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  1. PLEASE HELP since a few weeks everytime i try to play Warframe after round about 5min my whole PC stops responding to anything. Literally, Warframe is unplayable now. Don't have any issues with other programs or games. It doesn't depend of what I do in warframe, my PC freezes, stops working and I have to force-shutdown the PC. Sometimes if I restart my PC i won't boot normally and I have to restore my Windows. My Rig: i9 9900k, 2080ti, 16Gb RAM 3200Mhz recent troubleshooting i already did: re-installed Warframe completely x2!!! verified files multiple times o
  2. Any chance that self-stagger effects will be removed from tenno amps? and when will warframe be worth to play again? even survival mode was made unplayable, THX for that bullS#&$ btw
  3. Please remove self-stagger effects from tenno amps it is just ANNOYING
  4. Pls remove self-stagger effects from Tenno amps. It's just annoying and makes it awful to play with amps at all.
  5. Pls remove Self-stagger effects from Tenno Amps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. in addition to that: Could you add more Zaw parts for other weapon types like dual sword, whips, dual dagger and two handed nikana? Xaku: make 1 stronger and make it an AoE buff for your teammates. remove 2 and give him a viable ability. 3rd - take just the defense reduction, increase base range by 3x and 4th has to be stronger in every way and costs only 100 energy with no energy over time. Helmith: pls reconsider some choices of less used or just bad abilities. Make Loki's teleport with no lock on an enemy and give it to helminth. Give nyx's 2nd or 3rd ability and rework
  7. Please for the love of Lotus remove self-stagger effects from tenno amps. Really, it's just annoying and they didn't even damaged yourself...
  8. Remove Self-Stagger from Tenno Amps pls.
  9. Pls lower prices of Scintillant on father's tokens and make them more accessible. it really stops every progress at necralisk. other high requested issue: when do you remove self-stagger of amps for tennos?
  10. RiP Xoris, one mastery fodder more in Warframe. thx to all content creators, which released a video about. Thx for DE for making cool things boring and useless.
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