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  1. something is complete wrong with the frost bubble, there is like 3 bubbles... one huge one, one mid and the bubble that is the true size
  2. Maybe make those bars a little big bigger, bc that stuff is too small! xD
  3. Dont need to make it back as it was, just make it bigger and do a little change on how the common/rare/uncommon is.
  4. PM me ingame on w/ -Liquified-
  5. So this new UI changes made so people cant see if they own it or not by clicking on the link:
  6. The energy colors dont apply to the nekros deluxe skin or sigils. Thanks for destorying my fashionframe :(
  7. Same, my purple energy color became light blue and cant change it :(
  8. Had purple energy color and now i just get light blue energy colors. Even with both of this new stuff with purple color...
  9. 30th april for me now. And just wonder what time of clock wil they come? ^^
  10. They are just 15 people in support team in a game with over 300k players. It will take some time..
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