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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Strict nat issues, ports and firewalls. It's playing up with opened ports and disabled firewall VISUAL: screen about UDP port needed to be opened EXPECTED RESULT: being able to play with people OBSERVED RESULT: I'm basically playing a singeplayer warframe REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime I log in
  2. Doubt, Zephyr and Hydroid havent been unvaulted with their accessories since their first prime release, and since DE got Zephyr deluxe and reworked her, its a huge change shes gonna be unvaulted.
  3. Nobody knows, i dont think it will ever end at this point. But they do give a heads up 1 week before new unvault.
  4. First people complain about umbra forma being too rare, and we should get more of it, and now people cry about ot being to common, bruh.
  5. I want the cute old emotes back :( the new emotes looks to be taken from a horror movie
  6. Please unvault Zephyr Prime with her accessories.
  7. Yeah this is annoying.
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