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  1. Hallo Tenno, unser clan freut sich auf enthusiastische mitspieler. bieten dir dafür ein voll ausgebautes dojo und ein gut geflegtes discord mit vielen guides/builds etc. alles, was du mitbringen musst, ist ein mic, präsenz im discord und den willen, im team zu spielen. interesse? dann schreib einen kommentar oder am besten adde mich auf Discord: Matze#3771 alles klar, hau rein.
  2. also i'd really appreciate it when you finally release drop tables for introduced new things like protea and those weapons
  3. projectile speed mods like [terminal velocity] aren't equippable on primary kitguns. i hope it's unintentional and will be fixed
  4. can you please remove the knockback/ragdoll effect from all amps? it's completly annoying and makes just uncomfortable to play with
  5. can't equip mods for projectile speed (like terminal velocity) on primary kitguns. i hope that's not intented.
  6. I found a bug it exists since Vauban rework: Vauban's 2nd ability has still the Vector Pad.
  7. I've a bug that the mod Preparation doesn't work. everytime i spawn in a instance, my energy isn't filled up. Tested it only on Gauss atm. Edit: it doesn't work when Primed Flow is modded. Re-Edit: the normal Flow does work, just the Primed don't
  8. 156 days of Nightwave Intermission. When will we get Series lll ? Hotfix didn't fix the rewards (mostly for clients) at all. Sometimes they play for hours and got literally nothing. No relics, no endo, no avionics and of course no event currency. Murex raiders still don't receive kill links from Condrix raiders and aren't able to finish any mission. Players on same Flotilla are confused about and starting to be toxic to Condrix raiders. Not a very healthy situation. Nova's deluxe skin is clipping at her hip area in most of the animations and makes me incredible uncomfortable. Stasis Chamber for Companions when? Command intrinsics tree when? Might sound a bit harsh but we're just mad about the current state of the game. Maybe on day you will introduce some test community server for check new content before it annoys your player base. Love Megan, heads up.
  9. Any changes or improvements for scaled Rewards/Loot on the Horizon? If enemies go stronger why no better loot, right? Will we get more types of targets in Railjack? Spy, Survival, Crossfire any of them? When are we able to hunt liches via Railjack?
  10. Scaled Rewards when? First melee rework, then damage over all but where are those high requested reward changes? Any informations on the Horizon? I would like to see loot that equals the higher level enemies in endurance runs.
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