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  1. Best element to get on a kuva wep i would say is elec/toxin with high %s.
  2. They broke it. Dont think they need to nerf the dispo on it when 3.0 the last phase comes out. People wont use it anyways.
  3. Think DE nerfed the game so hard that even more people play D2 now.
  4. There is alot they need to change back on the changes in my eyes.
  5. Leyla

    FPS Stuttering

    When im in orbiter it likes small annoying fps spikes that happends, but in a mission it dont. Last time i got this i had to reinstall my PC to make it work ok again. Cant do this every 4 month just because of this, how to fix?
  6. The new font gives me headache, Please fix this. And the light settings makes stuff looks weird.
  7. Me and many others dosent like this new font, please change it back.
  8. This new font makes me wanna cry. And the settings UI. Seemed nice on the paper (devstream) but not in the actual game.
  9. Fix back to the old font in chat please.
  10. Still DNS problems and all my friends are offline/cant load it.
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