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  1. Enough to not going into afk state (Kavat stop picking up resoruces etc with Fetch in afk state) so yes ofc he will get banned.
  2. Everytime i try to buy a tennogen skin i get "network error" and the game force me to log out.
  3. Does these changes mean they will become permanent unvaulted in Railjack as Valkyr and Nyx?
  4. People thinking DE unvault bc of their prices between players🤣 Loki will prob not be unvaulted before he gets a rework.
  5. Nice edit to make it look like people are agree, stop malding bc u sit on alot of sets.
  6. Stop madling because you havent got sold all the sets you have farmed because you tought he will be vaulted for longer LOL
  7. These mald posts should been banned on forums during unvault news
  8. They dont unvault because of their set prices between players XD
  9. When Hydroid and Zephyr Prime unvault? lol
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Strict nat issues, ports and firewalls. It's playing up with opened ports and disabled firewall VISUAL: screen about UDP port needed to be opened EXPECTED RESULT: being able to play with people OBSERVED RESULT: I'm basically playing a singeplayer warframe REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime I log in
  11. Doubt, Zephyr and Hydroid havent been unvaulted with their accessories since their first prime release, and since DE got Zephyr deluxe and reworked her, its a huge change shes gonna be unvaulted.
  12. Nobody knows, i dont think it will ever end at this point. But they do give a heads up 1 week before new unvault.
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