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  1. Agreed. Seen like that it does make some sense. I'm not sure if that's a jab, but just in case I shall not participate in it. (But I've read it. You've been noticed.) That would be much more interesting, at least to me. Or timed with your daily logging or amount of hours played in the game: But I think mine would be more problematic for people that doesn't have much time but do well in the game. Love your idea!
  2. I NEVER said it wasn't useful. NEVER. Because it's obviously is useful. I think you're missing my point and I can't exactly blame you because I understand your point of view. -More Void traces? Obviously, it's more useful, but I like farming so it's not that much of a problem. -More mod capacity from get go? Obviously, It's has it's use: But what if you want to give tips to a new players? Trust me, for that it's a little harder because then you need to ask them how much capacity they currently to help them. -Higher daily standing? Well, as much as it's handy to rush standing as
  3. I hate to say some people have Low Mr has been playing for as long as you guys: Mastery ranking up is a choice, you guys wanted to MR up but not everyone does... For some people it's just numbers, for me it's just numbers at least. I personally have my reason for staying MR8 for 2 years: And it's okay for me to stay M8 and it's also okay to MR up. I have to say that I know MR28 people that have not much experience in the game and/or are not really good at the game: (I personally don't care as long as they are having fun). But I also understand Mastery is to an extend a good way to know ho
  4. Welp, I guess I'm not participating because I'm staying Mr8. (Most likely.) I would prefer it being locked behind really difficult quests/Test than behind Mastery but... Extremely sad right now. I hate to say there's Mr15 that have no idea what they are doing, I'm not saying that I'm better: Far from that, but I'm also not thrash at the game either. Maybe I don't want to be high MR? Maybe I like that one number, maybe I like proving you don't need big numbers to be good at a game...? So we should "Prove our Experience through series of difficult quests" rather than
  5. The "Noob" insult is just going too far to be honest... But yeah, I understand the pain of not being able to be there for the stream that you want the reward to. There's like 90% of the 10am streams that I've missed and it was something I truly looked forward to get because I was asleep. (Ps: I have issue to fall asleep so I just go when I finally can, which is to an extend my bad tho). HOWEVER!!! I have to agree with Chu that a small something is better than nothing (And considering were living in a world of constant greed...) : Small amount of help is sometime better than none at a
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling that way to be completely honest with you!
  7. I'm okay with all the changes, except the ammo pickups: That's my only no-no square. But since I'm not sure what to else to say to backup that feeling, I'm going to keep it at this. 🤷‍♀️
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