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  1. Do you mean like is there a purchase button when i see it? as you can see below... http://prntscr.com/nalyqz
  2. I bought the set that contains the suit with 3parts.... AND the hooded scarf Why would i show any other thing ? That has nothin to do with my problem :C I'm sorry if i misunderstood you if i made any mistake tell me pls
  3. Hello! I'm sorry if i'm in the wrong section BUT i really wanted to share with you my problem and get answer from community maybe i did something wrong SO, i purchased Umbra Operator Colletion from market and when i went to equip the suit on my operator i found out that i only recieved the umbra hooded scarf but not other 3parts that comes with the set i checked everything but it's not there as you can see down below i even restarted game twice but no luck 😞. Thanks in advance https://prnt.sc/nalcfu https://prnt.sc/nalig4 https://prnt.sc/nalixm https://prnt.sc/naljt2
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