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  1. Or make an option to turn it completely off.
  2. After you guys added the new graphic engine i get huge fps spikes when running normal, and even more if i run the beta, please remove this. Nobody will use it anyways.
  3. The new graphic engine you guys added in settinga makes me get alot of fps spikes on the classic option.
  4. This guy made this post to trash talk others, nice.
  5. Have same problem. Already reported on forums.
  6. After the latest hotfix, all of the kitguns chambers appear as "not maxed" in profile under "equiqment" And i have them all maxed.
  7. Zephyr prime unvault? please? I really want the commodore prime suit for my operator! :(
  8. Unvault when? And hello TL people, much love from TK.
  9. Yeah can confrim too, modular companions from Heart of Deimos does not give MR fodder, and just did all of them.
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