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  1. I hope you enjoy, I just got her today and I love her 🙂 This artwork took around 2 hours to make and I used photoshop cs5 in case anyone wanted to know!
  2. I just wanted to share some stuff ive built in my partner's newly found clan! This wouldnt have been possible if it werent for my great buddies in the clan, the dragon is aaalmost done building, but the majority of it was finished! Im looking forward to unlocking light colors, that way we can make this atmospheric. ^^
  3. Ive seen the wolf twice. First time we killed him,but he dropped shocking touch Second time we lost, as his immortal goons were destroying the defense objective instead of attacking us Either way.. hasnt been worth it
  4. Oh my lord! I love it!! 🙂
  5. Its just a giant, angry bathbomb that only silently grows as a threat leading towards absolute annihilation.. 😄
  6. I realize my wording was a bit weird there, Im only using those numbers as thats the roster of the most toxic people Ive encountered, nobody is off the table
  7. Pretty simple question but Im unfortunately unable to check it myself, as I wont have PC access for a bit. If its not, when should it approximately be?
  8. Theres always been a gap between the PS4 and PC community.. and maybe it should stay. There's a list of impracticalities that would come with crossplay 😄
  9. Im MR11 as of now. Ive been playing the game for roundabout 2 months and Im taking my time to understand and learn about everything it throws at me. Im mostly using equinox, which Ive made a build for that works well for both forms. So in short, it gives defense and offense if needed. Ive only suggested to the person who only seemed to be using 1 ability (in a wrong way, too) that they should try actually letting it charge the dps (Equinox day forms 4th) before releasing. They attacked me immidiately for it, and I just apologized and left. This wasnt the first occassion I got attacked either
  10. Wasnt trying to discriminate, I am sorry, I was just curious since the majority of the ones I've encountered are generally distasteful to be around.
  11. Thank you for letting me know. I am in love with WF, but mean communities really scare me! Thanks again for taking your time to let me know, have a great day.
  12. What's the deal with high MR people constantly insulting others for giving advice, but being a low MR? Higher MR doesn't always mean more knowledge, they could just be sitting leveling gear and getting rid of it. Are all of them like this? I'm fairly new and honestly I was afraid to ask :'D Edit: Fixed wording.
  13. Bless, you speak the truth 😄 !
  14. Despite reaching my max daily standing I still get '3k standing' per each Splendid Mergoo capture, but it is however not given to the player. When I spoke to anyone on Cetus I did not have the extra standing, so its probably just a visual glitch
  15. Some. My apologies for being misleading. I did not intend to say all of it needs to be praised, as some things are truly rushed, but this still has a chance, as it's not released yet.
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