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  1. Yeah can confrim too, modular companions from Heart of Deimos does not give MR fodder, and just did all of them.
  2. Please make this not being forced to do. This is trash.
  3. For the love of god, please remove the fact you need to hunt to get to rank 3. And please remove the entire token system. Its bad. https://imgur.com/a/aMJ2RzV
  4. For the love of God, i guess most people stop here. Please remove the fact that you need to do hunting to rank up to Rank 3 within the syndicate. ok thanks. https://imgur.com/a/aMJ2RzV
  5. I click the buttons > Stats > Progression.
  6. After day 1, i found some stuff that annoys me ALOT. 1. I have all shadows settings turned off, and still i see high quality shadows behind the frames in end mission result screen. 2. Particles, i have them also turned off. But you still see them too high quality in the end screen mission when the frames spawn in. 3. Everytime i end a mission and the frames appear in the background on the end mission result screen my fps drops from 140fps down to 30. And the new UI also eat alot of the GPU. 4. The graphic settings dosent get affected by all the stuff going on in the end
  7. Before doing any of this, they should make the UI less fps dropping and less laggy.
  8. One guy mentioned that the new UI makes his CPU go nuts.
  9. Why Primed Intensify when Umbral Intensify?
  10. Make the UI on end mission screen less laggy, i get hard fps drops whenever the frames spawn in the background of it, and i have all shadows and such off, but there is still shadows behind them which i think cause the huge fps drop. + they are also high quality, and i have all of that shadow stuff turned off.
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