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  1. That's quite a list of demands. I agree, there are some issues, but it is a FREE game that technically still is in open beta. We get far more (free) content than most other games get. I have yet to he treated better by developers than I have been w/DE. They are a cut above in my opinion.
  2. This is the 1st availability of this to Nintendo Switch players. Which is probably most of the reason they are dropping it. Not all drops will be something you need. The ducats would mean nothing to me as I seriously have ALL of Baros stuff except for whatever new item comes, but I have more than enough junk to trade for ducats to buy whatever that is with. We're all at different stages in the game and all have different wants and needs. There's no way they could possibly make everyone happy with the drops. And IMO the real treat is the stream itself. The drop is just a secondary little bonus to me. I still be tuning in drop or no drop.
  3. No, you gotta be signed in at least 30 min before the Prime Time stream ends. The original release of this drop was available for any twitch stream, but I believe that ended. I believe this is a rerun so Nintendo Switch players, like me, can get it. The next Prime Time drop is gonna be the noggle that was part of that original drop.
  4. Sharded! I absolutely lost it when I read this. I love your sense of humor, Megan! Thank you and I'm looking forward to the stream (and the sharding. lol)
  5. The disruption event that it originally appeared in will run again in the future. It dropped when disruption and the Ropalolyst got added, so it should run in the next 6 months, I think. It's doubtful they'll run it for a stream again due to it being a special reward for The Game Awards that only reran for a Prime Time Stream due to the drop being bugged for TGA. Anyway, I hope this brings some slight relief to you. (And in case you're unaware, just about every item in the game will always come back around in the future.)(Glaxion Vandal is good, but not great. You aren't missing out on too much, but I completely understand how you feel though still)
  6. Really? DE is cheapskates because the free bonus item for watching their free stream of their free game isn't exactly the item you personally want? I for one, am excited to get the Cy glyph since I do not have it. Keep in mind that just because a gift isn't personalized to you, that doesn't mean others aren't happy with it. Not everyone can be pleased every time and not every bonus drop will be something you want. Even furthermore, I feel the fact that they do the streams are a treat in itself. The bonus drop is simply just that, a bonus. Sorry if you're not one that likes watching streams (if that's the case), but attacking DE over this is childish and selfish.
  7. I believe one of their goals was to make slide crit not as powerful. They've voiced many disappointments about melee just being spin to win. They said it was never an intention and were unhappy about it. Personally I kinda like the idea of not just spinning away while using melee, but that's just my personal preference.
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