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  1. mass increase in kubrow population incoming as hes just sold out of kubrow eggs.no doubt DE will run an event for all the people who missed out on these good items./ sarcasm
  2. so whats the deal with this an ingame npc who runs out of infinite virtual stock? or is this a new game mode were i have to camp darvo for 11 hours to his refresh so i can snap up a bargain before its sold out .
  3. so still says i need 2 particular captures for the emblem even tho i have captured all of them.
  4. i went to build my odonato prime the other day then i said .i will do it later so about a few hours later my odonato prime couldnt be built as the systems had magically turned into an extra harness .like come on wtf is going on here?
  5. i should have clarified the first line as three different times i have fought the profit taker the archgun didnt deploy .the way i wrote it first looks like 3 times in the one fight.its a strange one seeing as the pre req for the fight is you need an archgun to actually get the mission even tho you probably wont be able to use it lol.
  6. no it wasnt. highlighted no timer just refused to deploy
  7. ok so 3 times in profit taker fight the archgun refuses to deploy.so basicly im just left to tank mobs so frustrating.also eidolon fighting cant go into operator mode sometimes or get stuck in operator mode.would reinstalling the game fix this maybe its corrupted somehow i dunno but its breaking my immersion big time .
  8. didnt work when he was level 50 there now in the void.
  9. sharpened claws doesnt work anymore or shattering impact.i run 20k radiation catchmoon plus crit gram prime.
  10. i usually hunt him down in kuva fortress hes spawns regular for me there .
  11. also getting the 2 hour random you will be logged out of the server.had 9/10 perfect captures now ive 0/10 wtf 🍓
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