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  1. This is a minor quality of life change, can we have a button to apply an insignia change to all warframes? That will allow changing syndicates to be less annoying.
  2. Patience is an alternative currency to platinum. If you aren't willing to wait then spend the plat for rush builds or buy the item entire if you can.
  3. It would be good if DE staggered the day and night schedules on their servers so everyone could have a go if they are only able to play at certain hours of the day.
  4. They remind me of the artificial feet used by paralympic atheletes. Much more efficient than biological feet.
  5. It's Warframe, not Choreframe! In case you can't tell I'm very unimpressed with nightwave. You've taken a game where I could work towards my own objectives at my own pace and replaced it with a list of chores with deadlines, that's far too much like a job for a recreational activity. I'm in the gap between rank 6 and rank 12 where there are no wolf cred rewards and I'm looking to get hold of Steel Charge. So it looks like I'll buy that with platinum, grind up just enough to buy some niatin and not bother with the rest of it. The concept of nightwave isn't bad but the execution has resulted in chore like gameplay that is really turning me off of the game. If you took out all of the cosmetic rewards and replaced them with wolf creds then you'd have a good system, at the moment I'm having to grind to get things I don't want or care about to get in to a position where I can get hold of the things I do want. I won't be buying the tennocon tickets or any more platinum while nightwave continues in this state.
  6. I think what we really need here are choices. Let us have a choice of whether to manually or automatically swap weapons. Let us choose whether or not to do quick melee or combo Let us choose whether we want to block automatically or manually (I've never deliberately blocked or channeled anything in the game). Let us choose whether or not we want slams to be aimed or straight vertical (I used to use vertical to drop Zephyr down where I want her, not wherever I happen to be looking at the time). Quick weapon switching is fine, but don't make the melee bit go in to combo mode, make it do quick attacks until the player manually selects to equip the weapon.
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