just want rid of the irritating clutter that comes up when I use a weapon with a lens equipped.
  2. AltheusV

    Volt's speed

    I am capable of controlling warframes at accelerated speed, but I really don't want to. They could change volt speed so it only affected the caster and I would be perfectly happy with that. What I don't want to do is run through levels in some strange quest for efficiency. This is a game, I want to enjoy it, not efficiently cram in a few more runs at something. Volt Speed gets in the way of my enjoyment. Why is this a difficult concept to grasp, warframe is a vast game and different people enjoy it in different ways.
  3. I use Rubico prime with lots of radiation damage, Mara Detron with lots of radiation damage and energy and ammo restores.
  4. AltheusV

    Volt's speed

    I loathe volt speed to the point that, if we had a filter on public groups I would exclude volt. You aren't doing me any favours when you make my warframe run faster than I expect and in to walls and off of ledges. It's not big and it's not clever. Rushing through missions at a ridiculous pace isn't enjoyable either, when I see people doing that I make sure to troll them by waiting for a minute at extraction time. I backflip out of it and / or stand still when it happens, every volt I've asked to stop doing it has ignored me. I would love the option to have none of the effects of volt speed affect me.
  5. Here's how it went down, I was deep in the void on a survival mission and I saw two guys go down in the middle of a huge mob of corrupted enemies. I was playing Umbra and I had my 5 forma amprex on me. I could have user amprex to eat in to the mob, used ability 2 and 3 to shut bits of it down. What I actually did was jump heroically in to the middle of them and get killed along with the other two guys.
  6. I've recently picked up a Simulor from Simaris and I really enjoy the black hole gun, am I strange or have I chanced on an op (situational) weapon? Any advice on how to mod it? I'm looking at lots of multi-shot at the moment.
  7. I think there needs to be a short introduction to each console in the orbiter, so we get told what syndicates are, what the concave is, what the mod bench does and why mods are important, what the market is and so forth. I played the game for 9 months before I realised that I could have been passively ranking up in a syndicate.
  8. I won't refuse to revive anyone except sometimes a really obnoxious Volt who wants to use speed all the time. I wind them up by backflipping out of speed, standing still, and making them wait at the end of missions. I (and occasional cold effects) decide how fast my warframe runs, not you.
  9. I know, why not play the game for the fun of playing and rekindle the feeling of awesome space ninjas slaughtering everything. Play the frames that make you laugh with the joy of the slaughter, marvel at the joy and agility, explore for hidden areas in missions.
  10. They haven't included Archwing missions yet. I can see the current or a future nightwave alert set getting us developing our archwings to get us prepared for railjacks.
  11. Maybe an augment mod to enable automatic mode.
  12. My plan is to get to rank 30, then ignore nightwave entirely to focus on developing my archwing so I'm ready for railjack and can finish the star chart.
  13. You are kidding? I average 1-2 per mission, of course, I do open a lot of the containers. They are out there, you just have to go looking for them.
  14. Conveniently, my Mara Detron reached rank 30 last night and needs three forma to achieve it's full, horrific potential. (About 13000 radiation damage if I have my sums right) It's not that difficult to find forma or find things to forma.
  15. Oi, DE, please don't ever change my graphics settings for any reason whatsoever. The graphics looked painfully sharp and bright when I logged in this morning and I had to turn off lots of things that I had to turn off before to get things looking non-painful. Now that I'm done complaining, can anyone tell me how to stop the bright flashes when melee attacks happen and turn off the fog in the star chart?
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