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  1. Where is the volt relics baro should bring? They are baro exclusive.
  2. This 2 aint useless, makes him get more health whenever you run low + since they removed stacking of arcanes his 2 became more useful. Since u cant stack 2 grace anymore.
  3. I have completed venus steel path, still havent got the message from teshin with the oribiter deco, and have relogged.
  4. Make the Steel Essence drop more often. And why havent the planet deco for orbiter for completeing that planet arrived yet?
  5. I want Commodore Prime.... Zephyr Prime unvault when?
  6. Make back the old settings for this, kty.
  7. Before you guys release something else buggy, please fix this: and
  8. How it is now, after the latest hotfix, most emblems are not visibile, and everything is way to dark.
  9. Yeah they removed 3 settings. So all of these are on by default, but some of them have issues of they own. No emblems are visibile anymore and S#&$ is way too dark.
  10. Zikkie

    Saryn Changes

    She have already been nerfed enough thanks.
  11. They wont put back something they removed from arbitrations into this. So good luck.
  12. Since last hotfix, most energy effect and such are not visible at all, and every color has become darker. Please redo this to how it was :))))
  13. Same goes for alot of armor on Nova and a couple of other frames. Annyoing asf.
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