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  1. yes, I'm thinking of all. I once was a new player and at that time I had a job like I do now. Although back then this was less of an issue because drops weren't items of high trade value or generally were only orbiter decorations and resources where if you were able to watch it was kinda cool to get the drop but no big deal if your schedule made you unable. Some drops nowadays are painful if u miss them or effect market prices greatly (ie: braton Vandal sets). Its seems like they're giving the game away nowadays. No need to play it anymore (yes, that was an exaggeration).
  2. Ffs! enough with the drops that actually suck if you miss them. There are plenty of other items people would be excited about recieving that wont make others feel left out because they have responsibiliti. I'm sick of considering using sick days at work just for a freaking twitch drop. It sometimes seems like you guys just dont think about this stuff.
  3. Ah, happening to you too? My switch is in very bad shape and has been overheating like crazy. I was worried that the smudginess was something caused by that.
  4. Experiencing the same thing. Have plenty but no option to cut. Can probably still get the parts needed from iso vaults though
  5. Thank you! Back to drops that won't effect the marketplace and aren't items I spent months grinding for in the past.
  6. Do ISO vaults and look for them floating just off of ledges. I've been finding them like crazy. Mostly in the 2nd vault.
  7. I'm actually hoping they don't. We need something that is still a challenge to get that many dont have.
  8. I'm generally not one to complain about drops, but ffs guys. I spent weeks and weeks farming this for myself and even more farming one to sell. Regretting that decision because now the one to sell is gonna be practically worthless. Actually, I'll have 2 worthless sets. Woohoo!
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