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  1. Those are some nice drops. Kinda too good considering many wont be able to watch them all. These should be more widely available somehow. Like watching the stream after it's gone live or through partners. Idk maybe I'm just disappointed I wont be able to get most of them.
  2. Has hotfix 4 even dropped yet? I thought the xaku fixes and other stuff was coming
  3. I dont know of this is the right place to post this, but I'm freaking out and can't find any better place. 117 of 149 of my rivens aren't showing on mod console. EDIT: Nevermind. Appearantly somehow the filter had gotten changed and was hiding all the fully ranked mods. That was quite scary. It does make me wonder why there is even a filter for "show maxed". Why would anyone actually want to hide the maxed mods?
  4. Theres usually a few hives. Try the other ones in the area. Looked like it was doing the same to me. The enemies I killed by 1 hive opened up a different hive. May be the same case for you. Good luck
  5. oof! I though I had it bad. mine was about 1.5 hrs. Might wanna restart console or see if your internet is running properly
  6. Just wondering what peoples download time is from the title screen. saying about 1.5 hrs for me. Just wondering if that's about avg or if my internet is screwed up. Thanks to anyone who might have any info
  7. I can deal with Switch getting updates last. I can deal with delays. The only thing that disappoints me was the big announcement during Tennocon. Possibly just misunderstood, but with the big announcement and celebrating it really sounded like they had already accounted for Nintendos slower process. I was thinking that all were being sent early and in plenty of time to sync the release on all 3 platforms. Why not send them, wait to pass cert, announce the date, release. Its seems so obvious to me. People wont get upset about a release not coming the exact minute it passes cert if they have no
  8. I really hope this drops on the 25th. When 1st announced it sounded like it was a definite release date. I took the day off of work, unpaid. Gotta admit that I'm quite disappointed to hear this.I just dont see why it was announced that it will be released along with other platforms if there were any uncertainties. A lil tip: send it to cert unannounced, then announce release date once it has passed. People generally dont get upset about something not coming if they never knew it was. Save yourselves the headache at least.
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