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  1. Atlas Karst exists too. But I like Nova Atomica! Someone gifted me the collection for my Birthday on the 14th, and I made her look like she’s wearing a Hazmat Suit!
  2. Since the frame visibly looks like it’s being held together by roots from one of the mysterious white trees that power Orokin technology, I decided to run with the idea and make this basically an Orokin neural network that gained sapience and cobbled together a physical body from dead Warframes. Passive: The Orokin White Tree roots that hold the Warframe together experience photosynthesis when exposed to Void energies, increasing Health, Energy, or Shield regeneration in Lua and the Void, and drawing in Reactant in Fissure missions. Ability 1: the Roots tap into the ‘genetic memory’ of the at-least three Frames used to build its body, randomly using three different attacks with a different effect each, possibly, judging by the color of the parts, shuffling between a Heat, Cold, and Electricity attack. Ability 2: The Frame opens a portal to the Void, causing a shower of Orokin scrap parts that assemble into a salvaged Orokin Sentry, Orokin Drone, or Death Orb, with the Sentry attacking enemies in range, Drone shielding the Frame, or Death Orb providing crowd control by staggering enemies (thumper model) or mowing down crowds (laser model). Being salvaged from broken parts, these constructs will drain energy for as long as they’re active, and are visibly malfunctioning, eventually shorting out and exploding either when destroyed, upon running out of energy, or at the end of a set time, whichever happens first. Ability 3: Neural Sentry: The Frame tackles an enemy and its face opens up, blasting them with a wave of Void energy from an eyelike core of the roots. If this kills an enemy, the frame forces a Corrupted mask onto the enemy’s face, turning them into a follower who serves until death. This follower would be more durable than one of Nekros’ or Inaros’ followers, and only up to three could be controlled at a time, one for each skill level. Attempting to Corrupt more than your current level allows would cause one of the thralls to explosively disintegrate into Void energy in order to make room for the new follower. Ability 4, ultimate: the frame explosively disassembles, with the plant matter holding it together taking root and rapidly growing into a full-grown Void Tree, possibly either lashing out with roots or catching enemies in its branches. The three respective sections of the abandoned body rise from the ground with their missing parts filled in with Void energy, with one of them holding the frame’s melee weapon, one of them holding the frame’s secondary weapon, and one of them holding the frame’s primary weapon. The three reanimated frames fight as AI-controlled Specters, and, besides fighting with the weapons they carry, they are able to use their respective attack from the first ability, but each cast contributes toward the end of the skill. When the either ability is called off, the tree takes too much damage, all three of the specters die (upon which the replacement energy body parts dissipate and the solid parts collapse in a heap to the ground), or you run out of energy, the tree retracts into the ground, pulling the body back together with the last of its roots. I hope you like my ideas! Let me know if you have any feedback!
  3. Can one member of the duo be a kubrow? There are a lot of famous warrior-dog teams.
  4. If I entered this, could I use a Kubrow for my second ‘actor’ or does it have to be my operator / another frame? because I might have an idea for one of my Frames and my Kubrow...
  5. I don’t know if it still happens, but being equipped with a gear item (say a Synthesis Scanner) and hacking a console with a parazon caused me to be stuck with my parazon equipped without my gun, melee weapon, or gear item until changing weapons. That happened just yesterday. I would even attempt to Right-Click aim with the parazon, even though the Parazon has no animations or functionality when equipped.
  6. I’m excited for the Titania changes, but I wish she would seamlessly float like Wisp does. Seeing her levitate while idle in both her noble / agile stances, but walk / run while moving, meleeing, and shooting is jarring. I would use Wisp’s own animation pack, but that would destroy the fluttering idle animation of Titania’s cosmetic Razorflies.
  7. But will Titania float with her new changes? I hope she floats with her new changes. Really excited for this though!
  8. I really want to be able to use regular Oberon’s shoulders on Prime Oberon, and for Titania to float when she moves and attacks, not just when she’s idle, but I don’t think that’s what this is about.
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