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  1. Is it possible to fix so the metal in the middle over the nose be colored with another color then just the primary color?
  2. Cant compare Volt and Gauss, Volt can help on deal more dmg with his shields and can be used in Eidelon hunts.
  3. Seen many of those in tradechat/ clan chat, pretty annoying.
  4. They never fix it 100% completely. xD
  5. This is what annoys me with the syandana. https://i.imgur.com/Tsdfj9U.mp4
  6. So this new Jotunheim Syandana, those things that are hanging down on the top of it looks like losing FPS when having it on in Relays/Missions, (not happending in arsenal or orbiter) https://i.imgur.com/Tsdfj9U.mp4 And it happends even more after bulletjumping.
  7. Have the same issue even on newer specs. Have like normally 144 on borderless and now its jumping frlm 123 to 130 everytime and makes those little spikes as u mention.
  8. Heidi


    I use a 2560x1440p 144hz on a RTX 2060 6GB and a Medium/Low graphic settings and have G-sync turned off.
  9. Heidi


    Hello gamers, i run normally 144 FPS on Window Borderless, but now when i started the game it always goes from 139 to 123 all the time wich makes it looks like it just running under 60 FPS. How to fix this?
  10. Make Light settings and Prisma skins great again.
  11. Change back to the old light settings. My Prisma Orbiter skin aint prisma anymore.
  12. Can we please back the good old light settings?
  13. corpus maps arent playable bc of this light settings, and my prisma skin arent prisma skin on orbiter.
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